Bitter pundit slams Arteta after Arsenal win against Fulham

BeIN Sports’ Richard Keys is not a fan of Mikel Arteta and he is incapable of hiding it.

The Gunners manager has been in charge of the club since 2019 and they believe he is the right man to make them a top team again.

Arteta’s work at the Emirates has been impressive after he turned them from one of the struggling English giants into a table-topping side with four wins from four games.

The former midfielder is an animated character on the pitch, and Amazon’s All or Nothing has revealed that he is quite a personality off it as well.

But not everyone likes that and Keys belongs to that group. He admits he finds the Arsenal gaffer irritating in a recent comment.

He said, as quoted by Metro Sport

‘I can’t hide the fact I find him [Arteta] extremely irritating. ‘Waving his arms around like a windmill for 90 minutes, as if anyone can hear him, let alone see him. And he’s never in his technical area.

‘They’ve over-celebrated this – it’s a 2-1 win against newly promoted Fulham.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Mikel Arteta does not have to be liked by Keys to do his job and let’s not forget that the pundit resigned from Sky Sports in disgrace.

The Arsenal gaffer is doing a good job and his team will continue to thrive regardless of what Keys and other pundits think of him.

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  1. Another article about the same thing, over celebrating the win etc, what’s this all about, is JA now on the Qataris payroll?

  2. I don’t have the right to tell you what to post and what not to post here , but articles like this shouldn’t be here.
    To say a human being is irritating you for doing what he’s being paid for is absurd.
    Let keep the bad energy away from here.

  3. Wow, If it was tuchel, conte or klopp running down you’d have called it passion. Do we watch the same game?

    1. Agreed, didn’t Spurs celebrate drawing with Chelsea like they won the league. Didn’t Tuchel run the entire length of the wing when Chelsea scored the first goal, after playing a spurs side that again parked the bus.

      Where was the outrage then?????

  4. If “…waving his arms around like a windmill for 90 minutes” will get us the results we all want, then I say “LONG MAY HIS WAVING CONTINUE”. All I care about are the results which we seem to be getting at the moment so these absurd pundits should go and get a life

  5. Isn’t it pretty much what Klopp or Pep do also?

    I think he’s just disgruntled that Arsenal have actually improved. Sour and bitterness over something that really should not make any sort of headline though. Go take a cold shower, Richard!

  6. Don’t take this Manc dimwit seriously? Dum and dumber were sacked for being stupid.
    Option, resign or be sacked.

  7. Please let him speak proffesionally coz i don’t see any problem when a manager celebrates a goal and waves hands for 90 minutes which z described like windmill, good result keep it up.

  8. But the pundit is not alone Gerrard and Villa wasn’t happy about our calibration the last time at Villa Park.

    Somthing tells me Gerrard will shows his horns once more come full time on Wednesday.

  9. These are part of the pundit who normally get there money by mocking Arsenal, Laughing and enjoying when they see Arsenal losing games and dropping points, Now that we are winning games it’s hurting them. Come on Arteta NO retreat NO surrender, WE MOVE I’m saying it again WE MOVE. NO BODY SHOULD STAND IN YOUR WAY M A WE MOVE. Do what ever is needed to win all what we need is more points and wins. It’s our time for top 4 .

  10. I dont understand why this so called pundit’s words have to be taken so seriously. Looks like someone who is utterly bitter and jealous of Arsenal’s success. Let him grumble and keep on grumbling and it wont make an iota of difference to either Arteta or Arsenal. Lets keep winning.

  11. Well I don’t blame some of these pundits if they don’t like u as a football manager they say all manner of things against u good or bad that’s their own opinion

  12. Always thought Keys and Gray we’re the 2 most irritating people on sky, now they are not there I’m beginning to think that Tyler and Carragher are now just as irritating.

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