Bob Wilson backs Szczesny to stay as Arsenal’s Number One

Wojciech Szczesny has faced the anger of Arsenal fans after his blunders in the 2-0 defeat at Southampton last week, and annoyed Arsene Wenger even further when he was caught having a sneaky fag in the showers after the match, and the consensus seems to agree that he should be dropped in favour of David Ospina for a while.

But the legendary Arsenal keeper Bob Wilson, who made over 300 appearances for us over 11 years, is adamant that the young Pole should retain his place in the Gunners first team, based on past performances.

“Wojciech deserves to be the Arsenal No1 at this time,” Wilson was quoted as saying in the Express. “What niggles me about this recent criticism after the Southampton game is that if people go back four days to the West Ham game, his performance was so good he won us the three points.

“If you are looking for incidents to blame him, put the first goal at Southampton against him, fine, but don’t start arguing with me about the second goal because it was not his fault.

“Any goalkeeper will tell you, lying on the floor with the opposition closing in on you, you make contact and you have no chance to get any leverage on it. It could go anywhere as a result of a situation not of his making.

“He did not have his best game but most ex-keepers would say the last thing you want to do with your No1 goalie is give him a rest. If I was goalkeeping coach there now and Arsene was asking me, I would say, ‘don’t drop him’.

“Every goalkeeper makes mistakes. I spend a lot of time with David Seaman and all anybody asks him was, ‘what happened with Ronaldinho and Nayim?’

“The people in the know should recognise who is the best goalkeeper there. Ospina looked pretty good at the World Cup and he looked fine in the Hull game.

“He made a couple of really good catches and made one save low down. But that is all he had to do. It wasn’t a serious test.”

Well this situation seems to have split the Arsenal fans, but it is Wenger’s opinion that matters. We will have to wait until Sunday to find out what his decision will be. Personally I’m guessing that Wenger will announce that Szczesny has picked up a mysterious muscle strain in training and will have to stay on the sidelines for a while…..

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  1. your a legend bob, an i agree ospina hasnt been tested.

    but cant deny even with our defence, shezza has a mistake in him, his concentration levels have always been questionable, even though he in general is a quality keeper, he doesnt instill confidence.

    would love petr cech, but mourinhos not dumb

    1. Agreed muff. Szczesny is too inconsistent. Ospina should be given a run of 3-4 games to see what he can do. We’re only ever a long ball over the top from szczesny committing hari Kari.

      Ps I was driving earlier today and Aretha Franklin, save a little prayer came on the radio. Haha. Only heard the first few lines but it made me think of you lol!!

    2. Ospina should consider quitting Arsenal Fc before its too Late….. This team under wenger is not ready to offer competition….. Favouritsm seems to be the order of the day and most players are guaranteed starters irrespective of their attitutdes, form or perfomances……just no discipline….its very unfortunate that this is happening to a team like Arsenal fc

  2. Szczesny must be dropped he’s cost us enough points it’s now Ospina’s chance he’s the Colombian national team number 1 so he deserves to play now!

    1. Has he really cost us a lot of points? He is a solid keeper. Besides Southampton game, I haven’t seen him make a lot of mistakes. He doesnt typically miss easy shots. He’s come out of his box a couple of times, but I can think of all the keepers doing that a time or two. De gea has had terrible moments, Mignolet, Hart, even the amazing Lloris has had bad games. I have to disagree with you guys. I like Ospina as my no. 2

  3. Szczesny is a very good goalkeeper. Arsenal quality? Yes, actually. He’s still very young, he’s big, imposing and he won the golden glove last year. His real hindrance is the fact he doesn’t have any pressure on his place, so he gets away with his silly decisions and mistakes. If he were to lose his place after making mistakes, he’d make far less. Szczesny has made some great saves and, despite costing us at Southampton, has actually saved us points this season too.

  4. I don’t doubt it. Wenger is very stubborn and loyal. (Except for players he has a personal problem with like poor Podolski)

    I mean it felt like Manuel Alumnia was are starting GK forever.

    1. those were amazing times.

      we had fabregas alongside denilson.
      we had rvp alongside bendtner

      i was holding out for mats hummels alongside squillaci-
      santa ignored me that year

  5. I don’t care what Bob Wilson, or Szcesny’s father, or anyone else has to say about Szcesny and his inability to play consistently well.

    It is time for Wenger to man up and make his GK earn his way on to the pitch. Ospina should get 4 or 5 starts to prove he can do it or not.

  6. I had a dream that Wenger had announced a triple signing at a press conference. Cavani, Kondogbia and Hummels.

    When I woke up I cried, then read the article on “confirmed” signing of Bielik and then cried some more. Another 2 and a half seasons of Agony unless Wenger gets a contract extension

    1. Hahahaha, what kind of a dream is this? bro, you need to change the bed and maybe the room … this is not good for your day to day life …

  7. the only fair way to decide this.

    ospinas missus jessica, mrs shezza- mud wrestling.

    winner takes all….her clothes off

  8. Lineup v Stoke:

    Debuchy Mert Kos Gibbs
    Ramsey Coquelin Cazorla
    Walcott Giroud Sanchez

    Subs: Szszcesny, Monreal, Chambers, Flamini, Rosicky, Ox, Welbeck

    I would have included Ozil but Wenger only mentioned after the Hull game that Flamini and Ramsey would most likely be fit, he didn’t mention Ozil.

    1. I agree with Ospina
      We must give him a try.
      I like your team.

      Maybe Ozil will come of the Bench.
      Only thing is that I don’t want Ozil to play on the Wing anymore. Ive had enough of that nonsense, especially since we have Walcott, Sanchez, Ox, Campbell, Welbeck who can play there. Mourinho doesn’t play Fabregas out of position so we shouldn’t either

    1. Twice. Last seasons opening game against Aston Villa. Though Benteke eventually scored from the rebounds.

    2. He did that double penalty save against Liverpool. Kuyt was the shooter and Suarez was the diving culprit.

  9. From 1 to 10 Seza is a 7 and what we can expect him to ever be is a 8. De Gea or the likes of Thibaut Courtois are a pure 8 and they all will end up being a 10 in the end.

    It was always like this, expecially with Van der Saar who was very influental for manure in winning trophys. Whenever i thought, its a goal, he made it no goal. As for Seza whenever i think its a goal, it ends up being a goal.

    1. still shake my head that van der saar was at fulham an we didnt grab him.
      what a keeper-
      had it been him at the final for arsenal vs barca.
      we would have won champions league.

      jens was quality, but had crazy moments- sound familiar?

      1. The ref was at fault, he killed the game off, he shuld have let the goal in and give Jens a jellow. But, noooooooo, Almunia our monkey hero conceded a goal next to the post he was standing and the other one between his legs. Sad day for a kid.

  10. And i dont understand why people questioned my past comment. The epl was simple not as competitive as today years ago. The money changed everything.

  11. What do you expect more from Szszcesny when he plays in behind of Mert and Flamini … Ok, give Ospina the chance he deserves and I bet he will not do any better than Szszcesny … Both of them are very good keepers but not Neuer …

  12. Victor Valdez has signed for manure official from 18 month contract.

    Glad somebodies out doing business.

      1. Valdes sucks. I would never want a keeper such as him to be second choice at Arsenal on a +100k a week.

      2. No couldn’t find wage info.
        Barcelona rate him as one of there best and to be fair his record is not to be sniffed at (I know he had Barcelona in front of him how hard can it be?)

        La Liga: 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013.
        Copa del Rey: 2009, 2012. Champions League: 2006, 2009, 2011.
        World Club Cup: 2009, 2011.

  13. Just get Van Dijk for CB, Carvalho for DM, and Dybala for striker. We should be straight with that until the summer.

  14. this site is so funny today, I can’t stop laughing lol 😀 😀 :D.
    Sad part is now I cant use my trademark sad faces 😀 😀 😀 no matter how hard I try 😀

  15. SZCZESNY is a Flapper just like ALMUNIA. ARSENAL have not had a good Keeper since
    David Seaman. Right now I would put Bob Wilson in goal before SZCZESNY.
    Man Utd /Chelsea both have two top class keepers, you got to wonder about where Wengers head is at the moment.

  16. Well said Galen arsenal and arsene is not about titles they are about 4 th place finishes no ambitions but don’t be surprise when we loose that trophy this season because we choose to sign a kid and not a known talent,

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