Bigger Lacazette bid shows Arsenal boss accepting transfer reality?

Whatever is going on behind the scenes at Arsenal and the French club Lyonnais concerning their France international forward Alexandre Lacazette is just a matter for the Arsenal transfer rumour mill at the minute, although the president of Lyon, Jean Michel-Aulas, has already said more about the situation than Arsene Wenger would have liked.

Those comments are how we know for sure that the Gunners are definitely interested in signing the prolific 25-year old, but with Aulas having revealed that his club turned down our offer of around £30 million we can only wait and see what will happen next.

According to the usually reliable Sky Sports it will be another offer of more money. How much more the report does not say, but at least it suggests that Wenger has realised that Arsenal cannot expect to get the sort of quality players that we need if he does not meet the sort of prices we have seen all summer.

It also seems clear that the Frenchman knows that we do need another striker of quality to help out the likes of Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott if Arsenal are to have a real chance of beating our Premier League rivals to the title this year. So is the boss finally ready to get real and pay what it takes to get the right transfers done?


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  1. Kinda feel like an anti climax as he’s not the marquee signing most of us was hoping for, but it’s better than nothing.
    Mahrez and mustafi next and it will be job well done.

    1. Just wait until is done, normally Wenger does one so called big signing and couple of low signings and 1 or 2 free one and that is it. So, I am not sure if he will spend that kind of money on average striker in Europe. 50 M is not in his DNA, if it was, Suarez would have been playing for us not Barcelona.
      Haven’t you guys learn from the past 11 years!!

  2. Imagine not signing any other player (striker /CB) before the transfer window ends. That won’t be nice and fans will be livid.. .

    I just hope we get to see someone valuable come in and do his work.

    Imagine Wenger unveiling three players all at once….Lacazette/Icardi, Mahrez and Mustafi? I bet most fans won’t complain much even if we sign two of the above players mentioned.. .

    Mustafi news has gone cold. ..Anyway, the transfer window is like suspense movie for us. We just have to wait and see how it ends.. ..

    1. Hehehe…… I hear somany people say they Love our 3rd kit and can’t wait to buy one….Nice one puma & the board….. Designed, beautified and spiced to tempt hearts

      Then we would go on to throw away the money, get some season tickets ….flaunt that…. And forget we ever needed a striker, CB and winger…..
      yea that’s how Kroenke et al manage to steal from us without showing ambition in the window

      what happened to all the talks and thoughts of not buying Merchandise until the board wakes up?

      U see….we are not helping matters atall!

      we have a new 3rd kit, haven’t got all the players we need to wear em…. Yet people are so attracted/addicted to the kits

      1. That is such a valid point.

        Last summer not signing an outfield player (striker?) was a big mistake. Financial results for year ending april 2016 have not been published yet. Indications are that it was a financially difficult year due to deferred payments to existing players previous clubs. Arsenal should have dipped in to cash reserves and bought a top player for a position where we are weak, ie xhaka or striker. It would have shown our top players that we were serious about winning, thus helping the new contract negotiations, and perhaps we might now be PL Champions.

        Kroenke is a businessman, he measures customer satisfaction by repeat sales of tickets and merchandise. Buying merchandise shows what kroenke calls “brand” loyalty, to kroenke it is confimation that fans are happy.

        If you are unhappy that arsenal did not buy any outfield players last season and are unhappy with this transfer window then not buying merchandise will tell kroenke that he has a problem with his “brand” and may do something about it.

        1. jonm yes yes yes .
          Stop the blood in to the Kroenke system, and refuse to buy anything so he gets the message clear that his manipulation of fans and supporters for the past 11 years NO LONGER WORKS.

      2. SoOpa;
        You are absolutely right these rumor mills are actually engineered by Wenger and owners to make us by Season tickets and shirts and Kits for average team, and at the of transfer window Wenger with Shameless face come to media and announce that we tried to buy but we could not find some one to make our team better, and our team is good as it is, and circus is town again with Wenger as the French clown.

        1. Jeez, you do know that Wenger has promised a striker and a defender? Can’t you wait until the transfer window closes before you start your venomous bile?

          1. To Admin;
            With all due Respect, this has been the formula, for the past 11 years, and you think this is going to be different and all of the sudden, Wenger is a changed man.
            Didn’t you at least see his latest news conference which had only one target, us fans and supporters to be still hopeful until the last day, but psychologically get us ready not buying any one like last year? Besides, which side are you? the fans and supporters or paid by Owners and Wenger?
            Please clear your position.

            1. I don’t have a side, but when Wenger makes a promise I will certainly wait until the end of the transfer window closes before calling him a liar!
              Secondly, why must everyone be on one side or the other? Not everyone is obsessed with Wenger like you……

  3. seriously….. Around 30mil is the bigger bid u are talking bout?

    Can’t believe how inconcrete your infos are

    Considering the fact westham’s 30mil was rejected…..prepare for another bigger slap in the face this time

    OT: for those of us who thought… 3months ago, there was enough time to make transfer
    Hehehe the premier League is upon our door steps in days…. And Lord Wenger has been very very active in the window *coughs*


  4. I’m kinda getting the impression all these Lacazette rumors are smoke and mirrors for something bigger… Just an inkling.
    Dare I jinx it with mentioning what I’m suspecting may be a domino effect that will end with us on top with a name that’s only being whispered in the darkest depths of twitter… 😉

    1. Screw it!! I’ll merely speculate!
      Does anyone else find it a little bit strange that a club boasting the likes of Torres, Correa (who’s going to break out soon enough) Griezmann. Is investing in Gameiro and also looking to drop 40mils on Costa who turned his back on them?? That’s four first-team quality strikers and one top notch prospect for pretty much any club fighting it out for two positions…

      1. They’re no longer going for Costa that’s why they got Gameiro,other clubs unlike Arsenal like having depth because Atletico Madrid actually know they will be serious contenders for La Liga and the champions league

        1. Conte’s last comment was incredibly vague…
          ‘I can say that today Costa is a Chelsea player. He didn’t play in these games because of injury and if he solves the injury and I see in training that he is in good shape it can be possible to see him in the next game against Milan.

          But I can say only this. I speak only for today and today Costa is Chelsea’s player. Tomorrow if you ask me if Costa will remain with us, I don’t know.’

          Also seem to be throwing quite a bit of cash lukaku’s way

    2. I’d be more than happy if it were just smoke and mirrors for something/someone better that we actually end up signing in the end -I’d be impressed.
      However, I think it’s more than that. Arsenal’s official bid (as disclosed by Lyon) is the only striker bid we have knowledge of. The othersothers (Higuain, Aubameyang, Icardi, Mahrez et al) still qualifies as rumors but not this.. this is real and official. Arsene rates Lacazette more than many people would like to think.

      I know this might be an overstretch -a fantasy even… but wouldn’t a swoop for both Lacazette and Mahrez qualify as “something bigger”?

      1. oh and i forgot Gaitan as well :S
        It sure does… But the player I’m hinting towards is more versatile than both and could cover/start in both of our weakest positions… Would also be less in wages and transfer fees than both combined.
        Personally, I think it’s more likely of Wenger to get in a bank breaking, bonafide world-class, versatile attacker than two marquee signings when we need a CB as well.

    3. You’re not jinxing anything as nothing is going to happen we won’t be adding any quality even rubbish players like Yedder are rejecting playing under the specialist of failure Wenger!

      1. Oh please…. I’m sure you would have praised the idea of Ben Yedder coming in!!
        Just using it as an excuse to whinge about missing out on a squad player at best if there was any real interest in the first place..

        1. Nope you’re wrong I didn’t want Yedder because I had never heard of him or seen him play and his numbers are similar to Giroud he was never what we needed

  5. When you read the recent comment of Wissam Ben Yedder’s former manager on Arsenal missing out on the player to Sevilla, you begin to wonder if we are for real.Or are we just fizzling around?
    One thing is sure though -we are shopping in the French market… And our major target is Alexandre Lacazette. It is clear why Arsene rates this player so much as to want him in the squad. For those of y’all who are ignorantly asserting that he is “bang average”… if the eye test isn’t enough for you, then do some further research on his stats. Don’t lazy on other people’s opinions. The internet is awash with simple-sophisticated systems that can help you with that.

    1. His conversion rate is similar to Giroud’s in a far less competitive league….? How’s that stat?
      I think he’d be a good addition… Not a great one though, or enough to push our attack to a fearsome level.

      1. @Josh37.
        Of course he’d be enough to push our attack to the next level. He is not an Higuain. Neither is he a Lewandoski nor Aubameyang right now. He most likely will be such with us. For now though, he has shown consistently qualities that makes me (and Arsene, I may add) think he is enough.

        I just ran a simple squawka comparison matrix on Lacazette, Kane, Vardy, Lukaku and Giroud based on a per 90 minutes played last season he didn’t come inferior.

        Metrics used are: Pass Completion%, Successful Take-ons%, Shot Accuracy%. This stats are more individual and less dependent on the style of the team or league played in.

        Lacazzete isn’t bang average at all! He is proven (over 3 seasons) to be both consistent and adaptable.

        1. Yes but you’re ignoring the fact that he played in a much lesser league! Proven in Ligue 1 (which I’m not denying he is) isn’t the same as PL proven.
          I’m not claiming he’s bang average. I’m skeptical as to whether he’s the automatic upgrade on Giroud people are claiming he would be!

          1. @Josh37.
            OK I understand you.
            Anyways, I am hoping we can bring in a reliable goalscorer (whoever that might be) along with Mustafi. The keyword here being MUSTAFI.

        2. My concern about lacazette and being an upgrade on giroud is that it was giroud who went to the euros, not lacazette. Ok, there can be all sorts of reasons for this but I have not heard what they could be, other than the obvious one that giroud is a better striker.

    2. Sevilla have won the Europa League three times in a row. For a footballer that doesn’t think wages first, trophies second, Sevilla is a natural choice, I’d say. Also playing against Barca, Real and Athletico seems to be a bigger challenge than playing against manure, chelski and man-oily. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    3. My Friend Synthiago Carzola;
      I don’t know where you get your infos or figures. Wenger have special soft spot for French players. Since Henry and Pires , and somewhat Viera, all French players in Midfield or attack were either disaster like CHAMAKH, Sanogo, or average like Giroud. This Lacazatte if he ever comes to Arsenal which I strongly doubted because Wenger already made his max number of purchasing, is going to be another Giroud with better CHANCE vs GOAL ration, but not a world class striker in the world.

      1. Chamak isn’t a French international but Moroccan. Was Nasir average? Diaby baring his unfortunate injuries was class. Coquelin has been very good since breaking through. Just selecting unsuccessful signings while deliberately overlooking the successful ones amounts to pure mischief. Not least calling Chamak a disaster and then French

  6. Am surprised people are thinking there is one surprise on the way..what kinda surprise? Messi? Griezman or even Icard??

    If it is Icardi there won’t be any surprises,aswe have been linked with him severally…

    Personally,the only thing that will surprise me is if Wenger buys THREE more players which we actually need…A CB, a reliablle winger and a striker..which is highly unlikely..we would get either a winger and CB or a CB and a striker….

    Am afraid Wenger doesn’t knw what we truly need..if he gets Mahrez, he won’t get Lacazette and Mahrez is not a striker, I might be wrong but I think Wenger just wants one of them to appease fans craving for a big move…unless you are 100% sure Mahrez is just a rumour which I don’t think it is..

  7. I see Bob is still on the Pay Roll by the comment that a striker is needed to help out Giroud and WALCOTT.

    Will Bob ever see Walcott is no striker.

    Any article mentioning a striker roll and Walcott is definitely by Bob.

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