Blow for Arsenal as key target reveals contact with former side

Arsenal may be set for disappointment in their pursuit of Dani Ceballos this summer, after he revealed contact with Real Betis who are hoping for a reunion.

The midfielder has been a regular in our first-team throughout the campaign when fit, impressing under both Unai Emery and Mikel Arteta.

Ceballos has reiterated a number of times that he wishes to play first-team football next season, something that his current club may not be able to offer him.

Arsenal are known to be keen to extend his stay at the Emirates beyond his current loan deal, having played a key role in lifting the FA Cup this season, but we may now be set to lose out to Betis.

The soon-to-be 24 year-old has confirmed that he will talk with Real Madrid to find out if he could be a first-team player next term, otherwise he wants to play elsewhere.

‘I spoke to Florentino Perez and Jose Angel Sanchez [Madrid’s CEO] and we will speak again after Madrid’s game with Manchester City to clarify my future,’ Ceballos told El Larguero (via The Metro).

‘I want to play 35 games [next season] at least.

‘I am one of those who say that when you are happy, you develop your game.

‘Right now I am happy, but it is time to rest at home with my family, with my girlfriend, who has not seen them for a long time, I have been alone in London for five or six months, so now it is time to be with them and reflect on the future.

‘Compared to any club in the world, Real Madrid is the best, we must wait to see if they come back against Manchester City and we will address my future after that.

‘Right now I’m enjoying it, I don’t think about whether I can play for Real Madrid, Arsenal or another club. Now it’s time to disconnect, you have to be calm and think well with the family.’

The midfielder moved onto reveal that he has been in contact with his former side who he holds great affection for, who are believed to also be interested in his loan signing for the new campaign.

‘I have great affection for Betis, for all those who work for the club, who know the love I have for them and have been in contact with me throughout the season,’ said the midfielder.

‘Betis means a lot to me.’

Will Arsenal now miss out on the potential signing of Ceballos this summer?


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  1. Oh no…..
    He did have a mix season but definitely finished strong and i would be very happy if we can keep him.But his heart seem to be somewhere else😔

  2. I want him to stay!! I hope we can come to an agreement, even if it is another loan – I’ll take it!!

    OT.. Welcome back to Earth, Bob and Doug!!

  3. He has been a beast after the restart. Works great together with Xhaka. Would hate to see him leave! Also, who can we find to replace him with if he leaves?

  4. 3 signings are s must
    Thomas Partey

    Partey signing would give us the option of playing a 352 formation next season

    Saliba. Luiz. Tierney

    Bellerin Partey Xhaka Saka


    Pepe Aubameyang

  5. Am I the only Gooner who is getting a little vexed about Ceballos and his love of Madrid and Betis?

    If we aren’t big enough for him, let him go and make the same mistake so many others, who thought the grass was greener, have in the past.

    1. I am vexed too ken1945, but we have to respect the wishes of player on loan from RM. He took a chance leaving RM to rebuild his career at AFC and has clearly fulfilled his objectives, with an FA cup in tow – kudos to him. Maybe this will be an attractive selling point for the Club and our new manager in this transfer window.

    2. I’m not pissed at him or anything.
      We all knew he was only here for the season and that he wanted to prove himself at Madrid by gaining more first team football this season.
      As for Betis, he spent alot of time there before he went to Madrid so its not surprising he has affection for them, just as Henry, Fabregas or Vieira has for us.
      And it does state in that article that he was in contact him them though out the season so it could be it was just a friendly thing and not a transfer thing.

      Theres nothing to be vexed about

    3. I am not peeved with Dani at all if RM wants to keep him, RB wants to buy him, and we just want another loan. He is just human and needs to feel the sense of belonging and being wanted.

      Am I advocating that we pay whatever RM demanded in order to get him? NO. We pay what we can afford and first and foremost must commensurate with what he has delivered and what plans we have for him at Arsenal. He is still very young and have limitless potential in terms of value and for further improvement in his game, but he can only do so if MA plans to make a him a key member of the team.
      I have to say that I like what he has shown us at Arsenal so far. I thought people got past by him too easily earlier in the season, so I was kinda wondering if the switch to deep lying play maker would work becoz for me, he has always have good distribution and dribbling skills but his defensive skills is suspect. Anyway, what transpired in my eyes was he went from being just ok defensively at the start of the switch, to being sound somewhere in the middle and tigerish towards the end…..boy oh boy ..:))) was I surprised with some of his defensive performance.

      Anyway, in short if we plans to make him a key player of our team, pay what we deemed fair to RM. If we think he is key
      but we wants to save some money in order to buy a Partey and get him as some loan signing, good luck. I really hope and wish we could pull this off.

      But if a fair deal could not be worked out with Dani and RM… I would just blame Kronke and wish all the best to Dani without any misgivings..because I think I witness a player who is serious about his career there during his time at Arsenal so far.

  6. according to transfermarkt we are looking at
    partey, doucoure, ceballos and willian which is fairly correct. We need a box to box midfielder which is primarily defensive who can cover ground in midfield which both partey and doucoure can. Xhaka lack of pace and mobility hurts him because with a 2 man midfield they need to be mobile. Shame because he really has stepped up to the challenge

    1. Grandad
      I looked up where they finished in the league and from a professional perspective I’d imagine Real Betis are down the pecking order. RM I can understand but I would have thought Arsenal would be a more prestigious club than RB with European football to improve his chances of getting into the national team
      Family life is very important but at his age I’d have thought his career might take centre stage right now. Perhaps after a well deserved break he will stay put

  7. I am not impressed by Ceballos. He doesn’t strength our midfield so what’s with all the sympathy. If Ceballos stays then Xhaka should go but that’s the only way to strengthen our midfield. Xhaka + Partey please.

  8. I have always had confidence in the ability of Danny Ceballos, as demonstrated by the standard of his play since his return from injury. However it is obvious that his heart is in Spain and it is unlikely that he will commit 100% to Arsenal.
    This “will he, or won’t he stay?” is not fair on Mikel Arteta going forward to develop the team or Arsenal in developing a player with minimal commitment to the Club. Thus it is time to move on and look elsewhere at the many available CAM options out there

  9. Ceballos is indeed a good talent and in recent games he has performed well with Xhaka. However, if he has his heart set in Spain, Arsenal should allow him to go and invest in another midfielder.

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