Blow for Arsenal as Serie A giant’s boss rants about talks breakdown

Rosso Commisso has ranted about the agents of Lucas Torreira after his move from Arsenal to Fiorentina broke down.

The Uruguayan had seemed to have earned his move to La Viola with a string of impressive performances this term. It must have come as a shock when the Fiorentina boss tried to haggle over the pre-agreed fee to make his loan move permanent, causing a stir in negotiations.

TMW now reports that Commisso has ranted about the manner of the negotiations to the point that the transfer now appears to be dead.

This will come as an unexpected blow to Arsenal also, who understand that Torreira hadn’t enjoyed his time in north London previously, and would have expected them to have jumped at the chance to take up their option to buy.

I would be surprised if Torreira would still be at the club when the transfer window shuts, but if anything he should be worth more than the option we’d previously agreed for his signature.

Could Arteta reintegrate Torreira into our playing squad? Could he re-find the form from his early days at the Emirates?


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  1. Remember that at the start of next season, we are in the following situation :
    PL – improve on 5th position.
    FA Cup – improve on 3rd round exit
    EL – improve on last 32 knock out result.
    LC – just improve.

    That means more games and, therefore, a bigger squad is required.
    We can use Torreria, AMN, Bellerin, Saliba, Nelson, Balogun as part of that bigger squad – meanwhile use whatever money we have for transfers in signing two top class forwards like Jesus and Calvin Phillips.
    Just my opinion of course.

    1. Forget about Kalvin Phillips, Man City already has him eared\-marked. So no competition there.
      I really like him, but money bags are after him.

  2. Standard procedure as per normal:

    – we set a price
    – final offer is lower than we want
    – refuse to sell and recoup even a little funds
    – player either rots on our bench while we’ve made zero money and pay full wages or goes on loan again where we often subsidize wages
    – player leaves for free once contract is run down

    …..and repeat

    1. 👍 Spot on! Bellerin, Torreira and Saliba all want to play elsewhere – that’ll be some atmosphere in the dressing room, hey?!

      1. I wouldn’t worry about it Sue! history has shown that MA would rather give away players he doesn’t want than having them around day in and day out.

    2. 🎯 it’s no coincidence that clubs interested in our players ,all want to haggle over the fees.we are now seen as a club “desperate”to offload its players,in this case it is Fiorentina and don’t be surprised if Betis try the same with Bellerin.i mean if you value Guendouzi at 10M, Mavros at 3M, how much for Torreira or Bellerin??

      1. @Siamois
        So what do you want the club to do? Pretend that they are desperate to keep these players hoping that the potential buyers are fooled or duped into paying us these extraordinary amounts of money?
        I take it you think the potential buyers don’t watch these players play each season. They don’t watch how limited some of these players are hence why bidding low for them..

        These clubs have scouts and watch games too. There is nothing you are going to dupe them into..

        1. You’re making a valid point,there is not much the club can do, having said that I think it is self inflicted,the way the club managed the unwanted players.they might not be good enough for Arsenal but definitely for most teams in Serie A,la Liga…and should be able to get decent fees for them no?

          1. @siamois
            Most of these players have been sent out on loan multiple times to multiple clubs and even those club wouldn’t be duped into keeping them..
            On top of that these players are so average / limited and on massive wages.. To start off, these clubs are not willing to pay such wages for them later on pay a modest fee for them.. Look at Auba, Ozil, we were told these are massive superstars that pay for their own wages through selling shirts. But not a single club was duped into such fan’s talk..

            We have a massive problem of awarding ridiculous wages to okay average players, going back to wengers era. A lot of Average youngsters were given massive wages and the problem always arose when trying to shift them.

            We awarded Ozil, Auba etc £300,000 a week, then we complain that we can’t shift or get a decent amount for them. Forgetting that elephant in the room (other clubs can’t be duped into taking on such wages on top of paying a decent transfer amount for them..)

            Right now we have Pepe / Laca on about £150,000 / £170,000 a week. Seriously, what club is going to be duped into taking on such ridiculous wages on top of paying a decent amount of money to us?

            Bellerin, Kolasinac, Mustafi were on about £100,000 per week. For real what club would be stupid enough to dish out that sort of money for such poor players?

            Sokratis, etc..

  3. Lucas can still play a role for us. Would have come in super handy in the later stages of the season just passed. Specially the Spurs game where his tenacity would have been useful

    1. If there is a contract that states the amount to be paid in wages and transfer and one club breaks that contract, then that club is liable for sanctions. I suspect that it will be sorted out amicable sooner rather than later.

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