Blow for Arsenal as Chelsea agree deal to land strongly-linked target

Chelsea are claimed to have agreed a deal to sign Raphinha from Leeds United this summer, with Arsenal having been strongly linked with a move for the winger.

It had recently been reported that we were arranged to sit down the with the Yorkshire club to discuss a deal for the Brazilian, with Barcelona seemingly falling behind in the race for his signature after learning the asking price.

The Catalan club were believed to have agreed personal terms with the forward months ago, and they were believed to be ready and waiting to trigger his relegation release clause, only for Leeds to survive at the death.

Whilst they are still believed to be keen, his current club don’t appear keen to accept less than what they believe he is worth to accommodate the Spanish giants financial situation.

Chelsea now look to have stolen a march on their rivals by agreeing a deal with the Whites, seemingly leaving the Gunners chances of signing their target in doubt.

Raphinha could well have been the ideal man to replace Nicolas Pepe in our squad, with the Ivory Coast international likely to leave after a dismal three years in north London.

He would have been a great addition to our squad, and fingers crossed that we could still resurrect our chances of landing him, as there is no guarantee that they will be able to convince Raphinha that he should become one of their numerous attacking options.

Would Raphinha be guaranteed first-team football at Stamford Bridge?


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  1. Though I rate RAPHINHA highly, from the beginning I got bad vibes about him coming to us, as his heart was set elsewhere.

    Not only that, but his fee was far too high for yet another winger, as we are not short there and I feel we need other positions far more urgently.

    If , as seems likely, we miss out on him, I will not be at all sorry. It could well be a blessing in disguise, IMO

    1. I agree Jon, fee too high for him, and his eyes and heart were set on Barcelona.

      We need players with the right mentality as Arteta said, and the FIRST thing is wanting Arsenal and the badge, not merely settling for Arsenal.

    1. This is not being a realist, this is jusf sad. Do yourself a favour, left the curtain and let a little sunshine in, the place reeks.

      1. Do Chelsea even need him? I thought they already have about 3 players in his position: Hudson, pulisic, Werner; even mount plays there ocassionaly.

    2. TRVL, seriously if you don’t stop nitpicking every single action of mine you will be banned. Start talking about football and not other poosters.
      I have warned you enough times, go on…. do it again….

  2. My goodness, you guys need to relax for a bit. It’s 24/7 negativity, always can’t wait for any opportunity to chime in with your negative snipes / energies..

    Can’t wait for Arteta to fail so that your little hearts can settle. Forgetting that if Arteta or the Kroenke’s fail we all fails as a club.. Why don’t you at least take off your personal grudge tinted glasses for once and try to be objective here..

    So draining.. The club is trying its best to address the squad, we have a set budget, won’t be able to buy all the players we individual fans want..

    I know we all get frustrated but you guys have taken to another level, just pure wishing for Arteta to fail so that you can celebrate?

    So petty..

    1. You think you know more than anyone on JS, telling someone else to get over themselves… that is the most ironic comment you have made.

    2. @goonster……. The funny thing Is they didn’t like the idea of him coming to Arsenal, but now they are gonna celebrate like we failed by not signing him…. Bunch of real life sadist. Don’t give them attention, that’s where they get their energy from. I just scroll pass immediately I see their comments. There’s no way someone can be so negative without a single positivity unless they are seeking attention

      1. This man @ TRVL4 you have to calm down. You’re always top of any negativity on here. You’re beginning to get the vibes on here boring. Support your team. The club is making an effort.

        1. TRVL can’t even have an opinion these days. Don’t remember once you saying you want Arteta to fail? I know I don’t as if he fails that means Arsenal fails? Or is me staying the truth there also negative? But the fact remains as you have rightly pointed out we have still not coerced our biggest issue which is DM/CM as Xhaka is not the answer we are constantly outplayed in the middle lose the midfield battle and you struggle to win games.

          And lastly my actual opinion on Arteta is the jury is still out. He blew 4th and that is the hardest part to take due to the position we were in. Now if we get our TW right which o hope we do then I do look forward to the new season as I don’t want to see us struggle through another season and losing 13 games

      2. I’m okay with him not coming, as he would be another disgruntled player on the rolls as his heart is set on the, Nou Camp. Good for us, good luck to Rap. We have our lil chilly and Nelson for the cup games. Let’s give Mikel our backing and support and wish he signs a solid CDM.

    3. Thanks for the levity mate, I got a great
      chuckle out of the one poster who minimizes
      EVERY FREAKING OPINION that doesn’t
      fit his all knowing, pathetically critical
      narrative of everything Arsenal.

      Take a bow bro, all the contributors to this
      board that are engaged and excited about
      the window and upcoming season share
      the same sentiments toward you.

      Keep posting Goonster, I personally value
      and appreciate your perspective.

  3. Good news if true.

    No club should buy a player that wants to go to another club.

    And £65m seems far too much for a position that’s already well covered.

  4. This Raphinha thing just seemed so surreal to me all along.. It never looked convincing with this constant (Raphinha prefers Barcelona) talk..

    But to be honest we did not meet Leeds asking price of about £65 million. We were wanted £55 million to Add ons.. On the other hand Chelsea just came i. And paid the full £60 million to plus add ons and i think they will be paying Raphinha in the region of £250,000 – £350,000 a week..

    Lets calm down and move on to the alternatives..

    I just hope we don’t miss out on Lisandro Martinez to Man United, this one will be the one to crush me. Was always more excited about the Martinez deal other than Raphinha..

    1. Share your excitement about Martinez although think he would play further forward than he does at Ajax and eventually start ahead of Xhaka (while providing cover for Gabriel and Tierney)

  5. We have two DMs on staff if you don’t count Xhaka or Elneny. We are unlikely to play anyone we sign ahead of Partey. Torreira being the second, and while he may have no part to play and could yet be sold, he is currently on the books. The Saliba situation doesn’t need to be “solidified” and won’t until he comes and plays football. Jesus is a huge improvement on Lacazette, especially current form Lacazette. Viera reportedly quite talented. It’s not like it’s all sunshine and rainbows, but it isn’t all sturm und drang either. We’re better off than we were a few months ago and showing an intention to spend when we see the possibility for improvement. I’m not sure that Raphina was really needed at all, particularly at that price, though I’d certainly be willing to have him come and prove me wrong. I’m slightly baffled by the “I really wanted Barca but I guess I’ll take Chelsea,” but then I suppose Chelsea is reportedly offering him a boatload of wages.

  6. Typical. A mere 12 hours after I finally convinced myself that Raphinha was exactly what we needed!

    Will be interesting to see where Arteta and Edu look now. Do they go after a similar PL proven player in say Trossard or Bowen? Or change tack and go for a target man up front (Oshiman, Broja, Toney etc) and let Jesus play out wide?

    While my preference would be the later, it would make me slightly nervous that the strategy shifted so quickly – unless the feeling was that Raphinha was a transformational talent (something I can say I never saw)

  7. Congrats to Chelsea and all there plastic fans
    for OVERPAYING for Raphina. Hope he settles
    in well with the likes of Mount, Pulisic, CHO,
    Ziyech and possibly Sterling.

    I dont think it will happen but time for Serge to
    come home, especially considering BM stance
    on him burning his contract.

    1. @ACE
      Once more with feeling…Klopp is going in for Gnabry. So, case close on that one. IJS

      1. Would be a sensible move for SG, hard not to be excited
        about playing for Klopp and joining one of the best
        clubs in Europe.

    2. He will settle in well with the rest of the stop wishing he fails because that will not happen, RAHP is a talent and it will break your heart more when he keeps scoring against Arsenal, this is Arsenal lost we should be telling ourselves the truth forget this lies we tell ourselves that he won’t succeed.

  8. In all probablity we were never in for him like Tielemans was a blind while we sourced Vieira. I believe “interest” in Rapinha was extremly vague at best more likely a bluff to get City to drop Jesus fee from 55 to 45m. Although Rapinha is decent no doubt but 50+mill that’s where Chelsea are at. That is not our model.
    After the 72mill Pepe affair how could we?
    After the 100mill fee/salary panic buy of Auba in 2018 after Sanchez left for free debacle. Just no. After Auba, Ozil, Ramsey, Sanchez, Laca, Mustafi Socritis all left for free we just can not afford to take these kinds of risks. That’s what the new process is all about. We are in for the likes of 30m Odegaard, , 36 mill Vieira, 30mill Martinez, 30mill Ramsdale, 22 mill Tomiyasu, 25m Tierney, 23mill Magalhaes 17mill Lokonga 8mill Tavares 7mill marquinos.. 45m Jesus is reasonable for a striker these days. 50m for White includes 15mill English quota tax for a ten year player. Partey 45mill was only bought because the fans screamed for him saying we needed a beast of a DM. So passing on 50+mill Rapinha especially after aleady getting Vieira with defensive injury cover screaming for attention is just pragmatism.
    The process remains on track..

  9. I agree with those who say we should not pay over the odds for a player like Raphinha when we have a number of people who can play in that position. At any rate there is a limit to the players we can buy. So far our window has been successful. It is not wise to buy players who might spend more time on the bench. It is the very reason that has forced Gabriel Jesus to leave Man city for Arsenal. If we deploy our players appropriately next season is going to be productive. Let us be hopeful.

    1. Yes @Adiva, I posted on a previous article that the Sport has said we are not now in for him but someone named @Charlotte rapped my knuckles for believing such rubbish when we have a meeting arranged for this week to finalise the signing! I won’t be holding my breath waiting for her apology 🤔

      1. Yes Declan I read that your post. You certainly need apology from her. We may have seen clearly that he doesn’t want to come to us and we dropped our interest and that is really good anyway.

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