Blow for Arsenal as Conte tipped to reject Arsenal like he did Spurs

Gianluca Di Marzio claims that Antonio Conte would turn down a move to Arsenal similarly to how he rejected Tottenham Hotspur.

The Italian boss has been linked with Mikel Arteta’s job, with the Spaniard coming under pressure after a rough start to the new campaign, and Conte was recently claimed to have made a pre-agreement with the club, reports that were quickly quashed.

Di Marzio has now moved to claim that he would not be interested in such a move, with the current Serie A champion only wanting to take over a title challenging side.

‘He would only accept a winning project,’ Gianluca Di Marzio told Sky Sports. ‘So I don’t think he would accept Arsenal and that is why he said no to Tottenham.

‘I think he would only accept if say Manchester United called.’

I don’t believe our club are looking at bringing in a new manager any time soon, but I would hope that Conte would be top of our wishlist, as he has shown on a number of occasions that he knows the winning formula with various different sides, including in the Premier League with rivals Chelsea.


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  1. Arsenal are no more a big name club
    It has been a long time since they last won the epl.
    They have been overtaken by thd like of even Wezt ham and Everton.
    So not surprising Conte has shown no interest

    1. Arsenal are going through a difficult time but remain one of the great teams in world football.
      I don’t get why Conte should be on our wishlist at this point. We have a good manager in place.
      If he leaves there are other good managers out there.
      This fixation some have with Conte is unhelpful and unhealthy.

    2. And yet Everton and West Ham have not one the PL once in it’s history.
      They have also not played in the reformed CL…. because they have never finished in the top four…. and they haven’t won the FA cup this century.
      Everton haven’t finished above us for decades and it was only last season that West Ham broke that same sequence.
      So can you explain why you think either have overtaken us, ubless your basing this claim on the current season, which is just four games old?!?!

    3. Are you a real gunner? Why do you use the term “they” and not “we”? All clubs go through turmoil, it is the cycle – Pool won the EPL after some 30 odd years, AC Milan have not won the Seria A in a decade. Had it not been for the stupidity of our former manager, we could have signed the required players to win it. We passed Mata, N Kante, Higuan,Suarez, Fabregas 2.0, but that is history. Believe in Mikel and the team he has assembled just 18 months into the job with one FA & CS to his name. Indeed we are going through some turmoil, due to the players at our disposal who shamelessly collect /ed their mega wages, promising to take us to the moon but threw us in the abyss of the league, but Mikel will get us back in contention for the 22-23 season.

      1. LC, Arsenal are about to break another record; their longest title drought since Herbert Chapman’s winning sides of the 1930’s. Yet you believe the drought will be back in contention by 2022/23 season, ie 2 seasons time?

  2. OF COURSE he would reject any offer IF ASKED, which he won’t be anyway, IMO.

    No proven world class manager would accept any offerwhile Kroenke owns us, as all realists have known all along, which is why its pointless calling for MAs head.

    We woud only get another less than adequate manager, even IF he were sacked.


  3. No on is indispensable.There are many elite managers in the fw.The thing is only one can win the epl which is the hardest to win in the world.
    Actually Arsenal shd have gone for the trusted name .Artete and a few promising ones may show potential* but it takes at least 2/3 years to see the fruits of the labour.
    Tuchel was in a different situation. He just had to fine tune Chelsea

  4. I dont see any reason why Arsenal should be desperately behind Conte. Lets give Arteta time till the end of the season and than the Club can look at the scenario. The next 5-6 games are very crucial for the destiny of Arteta with Arsenal. In the worst case even if Arteta is sacked there are other managers willing to come to Arsenal and could be even more successful than Conte. No point in pursuing someone who is not interested.

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