It’s GREAT to see Arsenal players FULL of confidence!

I am sure that there will be plenty of people ready to criticise the current Arsenal players for talking about winning the Premier League title, but I am not so sure it is such a bad thing really.

We have already heard from a number of Arsenal stars such as Per Mertesacker, Jack Wilshere and Mesut Ozil who spoke this week about the great run of form that the Gunners are on, and the belief that we can take that into next season, start well and make a real go of reclaiming the trophy that has not been resident in north London since the Invincibles brought it to Highbury 11 years ago.

Our France international right back Mathieu Debuchy has had to watch from the sidelines injured for almost the whole of his debut season as a Gunner, but he has clearly been impressed by the improvement that the team have made. Impressed enough to add his voice to the growing confidence and belief that next year could be ours.

Debuchy told Arsenal Player, “I am convinced that we will challenge for the title next season. Every big club wants to win it, Arsenal is a big club and it is definitely a target for us all.

“It has been a difficult season for me. I had two injuries, involving two operations, one on my knee, one on my ankle. It is a shame because I felt very good with the team, I think I made a good start to the season, so to be off the pitch for almost six months was difficult to deal with.

“When you start a new season in a new club, you really want to prove what you are capable of. I really thought that the difficult time was behind me and that I could show my qualities. Unfortunately I picked up my shoulder injury only a few weeks later and that was difficult for me to deal with.

“But having a lot of French players at the club was a good thing to help me settle quickly, especially the guys that I know from the French national team. It was a bonus, and they’ve helped me a lot.

“Of course it is not finished yet but so far, it is a good season. We’ve picked up a lot of wins, a lot of good results. I really hope we can carry on playing well until the end, and if we do we will say it was a good season.” It will be, but even former Gunners, like Thierry Henry and Ray Parlour, have suggested that we still have a long way to go to be title contenders, so do you think it is a bit presumptuous for the current players to be talking about next year´s title when we still have this one to finish and are sitting a hefty 13 points off the top?

I personally like to hear the title talk because it shows a big desire to do it as well as the confidence that comes from playing well and winning games. What do you guys think?

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  1. CouchCoach says:

    Yes its great that the desire is there. This is a good team that can really compete for the title, I’m proud of this bunch of players. The team has been built slowly and carefully with budget constraints in mind. I just wish for once Arsenal would show the world that instead of continuing this slow strengthening, we would have a killer instinct to win at all costs in the coming season. Let’s break the bank just for one season, bring in that Messi/Ronaldo/Bale/Neymar/Suaraez type who can add to Giroud’s skills and make a huge difference to our season. That purchase will benefit us for years to come. It will bring in exponential fan growth because everyone loves to watch Arsenal, even more so with a known superstar. We can afford a big spend, let’s do it!

    1. Jim A says:

      What you mean s change our style without OG as the target.

  2. Off topic.
    Two faced
    That little shit no one liked at school

    1. olly ray says:

      Maureen of Chelsham!

  3. Shankj says:

    Off topic. I am amazed to see that in wake of winning spree, most of the arsenal supporter forget the real reason of arsenal missing the PL trophy……that is the presence of wilshere in starting line up ( at the expense of cazarola or ozil). They are all praising his performance against Hull (with no goal and assist), with some suggesting to have him in place of ozil or Ramsey. It’s only after wilshere absence due to injury that arsenal starts winning at regular basis.
    Arsenal win just 32% of match when he is in starting line up while win more than 82% without him . His Key passes, assist and goal tally is pathetic. His defensive record is no better.

    1. Godswill says:

      Hater. You’ve gone too far. Check, when we were not doing well, we were scoring goals like others but conceding more than other top 4 teams. Jack is not a DM. Check again when we had a proper DM, we are still scoring goals and conceding less. Our manager did not know the importance of a proper DM to the team even when fans were shouting for one. Didn’t you talk about a DM? Stop UNNECESSARY slating of players. You don’t know how a ball feel like on the feet.

    2. jonestown1 says:

      If Wilshere was the only variable and everything else was a constant then you could start to make a sensible case. We started the season and/or played much of the 1st half of the season without Kos, Ozil, Ramsey and Giroud. Ospina and Coq were added in to the mix at Xmas. Might this also be related to an upturn after Xmas? Jeez, JW has enough on his plate without solely carrying the can for not winning the PL.

  4. Shankj says:

    Again a blind Wilshere supporter who came up with the same lack of proper “DM” theory…….Check the facts……Arsenal were scoring less goals when wlshere was playing

    Also you yourself has said that he is not a DM…….so what’s his contribution in terms of Key passes, goals and assists as Attacking midfielder????????? just 1 goal and 1 assist and very few key passes.

    And this is not this season that arsenal played worse when he is in the team…..Just check the stats of past 3 seasons….It will be an eyeopener for you

    1. olly ray says:

      Wilshere is not a bad player at all only if he could just stop holding on to the ball too much trying to dribble past several player until he gets dangerously tackled. If he could be moving and releasing the ball quickly he would be injury free and could become a world class.

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