Bookings ANOTHER reason Wilshere should be Arsenal’s number 10

The Arsenal and England international star Jack Wilshere has been talking about how sorry he is for his club team mate Mesut Ozil after the German playmaker picked up a knee problem and could be out for up to three months. And with news of Tomas Rosicky also having an injury, it leaves young Wilshere as one of the few players in the squad who could cover for Ozil.

Perhaps that is why he also talks about his different playing positions for club and country in a Daily Mirror report. Because of the different playing sylrs and formations used by Arsenal and England, Jack feels that his new deep lying role at international level would not suit him for the Gunners.

The 22-year old said, “It’s tough to take but it is part and parcel of football. I have had my fair few injuries. It is not a curse it happens and you just have to deal with it.

“It will be hard for him (Ozil) because he likes football, he has never really had an injury before. He had a slight one last season.

“I am not even sure how long it is, I’ve not been back to the club. It will be difficult for him. But he is naturally quite a fit lad so he will be alright.

“I think Danny Welbeck is alright. It was more of a tactical change when he came off.

“Ozil was playing on the left a bit so it probably won’t change much in the centre. Chambo will get a chance. Theo is coming back as well. Now it might give Theo or Chambo a chance.

“With Arsenal we don’t play the diamond. It probably wouldn’t suit me as much.

“We play with one holding and two ahead with two wide men so it probably wouldn’t suit me as much, I probably can play that role but I enjoy playing a bit higher for Arsenal. For Arsenal, yeah; for England, no.”

Ans with Champions League and Premier League games coming thick and fast, I can think of another reason for Arsenal to play Wilshere in a more forward role, because he already has three BPL yellow cards so two more would mean a suspension and he is more likely to pick them up playing deeper.

Santi Cazorla is the obvious choice for the number 10 role, but Jack’s form and improved eye for a pass suggests to me that he could do it just as well. What do you think Gooners?

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    1. Jack is at the bottom of our number10s in the pecking order it’s only that wenger wants to proove a point with him (make another superstar from a no body)

    1. no change there then. same as at madrid – smashing hoes left right and centre. an madrid were annoyed with it as wenger will be eventually.

      im not- cant playa hate- his taste is immaculate

    2. Just read it now.
      The Ex-Boyfriend, of Mesut’s Ex-Girlfriend is claiming they exchange intimate what’s app message. How is that cheating(if it is true)?

      Also Mesut’s agent claimed legal action will be taken. I m sure he is not, doesn’t look the type. If parties or anything with orther girls, i m sure someone will snap and sell it to the Daily-Garbage-Mail.

      I feel it somehow lessens a footballer if people get to know you cheated (though it doesn’t affect their technical ability).

      1. lets try Jack on the wings and see what he can bring, that would be the best moment to compare Jack and Ozil. Who is more effective than the other in the 2 positions.

  1. I don’t think Wilshere is good enough for No10.. He is more like Ramsey.. Cazorla or Ozil can play that position better.. But Cazorla is the best in that No10 for Arsenal..

    He needs to be fighting with Ramsey for B2B position..

  2. We should play with this team in a couple weeks time when Diaby and Walcott are back;


    If Wilshere can keep playing those long passes against better teams, he should be in the first team spot.

    There is good defensive balance in that team. Walcott is the least defensive in that lineup, thats why Flamini shoudl be on that side. On the other side you have Diaby and Sanchez who can help Gibbs and Kos.

  3. Jack must improve and take over from his Barcelona performance. I don’t have any doubt about his development so far considering his injury history but he has to improve in three key areas: 1. His ball recovery when dispossessed; here i have seen only four players who are will to run and tackle the ball when lost possession; Chambalein, Alexis, Flamin and Danny Welbeck they always defends from their own mistake and that is what it is needed when you want to win games, that is what players like Thiery Henry, Viera, Pires, Fredich Humberg to name few were used to play and you can only manage to do that if you always keep yourself running with or without the ball. But it is very annoying when you watch players like Jack, Ozil and Giroud walking when their without the ball, how can you create pressure to opposition when you walk on the pitch? 2. his decision making; in this area his weakness is like he don’t know when to dribble and when to release the ball and this is the different between him and players like Ozil or Ramsey when played behind the striker. 3. His shooting from distance; I can see this as one of major problem in our entire central midfield area, apart from Ramsey, Chambo, Rosicky and Carzola and this is one of the biggest problem of Ozil which makes his playing style is even boring to watch, the same problem is shared by Jack.
    However, I am still very optimistic on his ability especially i like his physical playing and dribbling. Given time he will turn to be a historical player at our club. And with Walcot fit again plus the power of Danny and Alexis with no doubt, Jack will enjoy his role.

    Intruders be free to thumb me down. Arsenal till die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. @M0-t
        The Barca match was a once off. Dude has not been able to reach that height since. The potential is there, but his head ain’t in it and it shows.

  4. this #10 and that #10 – why are we arguing who should play this position? oh yeah, because our gunners are always played out of position.

    i’m just gonna wait to see what madness AW makes from our lineup this weekend and hold my criticism till then.

  5. Highest ticket prices in Europe.

    Why do fans have to be carry the burden of keeping the club maintain it’s ‘self sustainable model’? Ticket prices should have come down this season by a big margin if you believe the big Puma sponsership deal along with other deals incluing Huawei, Europcar, Cooper Tyres, Vitality and Jean Richard watch. All these sponsors partnered with the club during or before August 2014 since January 2014. We signed more sponserships deals than the number of players this year. It’s a disgrace that the owner and people involved high up don’t repsect the fans.

    1. Most of the so called arsenal intruders are happy to see the club not spend enough money to bring in players. So if they don’t want the club to spend big then let them spend big from the inflated tickets. Honestly I am very disappointed by those bunches of fans who pretends to love the club more than they do to their wives. Arsene is now willing to buy any player of high caliber at any price, but sometimes he is worried of the pressure from the fans. I remember the season when Arsene wanted to buy Suarez a lot of disappoint comment about the decision and some years back when he wanted to buy Hazard the same fans went on saying he is overrated, expensive, can not match the premier league. Again this season he wanted to take back Fabrigas he even commented last year that Fabrigas told him he will be at Barca for at least one more season, but when the time came and Fabrigas wanted to quit from Barca the same intruders went on saying we have enough midfielders in his position, he will warm the bench, we have Ozil, Jack and Ramsey who are better than him a lot of foolish blogs which in turn disappoint the manager to make a correct decision. The strange thing is that while they lamented about arsenal having enough midfielders, they did it while knowing exactly Chalsea had Willian, Oscar, Matic, Mikel, Harzard, Schule, Ramires, and Sarah to name few but they badly needed Fabrigas and their fans were behind the manager. Man citi had Toure, Fernandinho, Navas, Milner, Nasri, Silver, to name few but they signed Fernando and Rampard…., Man U and LIverpool did the same and their fans supported highly. Ooooh my goodness, what incompetent fans arsenal has, looooh!.

        1. U r saying completely opposite
          Not Bringing Fab was his decision. Every arsenal fan wanted him by heart.
          Wenger does not care about Fans.

  6. @ADMIN

    Just to cover a simple point…
    It would be effective and determinant if you could “eliminate” out some people on here who basically have nothing to say, but insult others.
    So far I have quite restrain myself (and ignored those “fools” as I assume they are incapable of writing anything due to their lack of English vocabulary) because we are here to put our points across (each one of us) even if we usually disagree and have heated discussions.

    Anyway, tomorrow is our usual “assembly” with our dear Stan “shadow master” Kroenke.
    Today the Evening Standard has released figures regarding season tickets prices and Kroenke plans to not allow more shares to be bought by fans.

    Obviously questions will be asked about those £3millions fees…!! I have always said he will get a piece of the cake at some point and I am not really surprised.

    I just hope those who will attend the meeting will perfectly quiz the panel because despite the healthy bank balance, we have problems and seemed to have no site of BPL title chance (CL?)… Regarding the sporting aspect we have under performed for the last 10 years.

    Top club (Wenger likes to say over and over again and I wonder…) with no a glimpse of winning the league, a pill of injuries on a regular basis, a manager paid “massive” salary for a top four finish, questionable tactics and a true “route” for no ambitions.

  7. Sell Ozil. Get Cavani, Draxler and a new DM. Optimal formation as follows:

    ————————-New DM———————-

    Walcott needs to come off the bench, that way he can rush the defenders in second half and can switch positions with Draxler and Sanchez on the go.
    This will be a formation that’s perfect for arsenal, quick and deadly. with room for both Ramsey and Jack to come up from behind.
    Get Schneiderlin or Mascherano for the DM position.. someone with experience who can hold down the line and not get too excited to attack and run out of position.

      1. Whatever you say, signing Ozil was never the best move in the first place. He needs to be well protected in the midfield to perform and he also needs clinical strikers that can open up space for his pass and score. Arsenal have neither. so might as well ditch him and and use the money to buy players that we actually need.

  8. “Jack’s improved eye for pass”? I love Jack but the guy dribbles every chance he gets. I wouldnt put him in a holding roll but i also wouldnt put him as the 10. if he plays, he should be the box-to-box especially because of ramseys injury. with cazorla in front of him and flam/arteta (but hopefully diaby) behind him. but thats just me i suppose

  9. Sanchez should be our number ten with Ozils injury.


  10. Problem with Arsenal is an unfortunate one. Firstly we have an immense talent in Jack but he isn’t fulfilling his potential and Wenger has no where productive to put him. Secondly his international career is headed in exactly the opposite direction to his club career.

    Let’s be honest – he is not a no. 10 for Arsenal and he is not a pivot for England. Everyone wants to use him in their team but everyone has a better box to box than him!!!!!!!!!!

    Truth is, no. 10 does not work for him because he is to ‘active’. He wants to be involved and typically a no. 10 at Arsenal doesn’t have much to do other than the dopeass shizzle. Wilshere needs to be a bit deeper and involved. Plus he needs to dribble. So high up he still dribbles but straight into players.

    Wenger is being contradictory. His two deep layers are opposites. Every time he plays Flamini, Ramsey is poor because Flamini doesn’t distribute meaning Ramsey is taken out. Wilshere on the other hand is in his element because he wants to be deep and dribble forward. But then Arteta will distribute very well to instigate an attack. So Ramsey loves it and can push up. But Wilshere is too deep and out.

    It is disappointing but our problems are a veryuneven and unmatched midfield. We have too many but they don’t go well together.

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