BIG signs that Mkhitaryan to Arsenal transfer WILL happen?

To be perfectly honest Arsenal fans, I am never really sure what to make of the stories about things on social media being an indicator of what is happening behind the scenes. A recent example was the furore that surrounded the Arsenal transfer target Jamie Vardy’s decision to change his Twitter header to a picture of him and his Leicester City team mates celebrating with the Premier League trophy.

People took that to mean he had decided to snub the transfer to Arsenal but even Claudio Ranieri has admitted that the striker has simply not made up his mind yet and is fully focused on Euro 2016 with England. And let’s be honest Arsenal fans, if you had just won a title, would you not want to celebrate the achievement and perhaps use a picture of the occasion to do so?

However, the same cannot be said of the decision by the sister of another player strongly linked with us to start following Arsenal on LinkedIn, and that is what Monika, the sister of the Borussia Dortmund and Armenia international star has done according to a Metro report.

Being from Armenia and living in Switzerland, she has no reason to care about Arsenal. And as she works for UEFA and does not follow any other club, it does look a little odd for Mkhitaryan’s sister to suddenly be interested in Arsenal doesn’t it? Unless of course…..


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  1. Here we go again!!!

    Please, don’t raise your hopes on Arsenal transfers, so you don’t set yourself for great disappointment.

    Just hope for the best with ALL THINGS ARSENAL.

    1. I remember Gotze liking Wilshere’s page on instagram and Balotelli uploading a picture on twitter of him in front of he Emirates, yet neither of them are Arsenal signing are they ? Lol

      1. Balotelli was playing for a move to Arsenal, that was obvious.

        Don’t know about Gotze but he did say Arsenal was a sideways step from Bayern and Liverpool was a step down.

        1. Did Gotze really say that ? I think he’s open to joining Arsenal but the question is do we need him and does the manager want him ? He really is a quality player and would add to our squad but someone would have to be sold to accommodate him.

          1. It was claimed he said it. Gotze is staying at Bayern. But the fact is he does thinks more highly of Arsenal then Liverpool.

  2. That is a bit of a stretch. I have never been to London, or Dortmund I live in america and I am from France. that does not prevent me from following a team that I like on linked in or Instagram or twitter like dortmund or arsenal

  3. We read meaning a lot in everything….. Oh well, I totally understand. I also want quality players at Arsenal. For now let me enjoy Euros. So far Belgium v Italy is the most interesting game for MI. Totally enjoyed it. Italy know how to turn defense to attack. Not the prettiest side but they know how to turn things up in a competition…

    1. Always interesting to see someone do things differently and their 3-5-2 was definitely different. Annoying that he’s gonna be Chelsea manager, looks like a superb tactician.

  4. There is another explaination

    Back in April, the Sun ran a report claiming that Borussia Dortmund playmaker Henrikh Mkhitaryan was looking for a house in London.

    Bild later debunked that story, revealing that Mkhitaryan’s sister Monika, who works as assistant and translator in Uefa, was the family member who was looking for lodgings in London.

    So maybe Monika Mkhitaryan’s LinkedIn update is simply showing she’s moving to London and is supporting Arsenal.

    1. Works for eufa, football supporter, accomodation in london, has class and taste.

      Obviously going to support Arsenal!

  5. I can’t help but think that this is hilariously ludicrous.
    Nonetheless, I couldn’t help myself and tracked down her twitter…… not following us.

      1. She is following us on Linkedin not twitter.

        Linkedin is what microsoft have just paid £18 billion for

  6. I think she knew what she was doing. She knows Arsenals twitter following is huge and she knows people would put two and two together. Having said that, she has a famous footballing brother and works with UEFA, has an apartment in London ..She’s probably just a fan. It’s good if she’s a fan and spends allot of time in north London, could be why Mkhit is said to be keen on us. He looks to be close to his sister, so Id say all in all this is a positive sign.

  7. Sanchez agent followed Arsenal players too,that was how we knew he was coming…

    Xhaka liked a picture a fan posted, wearing no.34 with Xhaka’s name on an Arsenal shirt….

    And recently,the rumours around Mhik to Arsenal is strong..I hope this dream becomes reality too!

  8. Lemmings! Behold The comings of your saviour!
    Ignore the Signs, at your own perils! ? ? ?

    In other words: Oi , Muppet’s, Mkhitaryan is joining Arsenal ?

  9. Vardy changed his twitter page did have meaning. It was in a response to teammates asking him to stay and Leicester tabling a new bumper deal.

    It might mean more like he wants to re-sign or just that and he wants to sign for us.

  10. I just got some damn advert instead of any vid from his sister but anyway the difference between Goetze, Balotelli and Mhkitaryan is that I believe that Arsenal are actually interested in this lad. He’s a phenomenal number 10 yes but also just as good on the wing and you can see him replacing Oxlade-Chamberlain, Walcott or Iwobi. Would be such a brilliant team with Alexis, Ozil and Mhkitaryan behind a decent striker. Big question is who will be that decent striker ?

  11. If she lives in London and works for UEFA, (and posted on LinkedIn which is Facebook for employment) then maybe she wants to work for arsenal? And metro! Give me a break!

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