BIG week in EPL to see Arsenal top at christmas

Now that the Champions League and Europa League competitions have finished their group stages and will not resume until well after the new year (bloomin’ Bayern again) all of the big clubs will be trying redouble their efforts in the fight for the Premier League title.

Arsenal are in a good position right now, despite the theory that no midweek games would hand a big advantage to Liverpool and Chelsea, but it would be a lot better if the Gunners could be top at christmas and I believe we might well make it.

Whoever ends this week on top will be the christmas number one but that is not the only reason for it being a massive week for us, as our next two games are a couple that, on paper, we might normally expect to drop points in. Arsenal are away to Everton and then Man City but the way we are playing as well as the way our opponents are struggling mean that there is a great chance of the Gunners winning both.

Do that and we could be no worse than second place but I reckon it could be even better, as Chelsea travel to Sunderland on Wednesday. The Black Cats have enjoyed a great run of late and they actually have a decent record against the Blues.

Plus, we often hear that a cold night in somewhere like the north east can see a team full of highly paid foreign stars come a cropper so we can only hope that is true of this game. Chelsea are also away in a London derby against Crystal Palace and they are rarely easy games.

Do you think Arsenal will win both our games? If so will it be enough for us to all have a happy christmas in top spot?

Sam P.

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  1. Budd says:

    Give me 2 points out of these two encounters and I will bite your hand off right now.

    1. truegunner12 says:

      Think we will need at least 4 to keep pace with Chelsea as they are going to play two of the worst teams in the division.

      No games are easy but Sunderland and Crystal palace have been playing absolutely terrible football this season and Chelsea’s formation really stretches the pitch making parking the bus a real difficulty.

      Assuming we only get 2 points from those upcoming games we could end up 7 points behind Chelsea which is a big gap come Christmas time.

      1. Budd says:

        I don’t mind 4 points, obviously just as I don’t mind 6. Realistically speaking, playing two games away at Everton and City in 3 days timeframe, excuse me for saying but yes, I’d take two points in a heartbeat and keeping the unbeaten run. 7 points is just two games, we are not even half way through the season. It is not the end of the world.
        or you can win at Everton and afford to lose at City. I don’t even know what to say.

        1. Arsenal_Girl says:

          You have extremely low goals for us and low opinion of our team. With 2 points we will be out of the race.

          We have a very good away record and can win both matches

          I hope the team have more belief in themselves than you do in them

          1. Budd says:

            Obviously, you can call me here on Sunday night and telling me this. Until then I am just being realistic. It is a marathon, not a sprint. I hope they realize it sooner than you.

  2. Godswill says:

    These are winnable games. City will panic and our boys are fighters now full of confidence. But Chelsea? Not too sure they will drop points.
    The two clubs may pull away.

    1. Budd says:

      If there’s anything you should have learned in the last decade is that this league is open for any result. Arrogance won’t bring you far. Humility, now that’s what makes you cling onto what you can bring in the fight.

  3. sAMa says:

    Budd, you have the mentality of a loser. I mean, how can you not expect Arsenal to win at Goodison Park considering the squad Arsenal have and our current form. It makes me think if it’s Arsenal of few seasons ago you have been watching. I’m 100% sure and would bet money on it that Arsenal will beat Everton today but the result at Etihad is what bothers me.

    1. Budd says:

      Yeah. Because I don’t want to lose these games I have the mentality of a loser. I don’t want to win a battle, I want to win the effin’ war. Here’s a tip for you, if you are 100% sure Arsenal will beat Everton why don’t you do what you just preached? Bet on it! What can go wrong?
      I know what can go wrong, if god forbid, we lose this game then you will come back here on this very board telling everyone how much you want Wenger, Walcott and Ramsey out of the club. And Giroud. Add Ox while we are at it.

  4. Onochie says:

    Why not allow the team to play everton first? What’s with all these jumping games till christmas? Please one game at a time…..Everton first

  5. tissiam says:

    @budd is right there are no longer any easy games in this league every we have at least an upset,people should know by now not to take the 3 pts for granted!!a win against everton & a draw against shitty would do me there is a lot of football left to be played!!

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