Biggest clue yet about the future of Dani Ceballos

Dani Ceballos tells press conference he is where he wants to be

Arsenal summer loan signing Dani Ceballos has given the biggest hint yet over his future. The midfielder, currently on loan from Spanish giants Real Madrid has been speaking about his current status.

Speaking to the press ahead of Spains 2020 Euro qualifiers the 23-year-old also revealed he is not sorry for leaving Real Madrid.

“I don’t feel sorry for not being there [Madrid],” the midfielder told a news conference. “I know what I have in my head and that was to play and enjoy playing.

“I’m very happy in Arsenal, I played 10 games where I showed my best level. Now I am where I want to be.”

He added: “My idea was clear from the outset, play and enjoy football because in the previous two years I had not and I have been successful going out to Arsenal.”

Quite candid comments there from Ceballos and it will be music to the ears of Arsenal fans. It’s clear that he is enjoying life at the Emirates and enjoying his football.

A lot will depend on Real Madrid, however, if Ceballos wants to remain at Arsenal next summer that would be a huge boost for the club.

The fans have taken to Ceballos, Unai Emery likes him and he loves the club. The signs are very good indeed.


  1. Would be a better player playing along side Ozil ,on his own in front of Xhaka and Guendouzi it does not work .
    He’s played 1 great match so far not exactly set the world alight ,but that imo as to do with the way Emery as set out his teams .
    The one match he played with Ozil we all saw what happened until they were subbed off ,not to be seen since in the premier league .

    1. The one match they played with Ozil we conceded 35 shots and made less than 10. That was against burnley

        1. Joe, against Watford in which half did we allow them to take all those shots? You are letting yourself down with twisting of facts. Till the 60th minute when Ceballos was hooked because of the heat factor (have you heard a worse statement from a manager till date?) it was a good partnership between these two and they were seamlessly switching places and running into spaces. Watch the game again and then tear me down if I’m wrong. I read all that you write, so please don’t let yourself down.

          1. Viju, we were taking a lot of shots and not dominating way before they both were taken off. Honestly remind me of any outstanding passage of play in that match

    2. You read the on target part. No?
      I was portraying the fact that Watford actually had better efficiency in the first half. Which usually comes from having enough of the ball, which considering we had both Mesut and ceballos, they shouldn’t have

      1. Hope you have factored in the nonsense that “playing out from the back is”, where Watford got many chances from. And a goal too.

    1. The fact he was sent on loan tells me Madrid saw him as surplus at least for this reason. Now the question is how well is he doing at the moment? I think he sees a place where he can get comfortable and make loads of money.

  2. Ceballos played 35 games spread over two seasons, with zero assists and zero goals. He knows what it is to be kept in a limbo and with us he is enjoying the game. Like Dan Kit said above, he will excel playing alongside Ozilz but he by himself at #10 will not be successful and will have our fans at his throat soon.

    1. Ceballos isn’t a number 10 so don’t expect goals or assists from him

      Don’t expect assists and goals from Ozil either. He hasn’t been a good footballer for the past 3 years

      1. So who is #10 then? All the Emerybois were touting him to be an able replacement for Ozil, so you tell me what is he good for then. Ozil hasn’t been good under Emery for reasons I don’t know. When you say three seasons, I’m sure you are including this season where he played one match.

        1. In my humble opinion we don’t need one Viju, the missing link is Laca.

          He is no number 10 but he is the best support striker we have had since Bergkamp and his and Aubas partnership is the best we have had since Bergkamp and Henry.
          Not only that but Pepe has said how easy it is finding Laca, he offers enough creativity that we won’t miss Ozil up there and more work rate than even Ceballos would offer.

          4411 maybe a 4231 (or looking like one going forward at least) is the way to go imo

          1. You are right in a way, where the game has moved on to a hit&run mode which means the three midfielders interchange and negates the need for a #10.
            But I still enjoy watching a playmaker in the team.

    1. Especially when we have to cough up the money already spent on Salibas.

      I think all parties, Madrid, the player and The Arsenal, made it quite clear that it was a season long loan, siply because there is no buyout clause and The Arsenal didn’t insist on there being one.

      The player might havve fallen in love with the club and the fans with him, but Madrid are no mugs and, if they want to, will just price him out of our league and let city, chelsea, manure or even PSG start a bidding war.

      Some things will never /have never changed at our club.

  3. Before we jump to conclusions, I’ve seen that quote all over the internet, but one thing oddly missing is, what question was he answering? What did the journalist ask him?

  4. Why are we talking transfers when he hasn’t done enough to cement a starting spot. Unfortuently Xhaka will always play and will more than likely partner Guendouzi who is a fast becoming a consistant top class player. In my opinion Willock deserves the 3rd spot and his skill set is more suited to the premier league.

  5. Sell Xhaka keep Ceballos and move Chambers to DM I’m all for it. Willock and Guendouzi need time.

    However I’d rather see Willock and Guendouzi if we keep Xhaka and Ceballos goes back.

    I’d imagine Real will ask a lot for Ceballos, so couldn’t we get better for that money? Don’t know for sure that’s why I ask.

    1. Durand,

      I’ll go you one better mate
      Embroid needs to play a 4-3-3
      That operates as a 3-4-2-1 in possesion or nil: nil and then revert to flat 4-3-3 when we don’t have much of the ball due to opponents’ tactics.

      The team should be:
      Leno| Tierny, Holding, Chambers, Bellerin| Willock(b2b), Douzie(CM), Ceballos(Santo role)| Pepe (Saka, Laca, Auba

      When in possession push Tierney up, he is a much better crosser of the ball than Bellarin, and let Chambered step UP into midfield and shade over covering Tierny’s vacated space let Chambers act as a left field libero when Tierney pushes forward and do the same with Holding when Bellarin pushes forward (right field libero) This way you have 2 At the back always and 1 ready to drop immediately back (Holding or Chambers, usually Chambers). This would free Ceballos to really do what he does best which is create from deep and link D:M:F – the 3 lines. Let Laca be a false 9 And drop diagonally to pick up and support Tierney or Ballarin, mostly Tierney and that creates the triangle combo we really want, Tierney/Pepe/Laca with big wide channels in the center and the right side for Auba to run into and attack outside and inside the opponent’s box.

      Teams would not be able to sit deep because OR gegenpress because of…WILLOCK. Willock is the key imho because we finally have CM that can carry the ball assuredly and in a rush from our box to the opponent’s and with Pepe and Auba roaming ahead of him and ready to run into any pass he gets to their feet it would be a near unstoppable dynamic: Press high and Ceballos or Holding or Chambers feeds Willock and he releases up the field to feed Auba or Pepe on a lightening quick break AND/OR they can choose to sit deep and allow Holding and Ceballos to build play from the back and set up the Tierney or Bellarin overload in our possessions.

      This to me is the key to our set up: play Chambers as a CB who is really a in possession a CDM. It sounds counterintuitive, why have him step up as CDM when we have the ball? And the reason is Ceballos. This allows Ceballos to really set tempo and link up Tierney/Bellarin with Lava who would be dropping diagonally and thus carrying a CB or CDM with him. It creates a nightmare for opponents’CBs/CDBs/CMs and best it pins back their full backs to handle a roving Pepe and Auba.

      The sad part is, such is Embroid’s blind and unwarranted loyalty to Xhaka that this lineup and system will,never feature. But rest assured if Pep or Klopp or Tuchel or Poch or Sarri had this current squad of players, this is the system and personnel we would most likely be seeing as our XI. Simply because it accomplishes the 2 most important things at the same time:

      1.Creates more goal scoring chances by freeing Ceballos to link with Tierney and Laca to overload and feed Pepe and Auba at their feet in channels

      2. Allows a better defensive line in our midfield Chambers/Douzi/Willock/Ceballos if/when we have possession and lose it in their third. These are 4 players that can and will press and and can and will transition quickly with Tierney and Laca to link up with Pepe. or Auba in those upfield transitions.

      With Holding and Bellarin back and Chambers ready to drop back the moment possession is lost we have a smart, quick, tough high back line of 3. Tierney is fast enough to back track and make that 4 I’m the back if we do not regain possession and opponent advances into our third. This team would have to be drilled to precision to run this system BUT all these players are currently playing (except Laca) and could easily adapt to this because we have been playing a 4-3-3 now for a while just not with any fluidity and goal scoring chances being created due to no consistent link up play (Ceballos not being utilized correctly) and Xhaka in the midfield..too slow and cannot himself press not link the forward lines quickly when he gets the ball..he always needs 2 or 3 or 4 touches to link unless he just the once in a while bomber of diagonal which is rare indeed.

  6. Ceballos looks bog standard to me. Too many flicks and tricks and hogging the ball when a simple quick pass would suffice. Should finish up his loan and be on his way back to Madrid.

    1. To me he is well above “bog standard” as you put it

      We are better with him than Xhaka or Ozil who are below bog standard

      I need to look up this term in the urban dictionary. Wish people would use normal specific terminology than slang all the time

  7. Ceballos will be gone in the Summer so what’s the point in even discussing this

    Let’s hope he helps us finish in the Top 4

  8. Ceballos seems to have been a political loan as much as anything.
    It seems the plan was to sell or at least loan Ozil, Mkhitarian and Elneny
    to get their salaries off our accounts. Ceballos was to cover all three leaving.
    I guess the plan was partially successful as Mkhitarian amd Elneny are on loan
    but Ozil is still here on 350k p/w.
    Getting rid of Ozil, Mkhitarian and Elneny is an exhausting process
    hindering the team from evolving.
    Still cleaning up Wenger’s mess 🙁

  9. Of course Ceballos says he was right to sign for us and is really enjoying his time here. He obviously is telling the truth but would say that anyway even if he isn’t. He’s got his place back in the Spain squad and looks like he could play regularly for us this season. Don’t be fooled though, not only will RM want £40 million+ for him at the end of the season but he’ll crawl back there on hands and knees if they want him back. RM is in his DNA is the phrase I expect to hear 🤔. Let’s enjoy him while we can.

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