‘Big threat’ – Arsenal legend Arsene Wenger opens up on ESL reports

Arsenal legend Arsene Wenger has claimed that the European Super League is a ‘big threat for the Premier League’, with the new competition threatening the merits of the beautiful game.

The Gunners are amongst the 12 teams to have already announced their place in the new European Super League, alongside the rest of the Premier League’s so-called ‘top-six’, as well as teams from Italy and Spain.

Former Arsenal manager and club legend Arsene Wenger, who predicted something similar happening over a decade ago, is wholly against the idea.

“I would say that it’s a bad idea,” Wenger told talkSPORT. “Football has to stay united. That is the most important thing and based on sporting merits and overall to respect the history of European football.

“I believe personally that this idea will not go far.”

Wenger was then asked why Ed Woodward has relinquished his place with UEFA, to which he replied: “I don’t know exactly what is behind that.

“I believe as well there’s a more dangerous idea behind it that is a big threat for the Premier League. When I was still in charge there was a lot going on from other countries to try to diminish the dominance of the Premier League and a project like that would certainly accelerate that.

“I don’t know what’s going on [at Arsenal]. That doesn’t change what I think. For me the most important thing – I tried for my whole life to keep unity in the game, and that football is played the same all over the world, and that it’s inside one organisation.

“I think it was the strength – football is the most popular sport in the world and this is one of the reasons. We have to fight to keep football simple, understandable and based on merits, and so everyone has the same chance and dream to be successful.”

Wenger has hit the nail on the head here, and I believe this is what has angered the footballing world the most. Teams deserve to be fighting for their chance to be on an equal footing with the world’s best, and this goes completely against that.

When you look at the money Everton have just invested into their new stadium, and the way that Leicester and West Ham have battled for their top-four place this season, the merit of that could be stripped away by others’ greed.

We certainly haven’t heard the last of this, and I hope that Arsene Wenger is able to get his points across to those who need to hear them.

Is there any way that the European Super League and UEFA could come to work together somehow?


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  1. OT Mourinho unloading the boot of his car.. picture canvases of him with his trophies and bin bags etc kinda looks like he’s been thrown out of the house by his wife lol

    1. Sorry Tom his sacking was nothing to do with that. Its for his usual reason – that he’s a crap manager.

  2. Typical Wenger to stand for morality andwhat is right and fair for all, not for the rich thieves. How I wish he was the world supremo for football, as then it would truly be in unimpeachably moral and good hands. His love of the game and humanity shines brightly and does him enormous human credit.

    I wanted him gone as manager many years before he left but as a man I HAVE TOTAL ADMIRATION AND MASSIVE RESPECT FOR ALL HE STANDS FOR. I f only he were our owner ! Sigh!

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