Billionaire promises to buy Arsenal from Stan Kroenke next year

Africa’s richest man wants to buy Arsenal next year.

After several lowkey protests and rants, it seems that Arsenal fans may soon get their desired change of ownership.

Stan Kroenke has been an absentee owner since he bought out the Gunners and the Arsenal fans have been asking for him to get more involved or leave.

He hasn’t indicated any interest in leaving his investment behind, but he may soon face a determined effort to persuade him to change his stance .

A report in the Daily Mail claims that Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote is set to buy the Gunners next year.

The Nigerian is an Arsenal fan and he has been unhappy with the way the club has been run for some time now and wants that to change.

Dangote has indicated in the past that he would buy out Kroenke this year, however, some delays in his other projects have forced him to change the date to next year.

He is currently building one of the biggest refineries in the world and wants to focus on that first before making his Arsenal move.

‘It is a team that yes I would like to buy some day, but what I keep saying is we have $20billion worth of projects and that’s what I really want to concentrate on,’ Dangote told the David Rubenstein Show as quoted in the Mail.

‘I’m trying to finish building the company and then after we finish, maybe some time in 2021 we can.

‘I’m not buying Arsenal right now, I’m buying Arsenal when I finish all these projects, because I’m trying to take the company to the next level.’


  1. I would much prefer to see Arsenal owned by the fans, but in a greed-driven environment as football now is, I don’t see that happening.

    1. Never underestimate Dangote the businessman. He probably knows that Arsenal will be in the championship by 2021 and he will not have to buy the team looool

  2. That is good to know,i pray they sell to him,the AFC needs a true fan from the heart to make us great again

  3. “it seems that Arsenal fans may soon get their desired change of ownership.”

    Do you honestly believe that Admin Martin ?………………I know you like to post a new post per day more times than Chelsea change their manager, but they are getting more and more ludicrous !……………please quality over quantity!……………although as I poointed out in an earlier post, it makes a change from the ludicrous transfer rumours…….. 😆

  4. Diversifying his business by buying an EPL football club would be a good move in this renewable energy time, as what Abramovich and Sheikh Mansour did

    But Arsenal are not as cheap as Chelsea and Man City, so Dangote has to spend a fortune to acquire Kroenke’s shares in Arsenal

    I think his comment would just be a lip service due to Arsenal’s huge price tag. But if he manages to buy the club, maybe we would see Iwobi come back to the Emirates

    1. @gotanidea
      Dangote is larger than you thought. Trust me, I am his country man. It takes a lot to be building one of the world’s biggest oil refinary. The project is simply massive in Africa. His worth is simply understimated.

      1. I praise his success but how rich would he be if you remove the monopoly he enjoys under different governments and the import waivers and favors are removed or made available to all business men and women in the country. My concern is that England will not be granting him any monopoly regarding Arsenal not would he get import waivers or no bid contracts.

    2. Most successful African businessmen and women, including Dangote, got rich relying on government patronage, waivers and favors. I praise Dangote for his success because he is the most successful of those who enjoyed patronage and waivers. British people will stage a revolution if one or more British businessmen/women got 10% of the patronage African businessmen/women enjoy in Africa. Since Dangote will not be getting these waivers and favors in England, I have my concerns whether his Africa business model will be good for Arsenal. If Dangote wants to buy Arsenal and enjoy the game while losing some money like abramovitch and sheik Mansour that will be great. If he wants to buy Arsenal and run it like a self sustaining business we already know that is not possible as shown by Kroenke. Even Real Madrid and Barcelona are not self-sustaining. The closest to self sustaining are Juventus and Bayarn Munich.

      1. Abramovich did not lose any money.
        The money he ‘spent’ on Chelsea are all loans that will one day have to be repaid.
        Although, on the other hand, he will have to sell low when he sells the club due to the next owner’s massive debt to him, so perhaps he will lose a few hundred mill. at least.

  5. OT
    An Arsenal Women player on loan to Spuds scored!……………….I was excited expecting it to be an own goal, but no!……………..I feel sick!…………….I watched the goal and to Emma Mitchell`s credit she didn`t really celebrate with much enthusiasm!…………….quite weird really, doesn`t seem right!

  6. Good news! Kroenke stops Arsenal from winning titles for at least a decade. Chelsea owner spend money like nobody business.

  7. Anyone who has had business dealings with that part of the world, will know there is a lot of talk, that has very little reality to it. I think this is a fine example.

    1. You are 100% right. Dangote will not buy Arsenal because his African Business Model will not work in England. African businessmen and women get away with so much that they cannot even dream of risking in England.

  8. He promises to buy Arsenal every year, saying next year, next year. He is full of African Elephant droppings.

  9. He is selling us some of those typical “My Great great great Uncle just died in 2021 and I have inherited £100 millions. All I need now is for you to send me £200 and your bank details so that I can pay to get the inheritance released into your account”

  10. I don’t know how this guy has made so much money, he sounds full of waffle, he reminds me of someone with the constant waffle. Is he legit, does anyone know of him before these promises to own Arsenal one day. I think a lot of this fella’s business is done with money that no-one has seen until years later, he sounds dodgy, like, you have to believe it’s there before it is there. nations. This is probably how he started out, with nothing but promises and fake balance sheets, he reminds me of those pyramid schemers.

      1. I see absolutely nothing racist in his comments and I am saddened that you used that line because you are astounded with his ignorance of who Aliko Dangote is. The fact that the picture of him with Bill Gates made no effect on him should have told you about his lack of knowledge of who Dangote is. The fact that he never even bothered to check Dangote out online and the fact that he is worth TEN BILLION DOLLARS should have also indicated to you his level of understanding. Be the better man and don’t use the race card when it is inappropriate. Also, do not call users of this site stupid and clueless idiot. That is against the rules

      2. Agree with Martin here I’m afraid absolutely nothing racist about BoT’s comment.

        To the article – no one’s mentioned that Kroenke doesn’t even need to sell? Why would he sell if the club’s making him money? Silly comments from Dangote really and I see them same thing from him every year regarding Arsenal.

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