Bodo/Glimt security warn that Arsenal kit will be removed entering stadium

Bodo/Glimt have warned that they fans entering into the home areas of their stadium will be asked to remove any clothing or items including Arsenal logos and badges.

The Norwegian champions are expecting a large crowd for Thursday’s Europa League clash with the north London side, with the influence of Martin Odegaard expected to draw an extended interest in the match from his home country.

Odegaard is the current club and international captain, and his quality has really began to shine through as he meets his potential since joining from Real Madrid, and a number of supporters are expected to come out to get a live glimpse of the Norway star.

While any Arsenal shirts, or clothing containing a logo, emblem or similar will be removed on entry to the home areas of the stadium, half and half items will be allowed as reported by the Express, a relic which has seen a growing interest in recent years.

I’m not aware of Bodo being known for violence, but you can understand why they would be reluctant to have away fans in the home sections of the crowd, and I feel like the request is fair. I don’t see any reason for an issue over it, and believe that this should in fact be a rule for all matches regardless.

Do you think it unreasonable to request no away memorabilia inside the home areas of the stadium?



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  1. They fear that norwegian fans themselves will turn to be Arsenal fans!!!!We are well aware that there is a lot of gooners over there in Norway but if they outnumber the home side it will be problematic!!!

  2. Could the fear be it ending up looking like a home match for the gooners.

    Remember some time ago while Maradona was playing for Napoli quite a few Italians supported Argentina against Italy during a football match.

    1. WC 1990
      Aimé Jacquet was critisized for not bringing Cantona to Euro 96 in England because of Man U fans who would have supported France!!!!Especially in the semi finale at Old traford against czech republic

      1. That’s not true! Cantona was Aimé Jacquet first captain and playmaker when he first took over.the truth is that in a French jersey he never really performed.Jacquet job was to build a team capable of winning the 98 WC in the time Cantona came back from his suspension,he received after the Palace game, Zidane was now the playmaker.Jacquet like Deschamps now,put the team/collective first.that’s why he dropped Cantona,Ginola and Papin in 96.

  3. I have visions of herds of fans standing there in their undies, teeth chattering, shivering to death inside the Arctic circle.

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