Blow for Arsenal as Bayern Munich is now close to signing Rice

Arsenal has been handed a blow in their bid to add Declan Rice to their squad this summer, as the Englishman seems to be close to moving to Bayern Munich.

Rice is one of the top midfielders around Europe right now and several clubs want to add him to their squad this summer.

Arsenal hopes to win the race, but it is difficult because several clubs are also in the running, like Manchester United and Bayern Munich.

The German side seems to be favourites now after Thomas Tuchel spoke with the English midfielder.

A report via the Metro claims Rice is now open to moving to Bavaria and Bayern is closing in on a shock swoop for him, leaving Arsenal empty-handed.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Rice is a coveted player in this transfer window, so we expect top clubs to show an interest in his signature.

Bayern are serial winners of the German league, so they will offer him a better chance to win titles if that is his goal.

However, we have to work very hard to convince him to move to the Emirates instead.

If that does not happen, we must turn to another alternative as fast as possible, so the smart thing to do is to get an answer from Rice as soon as the Conference League final ends.

Now the season is over, it’s time for the summer Arsenal quiz from our friends at Dublin Arsenal – It’s always a laugh and helps while away the time while we wait for Arsenal’s first signings to come in!

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  1. Is Rice worth the asking price 120 million. Sounds like crazy money to me. West Ham want to start a bidding war. If Arteta is interested he should stick to his guns and look for alternative options. We all know how the media hyped up Mudryk and look how that turned out for Chelsea.

    1. Worth is relative. If we want a PL-tested WC player with physical strength and stamina and leadership qualities, it costs money. It’s not like you can get a similar player for half the money. It’s either pay what they ask or gamble on a 50-60m player who might fail like Onana or Zumbini. That is why City paid 100m for Grilish. He might not be “worth” it, but the alternative is to gamble with a still expensive purchase.

  2. I hope this doesn’t drag on throughout the transfer window leaving us scrambling for a less talented player in the last few days.

  3. One day he agrees personal terms and the other Bayern are going to have him. This is total nonsense to write every day about him. He either gone be Arsenal player or not. My personal opinion – with newly bought house in North London and a baby less than a year old he is not going outside of London and Arsenal is the only team playing CL. Wait for Conference final and see what happens. Then write about him.

    1. People are different, just because you can not move to another city because of a baby who is less than a year old does not mean Rice won’t. Money plays a huge role here.

  4. So what if Tuchel talks with Rice, maybe he would like to know what’s the weather is like in London.

    1. G – earlier I posted to you about a Tierney and mentioned that it is a beautiful warm sunny day in London Town. Is it still raining in Jamaica ?

      1. Evgunner
        I responded to you at 4:52 pm your time.

        Yes still experiencing intermittent rain here, maybe why we haven’t seen any serious damage to the infrastructure.

  5. This is all based on one tweet from one person which is vague. Agreed wait till after the final.

  6. This is all nonsense, even Declan Rice himself has said that he won’t discuss his future until the final is over.

  7. Quite frustrating knowing or identifying our main targets for several months still getting hijacked for only God knows! Much as our transfer strategies have improved in recent seasons, it only looks like we only succeed on players with less demands after we must have lost ground and lose out completely on our main targets. Once you know you won’t pay asking prices, move to other targets. To think players will come begging Arsenal for signing, well, that could only apply to the up and coming ones. We need the addition of experienced players who’ll stand up to challenges when the chips are down. Guondouga is probably on his way and Guardiola has quickly looked for similar experienced leg in Kovasic. This is the way of big teams wanting to maintain their consistency and their leadership.. We gotten enough of the 23s, let us look for the battle winners. Goals win matches, defence wins competitions. This is the analogy of the teens and the experience.

  8. Absolute b**** ks.Doing the Metro rags work for them.The paper that NEVER has a positive word to say about Arsenal.Really amateurish.
    Expect him to be a gooner within 2 days of the conference final.End of.

  9. It’s the season of news, no-news, wide speculations, and downright deceptions. So I’m very careful what I read and believe

  10. Ignore this pure guesswork article. Its well known that Rice will decide nothing til after the Conference final.
    For those gullible fans who do not know, the Metro is the laughing stock of all serious football folk.
    No one believes a single thing they say. Wisely too.

    1. @jon fox As an American who has a couple of trusted writers I follow, I also am clueless as to which UK papers are the equivalent of The National Enquirer over here and which ones actually print (sport) news worth reading. Suggestions?

      1. The Guardian sports writers usually win all the awards. A subscription to The Athletic is good value as they have former Guardian Gooner Amy Lawrence.

        1. …and best to avoid: The Sun, Mail, Mirror, Star, Express, Metro. The Independent’s not bad as is the Telegraph but it has a subscription.

      2. Aronn, if Jon sees your post I’m sure he will reply to you, no doubt.
        May I just say this though, if the National Enquire is a “right-leaning” paper that prints alot of garbage and lies, it may be similar to The Sun.
        The Mirror pretends to be a “socialist” paper and is slightly more palatable than The Sun.
        The Mail dresses itself up to be a bit more intelligently written than The Sun but most of the cretins who write for that so-called conservative and reactionary paper are bigots (in my ever so humble opinion).
        Sportwise they are all much of a muchness.

  11. Thank you Bayern. Arsenal have other important priorities to spend £120M on Rice. We are 2nd we need to top the league though Rice is great I rather spend on Vlahovic to bring him in.

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