Big money says this striker is Arsenal’s top target

Odds on Vardy to Arsenal slashed!

Arsenal’s chances of signing a striker this summer may have just improved with the news that a development may have happened in the Jamie Vardy to Arsenal saga.

Vardy has been linked with the Gunners over the past few weeks and even some pundits, ex professionals and famous fans have jumped on the bandwagon to show their approval in Wenger’s apparent interest of the Englishman.

Such has been the interest in this particular transfer rumour, people are beginning to take developments as gold dust, even though it seems as if Vardy is concentrating on nothing more than having a good Euro’s with England.

Such has been the increase of rumours, Bookies have been slashing their odds on Vardy to Arsenal and SkyBet have today put the price at 8/13 for Vardy to sign for Arsenal in the summer transfer window. Vardy has also today been priced an incredible 6/5 to remain at Leicester for next season. SkyBet have stated they dropped his market prices after having received “several 3 figure” bets Vardy to join the Gunners this summer.

Vardy apparently has a £20 million release clause for those in the Champions League next season, although I personally struggle to see why Vardy wouldn’t want to try and give Europe’s most attractive competition a go with Leicester next season. However with the player approaching 30, perhaps he feels this may be his last shot to grab a big money move.

Does someone know something we don’t? What do you think the chances of Vardy signing for Arsenal are?



    1. Exactly what I was thinking. I just want it to go through because it would be hilarious

      1. Jamie “Cheat” Vardy so far is a one season wonder, turning 30 next January. There’s no guarantee he will deliver next season. And people wanna us to buy striker like that for + £20 mils?

        In addition, he is a certified diver and a cheat. You all know this to be true.

        1. Nonsense!! We might as well decide to sign no striker after all.I just wonder what is wrong with arsenal fans.I remember how people were against signing Auby last season and now look at him.What is wrong with you.People are against signing Morata and many more.Then when they become stars they start praying we sign them like how a guys prays a girls he likes also likes him back.

  1. Too old and too one-dimensional. Demand for massive wage. Better than giroud tho, but still no.

  2. Weird for these rumours to have come out of nowhere and all of a sudden it’s breaking news on Sky Sports… Might actually be legit. Sky rarely run a transfer rumour by themselves like this, usually they just comment on rumours posted by other media outlets.

    Was quality this season, who can deny? I still question whether it was mostly down to good form or not, but £20m is a decent price to take a punt with. Footballing aside, he does have a very good mentality, a real fighter and optimises the spirit that saw Leicester win the title this year.

    1. BBC have reported that we triggered the release clause and are now in discussions with the players representatives.

      1. His Pace on FIFA 16 is 93! He has shown us he can finish, and at 20 million pounds and 29 years old represents a reasonable gamble.

    2. How many odds do Giroud have to scoop the European Champs Golden Boot? I think this news will really pump him up and I wouldn’t be surprise if France also win the trophy.

  3. Show some class Vardy (something Arsenal unfortunately isn’t in this case) and stick with Leicester. So many things not to like about this.

    1. Vardy has no class. He’s already been exposed as a racist. Arsenal not the right club for him, simple as that. Really hope this rumour is a wind-up.

  4. Is he better than Giroud? If yes i don’t see any reason why any arsenal fan should complain about Vardy’s links to arsenal unless plastic fans ofcourse.

  5. unless we completely alter our style of play, he would be a terrible acquisition. He thrives on making runs when the oppositions defence has been drawn to near the centre circle, we basically play teams who set up at the edge of the box and he would have little space to make runs and doesn’t have the dribbling ability to make chances out of nothing. Interesting if this is true as I don’t see where he would fit in

    1. Buying Xhaka signaled we are indeed altering our style next year. Xhaka’s the king of the longball pass– perfect for Vardy’s speed.

  6. guys stop talking trash.
    You ll make him not wanna come.
    We are now pretending that we are a saint club?

    Piers and I are already excited at the prospect of his arrival and we are popping champagne bottles

  7. IF this is the level of our ambition, we deserve our future.

    Sorry, cannot believe this story.

    Agent hype for ££££££££

  8. I see Vardy’s first season being like Giroud’s first season. Honestly, if he came that would still keep the number of top class strikers we have at Zero. So why waste the money on someone who isn’t going to make us better? He’s had one good season and now he’s going to be our first choice striker? Hope not. And its not the same as a younger player who can improve. Vardy’s a good player but his skillset is limited and he’s best at counter attacking. Damn good at it, but how many games have we had where we can’t break down a team and we have 80% possession. Don’t see how Vardy solves that problem cause he’s not world class and doesn’t finish from tight spaces very often. It’s just not a good fit.

    1. Who then do you suggest we buy? Auba wants to go to Real or Barca. Higuain is too expensive. Sturridge too injury prone. There aren’t too many strikers around better than Vardy.

      1. so essentially we should settle for a player that is average outside of a counterattacking system? Please dont ever complain about not winning the league when you approve of average signings like this. Lacazette available for just a bit more. Morata is even less of a risk than this guy. And we can’t get Higuain or Aubameyang only because we don’t stump up the cash. There’s not been a single legit report saying they dont prefer Arsenal. It is unrealistic to get them but ruling them out 100% is only because Arsenal as a club has lowered our standards as fans.

    2. I will be the first to say this. Should we sign Vardy, I promise he will get us 20 or more PL goals. People saying he is meant for counter attack don’t really watch him. The fact that he played that way with Leicester does not mean it’s the only way he can play. My only concern is his age. I think he’s got 2 good seasons before age will catch up. He is already in the league and have done it with a team that gives their all. The players we are hoping to bring in cause of the hype around them might actually flop in England. I am not a big fan of English players but Jamie is quality. I hope the rumour is true

  9. One season player is on Arsenals rader? You have to be kidding me. I would understand if Arsenal wanted Mahrez.

    1. I’m just not feeling this I’m sorry. Regardless of how many goals he scored last season, when I watched LFC the player that always stood out to me was Mahrez from his style of play. Very technical. Even when fans were crying out for Kanté I was secretly hoping we bagged Mahrez for the RW. It just seems so short sighted when we would have 2 strikers turning 30. If we do get Vardy though I would cheer him on as an Arsenal player but it would be a shame if we got him and not go for Mahrez as well.

  10. Seriously you can’t find anyone better? There will be two major tournaments in the next month or two, Copa America centenario 2016 and euro 2016, there is enough time to look and get top quality CF.

    He will regret it later on. Arsenal should be getting strikers better than a one season player.

    1. Last summer, AW waited and waited for something to fall in our lap. It never did. This year, he’s not taking chances. A bird in the hand… and all that. He’s not going to make the same mistake twice. Remember a few years ago when he wrapped up Poldolski & Santi before the season even ended? No one was talking junk back then about how those moves would prevent us from getting someone better later in the summer. Gazidis’s interview the other day mentioned, finally, that after another year of injuries derailing our title challenge, AW is re-assessing the squad size/depth needed to compete for title. I seriously see AW still getting at least 1-2 other top money transfers this summer, even after signing Vardy.

  11. People should understand that this is football.
    Chelsea snatched costa.
    Mancity stole sagna
    manu took vanpersie
    And we even took campbell from the spuds so I see nothing wrong with us signing vardy.
    It is also hypocritical for some of our fans to dislike him and yet wish us to sign ibra.

    For those calling him a one season wonder.

    How will he feet into our system?
    Rotate with sanchez and keep unlocking defences.
    We have cried for these players striker dm and cb now that wenger is fulfilling those wishes we are complaining.
    Oh come on

    1. We were never in teh chase for Costa, and Costa is a perfect example of a player who does fit into Chelsea’s system. Have you seen Costa play for Spain? It’s painful. Sagna stolen from us? Hardly. And Bellerin is better anyways. Ibra is arrogant, different from being a plain bad person. And rotate with Sanchez even though Vardy is a disaster on the wings if you watch him for England. We all want a new striker but Vardy isn’t the right one.

  12. I for one, will be dissapointed with this signing, Yeah Vardy was the the top scorer last season but that doesn’t mean that he will be doing the same in the up and coming season.
    He is touching 30 and at the reported £22 million + add on’s, I would rather we invested in Milik or Jansenn or even both, instead of Crackhead Vardy! ? The player himself has admitted to drinking everyday and his mentality ( Beavis and Butthead style) isn’t Arsenal fc material.

    With that kind of money, plus his wages, we could get Ibrahimovic for two seasons! ? he hasn’t agreed anything with Utd and I also heard that Utd are refusing to print shirts with his name on the back. ?

    I can’t emphasize enough on how gutted I would be, if we signed Vardy,If that’s the best that wenger can do? Then it really is time, for him to ship out!

    1. Who’s to say we might not still go for Milik or Janssen? If we’re really going to blow 80m pounds this summer, we can afford one of them, seeing them as a long-term CF to develop over the space of a couple years. At least that would be the smart way of doing it. Milik and Janssen’s fees should both be under 7 or 8 m pounds. Flex the cash!

  13. No brainer – get Vardy if at all possible!!!

    Ozil would love striker like Vardy to put balls through too

    Unlike others I think he would go for it. Let’s be honest there is no way Leicester can do better next year, as a player that only has a couple of years left in his career – why wouldn’t he want to experience playing for a big club, earning top wages?

    1. Leicester City’s style of play ( Long ball ) suited Vardy and thats where the majority of his goals came from and if Arsenal were to adopt to that style then surely Walcott, who has more pace than Vardy, would be the better option.

      Which explains why Leicester were interested in signing Walcott, but the player himself, was not interested in joining them.

        1. Our counter attacks are arguably better with a player like Giroud. Walcott is a disaster and Vardy is better but how often do we play counter attacking football? Doesn’t happen much. And Vardy has spent most of last season playing through pain actually. You really think he can keep up with playing in UCL and EPL as well? Money should be spent on someone else. Arsenal needs to have more ambition. Vardy is a deadline day deal if we’re desperate.

  14. i cannot understand some guys are so negative
    imagine we get vardy at 25 mill and sell walcott at 20 or even 15
    isnt that a goood deal????
    walcot is at 140k/week Vardy might get the same still we are much better off with vardy than walcot

    1. Unbelievable ? ?
      Next up …. will be the injury prone Sturridge! ?
      His Dj friend has leaked rumours of him joining Arsenal.

      Hahaha ?. .. I would love to see the expression on Özil’s face, with the news of Vardy! ? I bet his eye- balls would be as big as the moon! ? from shock!

      1. I feel you and I would hope Wenger does other business along with this. Mahrez was the one I really wanted from LFC to close the gap on the RW. See no point in Kanté after Xhaka was unveiled unless another midfielder goes.

    2. Walcott is going nowhere. He refuses to join any other club and AW wants him to stay. This is what we get for offering him ridiculous wages. He has no reason to leave.

      1. Don’t get me started on Walcott, I never rated him. In fact I don’t even view him as footballer. If it was up to me and he refuses to leave I would do everything legally to terminate his contract, pay him off I don’t care and he will have no choice then but to sign for another club and we would be rid of him. 10 years is along time to be that stagnant and the money he gets for that is a crime.

  15. David ornstein tweeted the news. It is happenning. Whether you believe Vardy is the right striker for us or not, this is a signing of intent. This will be a good summer for AFC fan after a long while. Touch wood

    1. he tweeted we’ve activated the clause so we can talk about a transfer. That’s a long way from “it’s happening.” Did we forget about Suarez so quickly?

  16. Vardy may not be top striker we all want, but definitely better than what we have his age notwithstanding. I will love for him to join the ranks at Arsenal FC and we can get Janssen, Milik or Morata next season if they show consistency. CB next!

  17. arsenal fans are hardest thing to please…after a very long cry for a striker, I can’t believe they don’t want 24 goal striker…welcome vardy

    1. @Nassan…

      Yes,Arsenal fans are really hard to please…we are just so ridiculous…
      Am surprised to read all these comments,it is shocking!!

      Many wanted Vardy and Mahrez, if we went for Mahrez,they will say why not go for Vardy…smh..

      We want unrealistic targets, or ridiculous targets…it is a pity..
      Personally,am just afraid about this…if he flops, the media and rival fans will make fun of us,that’s all…

      But judging by last season,he will improve us!

      1. all season ppl have wanted Mahrez and nobody has said anything about Vardy. It’s always been Higuain, Morata, Aubameyang. Reason fans dont want Vardy is his age and most of us recognize he doesn’t fit into our system. Mahrez younger, creative, larger skill set and good passer. It would make way more sense to get him as our RW. If we get anyone from Leicester Mahrez should’ve been the obvious choice.

        1. RSH…

          If you are frequent here then you would know 80$% don’t want Morata too…

          The truth is Arsenal fans don’t completely agree with all the strikers linked with us…
          I bet only Suarez,Ronaldo,Messi and neymar will satisfy them…

          Some still find faults in Benz,Hig,Lukaku,…I read those comments and just smh….we think we are the best in the world….

          ManU couldn’t even get a decent and world class striker last summer and they gambled on Martial…

          My point is, buy anybody and most will moan..
          For example:”Arsenal set to sign Lacazette”
          Arsenal fans…” Wenger wanna sign a player that didn’t even make the French squad for Euros”???
          Yes, that’s how pathetic and ridiculous WE are…

          1. There’s been little hype about Vardy amongst Arsenal fans, that I know. Now we get linked with any striker with any decent record and we go crazy. Vardy is not proven striker and there’s no way anyone can say he is. United on the verge of singing Ibra. They don’t even have Champions League and they are getting a better striker than us. I think we should have more ambition. Of course not everyone will be 100% satisfied, but everyone goes from not mentioning Vardy at all from then acting like he’s going to win us the league.

            1. Not proven striker? Almost won the golden boot. Scored more than 10 goals in his first season in the PL. My only concern is age. He will score many goals for Arsenal. He will bury most chances missed by OG12 and TW14 last season. I will jump if we finally add a finisher to our ranks

      2. he is not likely to flop in england,he has already tested the league un like somebody from a different league but all in all we hope for to continue his last season’s forn@goonerboy

  18. Wonder how many of the dissatisfied fans on here are the same fans who said things like ..hungry player who knows how to score and has a winning mentality, Jamie Vardy, before rounding on our players for not being more like him.

    We want worldy’s, but we except that Higuain, Lewy, and Auby are out of reach. We are open to someone like Janssen, which seems like a bigger punt than Vardy in all honesty. Remember, it’s quite possibly Wengers last season, and Vardy has PL experience. He’s not a long term solution, but surely he would have come in handy when Giroud hit the skids.

    1. Vardy has been good for one season. That doesn’t even prove he’s better than giroud honestly.

      1. Oh! How many good season have Janssen,Morata and even Higuain had?? Hun! How many???

        I wasn’t even comparing Vardy to all other strikers…
        I was only saying we can’t really get’em…

        Whether he suits our style or not,we now have different kinds of strikers, if we wanna play counter like we did against Bayern…vardy will be good…we can play him with Giroud too…
        It is a risk, but to completely condemn it is not a good idea,we are not Barcelona or Madrid!

  19. Vardy, Vardy, Vardy! Well not bad but I think he is quite a risk cos he has just had one fantastic season and his age is not on the right side of his twenties. Though he comes at a good price and could be a risk worth taking, I guess his low price tag is why Wenger picked him in the first place. Well, if he comes that cheap then we must buy another striker in case he fails to hit it big with us. And I think Lacazette or Janssen will be ideal for this purpose.

  20. Personally I hope Leicester keep hold of him, and the rest of their stars, because I would love to see what they could do in Europe.

    That being said, I’d take Vardy all day long over what we’ve currently got at Arsenal. He would be the perfect fit for Ozil through balls. I also love his aggression, and fighting spirit. I’ve had enough of seeing Giroud’s flicks to no one, missing sitters, and sticking his tongue out!

    Aubameyang would still be my first choice though.

  21. Fans dont want “one season wonders” yet they cry for lansen & kante & what not. They dont want vardy coz he is hitting 30 yet they are going on about Ibra..
    Someone even goes ahead to claim Walcott is better than Vardy. So laughable.. Vardy’s clinicality is off the hook. He has a hard shot on both feet. He is super fast, & not just aimlessly fast, but with good positioning. Dude can dribble. He is a fighter, something we lack. Guys should go & watch his 26 goals for 2015/2016, & you will know that this is no ordinary Charlie Austin or any other such nonsense..
    Seriously.. Watch all those goals

  22. The other strikers people want are not even young…:
    Benz: 28

    Only Auba is 26 and he will cost a fortune….so many here are just hypocrites,,,deep down they are happy but so that they can say…”I told you so” if Vardy flops…

    Goonerboy is happy with this albeit scared…remember this!

    1. you really think Vardy belongs on that list alongside those players? Hasn’t kicked a ball in Europe, one good season, has been playing through pain for parts of the season so there’s also doubt he’d be up for a EPL/UCL full campaign. And our medical staff isn’t reliable to begin with. But yup, we just want to say “i told you so.” Or maybe we want a proven striker and not a shot in the dark. I’m tired of Giroud’esque “maybe” transfers. Ozil, Sanchez are guarantee quality transfers and our ST should be the same.

      1. Lol, a Giroud/Vardy partnership upfront. Do you really think Wenger is going to play with 2 up front next season? And we only play counterattacking football against teams like Bayern and Barca, and maybe City. So that’s barley even 5% of our games in a season. We’re always one of the teams with one of the highest possession percentages in the league. So we’re going to expect a 29 year old to adapt to a completely new system? I suppose Giroud will magically become world class as well.

        And you don’t need to be Barca/Real to sign world class players. We do have Ozil/Sanchez if you didn’t notice. As for the strikers you’ve mentioned, there’s been no consensus that Janssen is a guarantee, Morata has already been discussed to death on here, and Higuain has had several amazing seasons so don’t know why you included him. Really he only flops for Argentina which isn’t our problem.

      2. Hasn’t kicked a ball in Europe? Guess what – he will now! And he might just kick it better than the guys you wishing for and we might just ask ourselves why never got him. Fans should just shut up and let this guy join us. All the players you calling for were one season wonders at one point. No body became a superstar without getting a chance. Let the guy play before we condemn him. If we can give OG so much support over the years, this guy deserves a chance to kick the ball for Arsenal before we worry about slating him.

      3. Can someone tell hw he is a one season wonder? give him time, all Asenal fans say that van Persie only ever gave us one good season.. Was he a one season wonder? And van Persie was also 29 when he went to United and do you know what he did he won them the league, it’s what a clinical striker gets you and that’s what Vardy is! He’s not a long term buy but aren’t we all sick of ones for the future? And for only 20m?! Peanuts these days..

  23. Why are some of us complaining after hearing we are interested in Vardy?…is it because you guys want us to sign Lewandowski,Higuain or Aubameyang?…ooh yeah! me to, i wanna marry Beyonce.

  24. he might be ok for a short term fix like the time we bought david suker just to add a few more needed goals for next season, even if it is just another 15 to 20 goals they are all so vital, and he could be vital cover if giroud gets a big injury. we will most likely promote malen or akpom as back up to vardy and giroud, not to sure whether it possible to get any big names in to the club as they are all ready at the “big euro clubs”. would have to remortgage the stadium just to talk to them, at least vardy represents a safer bet for wenger. might not be what we want to see but may be what we need or can do for now until big c/f comes up for sale on the open market.

  25. he is not likely to flop in england,he has already tested the league un like somebody from a different league but all in all we hope for to continue his last season’s forn@goonerboy

  26. Hours after Vardy rumours surface, United sign up Ibra for free. Wonder which is the better guarantee.. Arsenal need to aim higher than this guy. Sorry for the negativity but I just don’t think it’s good enough. Funny how people complain about Wenger and not winning the league and then settle for a 29 year old with one good sesaon in his life.

  27. what kind of useless comments am i reading here.Well since you guys dont like him we might as well keep Giroud and not sign anyone but when we dont perform dont blame anyone.Nonsense!

  28. This is totally unexpected and so un-Wenger like. It will either turn out to be a mistake or a huge short term success imo if it happens (which my guts telling me it wont-similar feeling i had when we activated suarez clause). As Arsenal fans we have to be realistic. Aubameyang?- won’t happen with Madrid looming. Lewandowski?- No chance. Higuain?- Maybe, but at the amount theyre asking for, not for me. So getting someone like vardy might be a good option.
    £20 million pounds even 3 years ago sounds like a lot, but when u think about it with all this TV sponsorship money and all, its actually hardly much. We’re talking about a guy who scored 24 PL goals, spearheading the team that won the league, so you can’t say it’s not reasonable, especially with the inflated market especially in the striking department nowadays.
    However, what I don’t understand is why we would want a player like vardy? he is a fantastic player, but only when you play expansive counter attacking football. This has most certainly not been our style for quite some time now. Does this suggest maybe a change in style of play? especially now with xhaka who plays long balls over the top for days, maybe wengers thinking a change in style? This style would also suit players like Ozil and sanchez more i feel.

    Some people are saying why not get Jannsen? depending on his price I definitely think he’s worth a shout but you’ve got to remember, unless you’re truly world class, you hardly ever see a striker adapt straight away to the prem, and thats what vardy would provide. I still don’t know how I feel about it but there are certainly both positives and negatives. What are peoples opinions on Lukaku at Arsenal?

  29. Honestly, save his £50 million tag I rather we sign Lukaku than Vardy but on the other hand he could be a great hit afterall, but I think we should add Lacazette to our line up as well, I believe he won’t come for more than £45 million.

  30. Not really my first, second or third choice striker, he is no where near my choice as a striker, he had a wonderful season at the champions, brilliant counter attacking football and i actually thought leicester was taken for granted by many teams which allow them to set in a rhythm and become difficult to stop. I also thought they were a lucky team.

    Vardy was one of the shining lights in a leicester team, which every final ball was destine for him, in an arsenal system this will not be the case, but much more divide, i can not say or see his style fitting arsenal and will become just another benteke

    1. Any striker more mobile than OG and more clinical than TW will score goals for Arsenal. People don’t realize that what we need is a finisher not a fancy name player. We create chances every season but no decent finishers. If OG can score 16 league goals for Arsenal, I promise you Vardy will do better if given playing time. The only negative is his age but for 20mil, not a bad deal. Many fans will eat their words. Mark my words

      1. If Vardy becomes a arsenal player i will back him all the way because he is playing for my team, however he does not fit the build in the type of forward i think arsenal need.
        While playing for leicester Vardy was granted all the space in the world to run behind defenders, About 75 % of the same teams playing against an arsenal park the bus so there is less space to run behind.
        Grant you he is much more tenacious than walcott and that will get us more fouls inside and outside the penalty area, i dont see his goal scoring reaching the dizzying heights of 20+ goals , that it did at Leicester.
        I dont see him has a replacement for Giroud, more likely used in the wide role that walcott normally plays.
        The Forward i think that could dislodge Giroud from his starting role in the premier league, would be Lukaku, who i have no doubt in my mine would be a n instant success

  31. I hoped for more but suspect the types of Lewandoski and aubameyang etc are not shifting
    If you consider theos pace and how many chances he’s squandered or lack of runs he makes vardy would be an excellent upgrade. The likes of ozil, Santi, Ramsey and xhaka would find him. Who’s even saying he’d be our striker, then out vardy I’m? Balances our home grown quota and sanchez and vardy on the wings supplying crosses for giroud head isn’t bad. The thought of vardy overlapping with Montreal or ballerin is quite appealing. I watch and wait

  32. Arsenal Fans are difficult to please. He was the best Striker in the league last season. he was and is still better than any other Striker in the EPL. Sir Alex took RVP from Arsenal at his peak, won the EPL and retired. Football is short term. 20 million for Vary is a great deal.

  33. Vardy, Vardy, Vardy on the way, I think I and Ozil will be excited cos Ozil is breaking Henry’s assist record next season

  34. @all those who says Vardy is 29 and he is appraching 30 and he had only one prolific Season in the premier league. May I go by dis way to ask you all, how many prolific seasons does V’persie had with Arsenal to end there premier league title drought with his goals before he was been bought by Almighty Manu by Sir Alex at his 29 worth more than Vardy’s 20million? And didn’t one prolific season of V’persie’s goals at Manu gave them a premier league trophy? So what are you all yelling about, that arsenal tempting to get Vardy at 29 worth 20m is a bad deal? I disagreed with you all cuz I see him making a V’persie in arsenal.

  35. This may be a shot fired in the direction of Real Madrid to get them to set a more reasonable price for Morata. I think that most realize that the first figure quoted from Real Madrid was for negotiating purposes, so I think this may be part of Arsenal strategy to get Real to lower their asking price. And if they don’t come down, Arsenal is showing they are willing to look elsewhere. I am not saying that Vardy is not a good striker, just that Arsenal would have to change their approach in order to take advantage of Vardy’s skill set.

  36. I would simply sat NOOOOOOO!!! he is not for us…. else look for Ademola lookman!! Vincent Janssen, Michy or Milik!!! Instead of Vardy go for riyad mahrez

  37. we’re linked with vardy and pple sai he’s not needed, a cheat, bla bla bla….looking at d available strikers who got a better goal record than him last year, how many would b willing to sign for us….higuain, aubemeyang, benzema, lewandowski etc let’s b honest will not b willing unless we offer fees upwards of 60m and wages of over 250k(mad money, ask man utd for martial)….we shld look at where we r now (we barely win trophies) and tink of wat we could offer in terms of titles….if vardy is available for 20m, get it done!!!! (if he’s willing) ….u sai, “he doesn’t fit our style of play” let me ask u; has our style of play won us any meaningful thing for 10 years(fa cup is s**t tbh) u have d opportunity to get an upgrade, there’s complaints…. does mourinho fit man utd style of play???? d so called “class club” got a manager with sub zero class….who d fuq is complaining….u shout Jansen and milik….20-25m for this guys….its a big risk…that league is so easy for strikers nowadays dat if uve got class u shld b scoring at least 40goals (no disrespect) look at Suarez in ajax, bony in vitesse, de jong, etc…not all work out…vardy is proven in EPL, has passion, fighting spirit and isn’t afraid to cheat to win(yes I said it!!!)…every1 does it…nobody remembers who dived or insulted d ref at d trophy lifting ceremony/celebrations…..I’m tired of baby faced/cute looking players mentally weak players who get bulied by players who know we have a soft underbelly…he might flop, yes, but if he comes good???…if dis deal happens, I’ll b ecstatic cuz Sanchez will have another “lost cause chaser” like him and ozil will have a genuine goal threat, not that French model who mostly plays like d oppositions extra defender…Mr Wenger, get me koulibaly from Napoli also then I’ll gladly join ur bandwagon this season

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