Blame Arsene if you want – but the Arsenal players need to take responsibility too….

The club legend Patrick Vieira has made a comment about the current situation going on at Arsenal, in attempt to have his opinion heard. There are plenty of ongoing saga’s at Arsenal right now, whether it be the Alexis Sanchez saga, the Arsene Wenger saga, or just the general mess that this Arsenal team is currently in. It’s safe to say that there are plenty of topics to debate.

But it’s the mess of the current Arsenal side that Vieira has decided to have his say on; and the club legend reckons that it’s the players fault and that have let the fans, the club and from his perspective, Arsene Wenger, down.

Vieira said in a Sky Sports report: “It is true that people are doubting his capability to manage the team… but I think you have to look at the players and in some situations the players have been letting Arsene down a lot because coaches have responsibility but players have responsibility as well.”

“You can work the whole week in how you want to play but when [the] players [are] on the field they are the ones who have to fight, and if you don’t do it then it is a problem. So we can talk about Arsene, we can talk about other things but I think it is important for players to take responsibility and look at themselves in the mirror.”

Now I agree that the players are the ones at the end of the day that are out on the pitch to get the job done. If they don’t put in the best performance they can, then it’s down to them to take the blame. However more often than not, whatever club it is which you see in football, it’s usually the manager that gets the brute force of such criticism. Sometimes such criticism is unjust, however there is no denying that Arsene Wenger should take some responsibility for such a poor season, because it’s his tactics, managerial decisions and selections that have left us in the situation that the club currently finds itself.

It’s Wenger who decides to leave Alexis out of the starting line up or to replace Petr Cech with Ospina for the games against Bayern Munich. It’s Arsene Wenger who decides to leave all subs until the 70th minute mark, usually long after there’s a chance to make a change in the game. He undoubtedly is at fault for part of the mess that the club finds itself in, however I do also agree with Vieira’s statement that suggests the players shouldn’t get off easy either.

It seems to be a subject that is spoken about at least a couple times a season, however it is clear to all of us that there are only a few top class stars in this squad, that is otherwise just surrounded by mediocre players. Several of the first eleven don’t currently cut it based upon what we expect as Arsenal fans, especially if the board and management wants to argue that we should be challenging for trophies, both domestically and in Europe each and every season.

Has Vieira made a good point, or should Wenger take sole responsibility for his actions?



  1. Budd says:

    Sylvester changing tunes. You know, is so hard to find this days Arsenal supporters keeping their ground. If you want change, start where you said you’d start and don’t back down.

  2. Jimbeam says:

    At the end of the day it’s the players that play the game yes that is true. But who chooses those players, who trains than, who motivates them. Who is the person responsible for buying every single player in the team, I mean all of them. All from 35 year old Czech to 20 year old Bellerin they are all Arsene men.
    And this is not new, we have had 100% Arsene built teams for 15 years? How can you blame the players of every single season??? There is only one constant and that’s Arsene. The only thing that has not changed in 20 years is him.
    He has nothing left to give, he hasn’t had anything left to give for a decade now, and it’s getting worse every year.

    1. Budd says:

      Being the only constant in this time makes him a perfect candidate for change but that does not mean that’s the cause. If it was the case then I assume they already have a replacement ready. All things end someday, I don’t think Arsenal can’t find a good manager at this point better than Wenger. Trouble with it is that we are in the middle of the season and that Wenger is probably better than 95% of the managers today (charisma + gravitas included). If you want to replace him, you really must look in the top 5% otherwise you will end up with a Moyes. Whoever say Hoyte should coach must take this into account. Either you give Hoyte time, either you go for the top 5% manager.
      These being said, I don’t see how Wenger announcing he will leave at the end of the season would be a bad thing. Look at Leicester or dare I say, Barcelona.

      1. TongaBull says:

        We ar not saying…Wenger to leave now but let him announce his departure,now, for at the end of the season

        1. Budd says:

          You don’t need to repeat what I just said in my last sentence. I wrote it therefore I get it.

  3. TongaBull says:

    Wenger bought these player and for some he even extended their contracts when h very much knew they are not Arsenal quality.. Theo. Wenger Out!!

  4. NY_Gunner says:

    Here’s how hilarious some of you muppets are. AW gets slated whenever the team loses. The players get praised when the team wins.
    But who picks, chooses and trains these guys…smfh

    1. bran99 says:

      I remember the team winning against Chelsea and Wenger was praised for team selection and tactics. but when the team loses, or loses bad and you could see tactics were ridiculous and even subs, who to blame? the one man that diverts the criticism to everyone else except him should always take part of the blame. Enrique took the blame for losing 4-0 against PSG, full blames. but our clueless old man never took the blame even after 8-2 demolition form Man U, coz he is God here so blame everything else like the pitch, ball boys, the air we breathe, etc, but him

      1. Budd says:

        You sound like a good manager and we really need one right now. You up for the job if Stan reads this site and gives you the nod?

        1. lord wafflebury says:

          I believe there is one thing affecting players performance and that is uncertainty…and there are 3 culprits here…ozil and sanchez for holding the club to ransom over their pay demands for a new contract and wenger for not asserting control over the matter. If he is responsible for contracts he should man up make them a final offer take it or leave it and give them no more than 2 weeks to decide otherwise he will inform their agents they are to put them on the market for summer transfer. Also the board should have the guts to do the same to wenger whether he goes or stays at the end of the season. End all this uncertainty now and am sure you will see a real difference in players performance.

      2. NY_Gunner says:

        Thank you for proving my point…

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