BOOM! Arsenal enjoy easy breeze past Bournemouth

That was more like it from Arsenal, as we got back to Premier League action in style with a 3-0 win over Eddie Howe’s Bournemouth side. Let’s be honest though, Gooners, and admit that the Cherries did not offer up a great deal of resistance.

I am not complaining, though, or trying to take anything away from the Arsenal players and Arsene Wenger, as you can only beat what is in front of you and right from the start we saw a more focused and determined Arsenal performance.

I was a little bit surprised to see Wenger stick with Danny Welbeck up front although he did at least start the simmer signing Lacazette as well and also put Kolasinac back in as our left sided wing back, and all three fully justified the manager’s faith in them.

Welbeck opened the scoring and came so close to a brilliant third with a second half piece of skill and chip that went agonisingly wide of the post after beating Begovic. His opener was a nicely cushioned header after Kolasinac burst down the left and provided a peach of a cross.

His second was a fine slotted finish into the corner after Ramsey slid him in to cap a flowing move early in the second half to seal the points. They already looked pretty safe after Lacazette doubled the lead before the half hour mark with a sharp curled shot that highlighted his finishing prowess.

The defence looked much better with Monreal back on the left and Mustafi on the right of Koscielny and Ozil ran the game as we know he has the ability to do. All in all a good all round team performance from the Gunners with one bad incident which saw Coquelin go off after tweaking his knee.

Now for Chelsea next weekend…



  1. gotanidea says:

    Nice goals by Lacazette and Welbeck (he was everywhere and always challenging Bournemouth’s defenders). Kolasinac seems like an intelligent left wingback.

    The goalkeeper and the central defenders still cannot control the tempo from the back, but they were solid in defending. They would have problems when facing more physical players like Lukaku, Pogba, Matic and Diego Costa in the future.

    Arsenal always work well if there is no heavy pressure from the opponents. Let’s see what will happen when they face Chelsea in Stamford Bridge.

    1. sol says:

      i cant hide that am happy but why not more goals just like the old days. i dont expect big teams will give arsenal time to score…

      1. JJPawn says:

        No all teams play the high tempo of Liverpool, but you are right, we need to pass faster and play faster.

        However, that means the team has to be that much better technically, and I am afraid that we still do not enough quality in the team.

  2. greg says:

    I’m just thankful for the 3 priceless points! Coyg

  3. Yeiy Wenger forever now! Sigh*fickle fans*

  4. greg says:

    We still need to be on top of our game and shift to another high gear away to Chelsea next week!

  5. Zimbo says:

    Should we be hammered again to show that Wenger is clueless? Okay, let’s organize the protests after the Chelsea game.

    1. Wengerout says:

      From the comments here you can see not much people are celebrating here so luckily not many are deluded as thinking we become good suddenly.

      1. JJPawn says:

        We are good, but not top three… yet. If and when Lacazette hits high gear with Sanchez, then we will score more.

        1. Wengerforlife says:

          Yes I believe wenger we trust.

          1. JJPawn says:

            Yes, better than trusting brat-fans who think we too can buy a championship like ManU, City and Chelsea.

          2. Wengerforlife says:

            Hail our God, our God don’t buy championship we are so pure hearted. We are the real football team who earn money from the poor guys to build this stadium so they can come to see and hear our God preach.

    2. David Rusa says:

      You are the clueless one! What is your agenda? What are you aiming to achieve? Improved Arsenal performance or Wenger’s sacking? I just don’t understand your intentions. Please save some of us your antics.

      1. Wenger must be fired for Arsenal to move forward.

        1. JJPawn says:

          …try naming a coach, a team, and how much all that costs.

          Start with the costs, and see if we have enough money.

          1. Wenger is the best manager ever says:

            Leicester can not have cost much more than we could have sold Sanchez for when they won the PL?

  6. Anko says:

    I am just delighted with the win and clean sheet. But it is the first of many steps to come and I hope we don’t go backwards!

  7. greg says:

    Alexis must start against Chelsea and a back four should be used!

    1. HA559 says:

      Too bad Welbeck scored a double, he will start by default against Chelsea.

      1. neil says:

        Too bad one of our players scored ? what an idiotic comment !! everyone can have their opinion on Wenger and the club but for games we want to win and support our players… you clearly don’t rate Welbeck yet he scored 2 goals and has 3 in 4 matches now… happy for him tp keep that up and Laca to do the same… Sanchez to get back to playing football and now we have goals across the team !

    2. Trudeau says:

      I was thinking the same thing. A 4-4-2 would let Lacazette start up front and Welbeck and Sanchez on the wings. Drop one of Ozil or Ramsey. Not expecting it but that’s what I’d like to see.

      1. JJPawn says:

        Wenger did say that he would consider it. I also do not think Ozil and Ramsay should be mid-field, but Ramsay would be better wide to allow another DFM in.

  8. Wengerforlife says:

    Enjoy the win while we can. Coyg!!!!

  9. arsenal4life says:

    I predicted 6-0 to Arsenal
    so a slightly disappointing home
    result against the leagues bottom club.
    I also warned the protesters to lay low
    because of a likely Arsenal win but they did not listen
    and made fools of themselves again.
    ” All we can do is respond in the right way
    We showed character mental strength
    clean sheet took our opportunities.
    I believe we can challenge for the title”.

    1. Wengerout says:

      Fools are those every years thinking this will be the year for don’t know how many years. I’ll be millionaire like wenger soon.

      1. JJPawn says:

        It was wonderful to see some empty seats, presumably of those boycotting the game. It made the stadium better for the players.

        Please Wenger-haters should continue to boycott games. It will make a difference to not hear the moaners in the background.

        1. Wengerout says:

          Yes please continue let’s see the arse fc can go how far with just the wenger worshippers.

          1. JJPawn says:

            200 M and we too can win the EPL.

            Meanwhile do not go to the games, and in fact support another team. Please!

          2. Wengerout says:

            Yes from now I support whoever play arse fc till death leave us a part.

          3. JJPawn says:

            So what are you doing here, if you support another team?

        2. Wenger is the best best manager ever says:

          we would the PL no problem without those Wenger-haters.

          1. JJPawn says:

            We need 200M in transfer funds to match City, United and Chelsea.

          2. Wengerforlife says:

            NO. We have 10 millions wenger that is enough.

          3. Wenger is the best manager ever says:

            You can’t buy a PL title. You need more than just money. The manager is more important than money. We had one of the highest payrolls (for years) yet finished below our payroll rank many times.

            You can waste a lot of money on players like Chambers, Perez, Gabriel etc if you have the wrong managers.

            Thank god we have Wenger.

          4. JJ Pawn says:

            Ha! Ha!

            That is quite an idea. If ManCity, United and Chelsea had no money, would they win?

            While good manager are needed, without money it does not work. Wenger has robbed these big clubs and won three FA Cups in give years. That is evidence of his ability to go through a campaign and win.

          5. Wengerforlife says:

            Hail our God! Amen

  10. sniper says:

    Now we will go to Chelsea gunblazing #coyg!

  11. Vishaad says:

    This win was crucial to regain our confidence however the REAL test of character comes when the boys take on Chelsea next week . Let’s see if they gave the stones to go toe to toe with the big boys . Our record against the top 6 ha’s been abysmal so hopefully the team find a way beat the big teams

    1. arsenal4life says:

      We don’t actually need to beat
      Chelsea Man U or Citeh.
      Lose 10 nil v Chelsea for all I care.
      I reckon Arsene sees things like this.
      Top 4 is the real goal for Arsenal.
      Man U Citeh and Chelsea are seriously good
      but Liverpool cant win away and
      are hopeless with out mane who is injury prone.
      Spurs is our rival for 4th place but they can’t win at Wembly.
      Just beat the bottom 14 teams home and away and you get 84 points.
      So the Wenger trophy is on it’s way back to the Emirates.
      NB. And a contract extension 🙂

      1. Vish says:

        Why don’t you go support another club then . I’m an Arsenal fan , I know Wenger has his flaws but we stuck with him for another 2years . The reason this club hasn’t won any titles is because of the negativity that permeates from the fans that then infects our players ultimately stripping them of their belief. Arsenal Football Club have an uphill battle already with the media who have a campaign to destroy us every chance they get , a manager and a board that aren’t in unison about the club goals /ambition a bit different us fans compound the situation by adding more fuel to the fire . Until the club get a new manager and release the funds to compete , instead of spewing hate at the manager rather channel that energy to inspire the PLAYERS TO SUCCEED.

        Wenger Out
        Wenger 4 Ever …
        I don’t give a flying fudge so long as we do our best we can and challenge for titles.
        Rant over , so no more negativity. PEACE out

        1. JJPawn says:

          “…channel that energy to inspire the PLAYERS TO SUCCEED.”

          Pay heed, if you are an Arsenal fan.

        2. Moscoron says:

          Finally!! Someone gets it

  12. McLovin says:

    Good win but now Wenger, Theo, Ramsey or whoever STFU to media. Do not talk about how we are back in the race blah blah how we upped our game.

    Chelsea is next so they can easily hammer us 6-0 if we go there feeling almighty.

    Chin to chest and humbly practice in silence next week so they won’t make us look like donkeys again.

  13. Godswill says:

    Well, the opposition was not as bad as we are thinking.
    Players were fielded at their natural positions and the did well.
    I hope the madness will not return. Happy about the win.
    Next week will let us know whether we are up to it, whether Wenger has learned something or the madness will erupt.
    Let’s see Sanchez next week. After all he has seen that another poor team exist and that is Chile national team.
    Please if you see the Ox, say me hi to him.

    1. JJPawn says:

      “Please if you see the Ox, say me hi to him.”

      That is funny… not for the Ox though.

  14. Chuks says:

    Chelsea is the real test.
    Wenger out#

    1. Wengerout says:

      Wrong answer Everton is the real test. We are not Chelsea league.

      1. arsenal4life says:

        Yes agree.
        Everton is the hardest
        of the bottom 14 teams
        we need to beat to secure top 4.

        1. Wengerout says:

          Hmm hardest of 14 teams but if beat them we still 5th what. You kidding right?

          1. arsenal4life says:

            You can lose to a team in a game
            but beat them in the table
            because they drop points
            against lesser teams.

    2. Mobella says:

      How is # Wenger out # is related to the Chelsea is the real test. I hope your voice will be heard from Nigeria. Good luck.

  15. JJPawn says:

    Happy with a win.

    But, Ramsey will be a liability against Chelsea if he does not track back. Today, there was too much space behind him. At least we do not have Ox to worry about, so by default there will be another player in.

    Ozil is Ozil, and can be more productive if he has a more solid pair of MF behind him.

    For me the key for the season is how Wenger uses Sead Kolasanic. Sead’s attitude and power would make a difference and get us into the top four.

    Elneny——-Sead——Welbeck [This hard working line would protect the back 3.]
    Ramsay——————–—Alexis [Ozil needs targets, so playing behind the front 3 works]

    1. Wenger is the best manager ever says:

      Have to give you credit for creativity but are really suggesting Welbeck as left-wingback? Because it rhymes? Are you confident Kolasinac’s best position is central DM?

      To me, Ramsey is really poor out wide. I think both Iwobi and Nelson would be better on the right wing.

      1. JJPawn says:

        I think Sead is the best we have for the middle right now. I can see that he can also move.

        Ramsay in the middle is no use defensively as we all know. Ozil is best as a roaming 10 behind the three forwards. (I hope Wenger can sell Ramsay, though he is useful against weaker opposition.)

        Welbeck would do anything for Wenger, as would Elneny. Both need to be in the middle often. I am trying to get Welbeck to be in the 11 somehow, as he is useful with his speed and tracks back well.

        Agreed on Iwobi and Nelson. I have them there in other versions of this.

        (This is a fan site, so why not try to be creative, because it will not happen in reality!)

        1. Wenger is the best manager ever says:

          Well we agree on Ramsey in the middle being a bit useless and I like Elneny and think he is under appreciated by most. Ashley Young and others forwards have been successfully converted to wing-backs so you never know. But I agree with you that it might not happen despite Wenger’s taste for playing players in unusual positions.

          One way or an other it seems like most feel we have not yet found the ideal DM situation. Has Kolasinac played in the position before? At one point I hoped Chambers could fill that role. It seems we have too many DM’s that bring something different but none bring it all. Xhaka has the passing but not the pace and tackling. Coq has the tackling and pace but not the passing and forward threat. Ramsey has the forward threat but not the defending and discipline. Eleneney actually has most but is a lite version of his ideal self (if you know what I mean). basically, we need Gilberto and Vierra back in a hurry.

          I was begging for Wanayama and still think he could have done a job for us so maybe Kolasinac can be our monster in the middle but I have to say I like him on the right wingback position.

          1. JJ Pawn says:

            We will not know until we try him out. I think stopping the scoring is essential, as you so aptly imply.

            I also want Welbeck in there regularly. I think the more he plays with Sanchez, Ozil and Lacazette, the better he is. So why not LMF? He does defend and track back, and he is young. That pace should be wasted.

        2. Nothing changed says:

          The Ashley Young analogy was related to Welbeck converting to wing-back 🙂

      2. Mark Pilkie says:

        I believe kolasinac is our best left wing back but i recon Welbank could do surprisingly well as a wing back. For his 2 goals today 1 came off his shouldrr and he missed a few others. I feel playing laca ozil and sachez woyld still be our nest front 3 and possible kolasnic as LB and welbank as LWB

  16. i was a gooner says:

    hi gooners, what you think of coquelin injury because i’m a worried fan for him than ozil, since he can play some killer passes in the midfield.

    1. i was a gooner says:

      Happy for arsenal over the easy win. but looking forward to chelsea game. if we won that match..
      i’am a gooner again !

      1. i was a gooner says:

        will this back three ever work good, when we don’t possess midfield ?

        1. JJPawn says:

          You are right.

          I am hoping that Ramsay is sent to the wing… and we have a stay at home DM.

    2. JJPawn says:

      He is done for from his reaction, and that is really sad, and too bad for the team.

      However, the better player is Elneny in the defensive role, as he is track back and is a nagging defender. Works as hard as Welbeck.

      Wenger needs another DMF, and will bring someone up I hope.

  17. Coldzero says:

    Some of you guys are pathetic and almost sound unhappy and disappointed that we won. Ridiculous.

    Some say well we it scored 3…we wanted more etc. You have lost sight of reality and will never be happy.

    It was a good result and we needed it, let’s hope we go on and build from here. Glad Alexi was dropped – might get the sulk firing on all cylinders again- also subletly says if need be we will play without him.

    Get behind the team, I don’t like Wenger and the board and kroenke either but I certainly will not be putting that across to the team or whining all the time.

    1. JJPawn says:

      Good post.

      “Glad Alexi was dropped”: He is not ready yet. He is not as quick and sharp yet. He is getting older and he is still “tapped”… but once he starts to get going, he will be terrific.

      So glad that Ox is somewhere enjoying another team, and causing problems for us.

      1. JJPawn says:

        meant to say “causing NO problems for us.”

  18. waal2waal says:

    it’s a win over a team that presented zero threat – yet, every 3Pts will do nicely thanks very much.
    I guess iv been saved from a state of self-induced arsenal fan depression for a week or so.

    1. Wengerforlife says:

      Why depressed just believed what wenger preach you will be fine.

  19. ArseOverTit says:

    The league is ours surely;)

    1. JJPawn says:

      …with another 200M in spending, yes.

      Pray tell us where to get that money, though. Do you happen to have 200M?

      1. Wengerforlife says:

        We don’t need 200m we got wenger. Wenger is the best manager ever in this world without him there is no arse fc. Wenger I trust.

        1. JJPawn says:

          Ha! Ha! When you have no proper argument, that is all you have.
          (Ever bother to check how much the big three clubs have spent?)

          1. Wengerforlife says:

            I see so Arsenal just a team participated in this league just like those teams knew they will never win the league.

            Now than I know thanks for the head up.

            Anyway I’m here for wenger not the championship.

          2. JJPawn says:

            “I see so Arsenal just a team participated in this league just like those teams knew they will never win the league.”

            Finally, you are getting it. Without 200M in transfer funds, it would take a very special season to win the EPL.

            Sad, but this is the bottom line.

          3. Wengerforlife says:

            Why you so stubborn I already said I’m not here to support arsenal to win the league I’m here to support wenger to be with us all his life.

          4. JJPawn says:

            Ah! I did not know this was a Wenger for Life site. Enjoy!

          5. Wengerforlife says:

            Oops sorry I thought those support wenger can come here.

        2. waal2waal says:

          …what are those called with incline to inflict pain on themselves??

      2. Durand says:

        Or a better manager, a lot cheaper aye? So what big clubs spend big money, its the modern game now. Full stop on 200 million nonsense dude, Arsenal 6th richest club, they have the money. Tv revenue alone was enough to buy a top player.
        If you don’t approve of premier league spending theres the Bundesliga, or Lx the mexican division.
        Chelsea spent money yes; and how many titles in 5 years have they won? City spent too, how many titles in 5 years?

        I like to see owners spend their own money; i love owners who give a s&%t. Rather than chastise Chelsea and City, save that venom for our disgusting owner who only spends on ranches and Rams.

        Perhaps if we let cattle graze outside emirates our owner might invest more.

        Besides, we’re not spending and have to sell players to pay for a new stadium remember? Nevermind it’s in Los Angeles not London.

        1. JJPawn says:

          I am happy if your focus is on attacking the owners. Go for it.

          The EPL winners are usually ManU, City and Chelsea, and they have spent money.

          That is why Leicester’s sudden win was so wonderful.

      3. John0711 says:

        5 th richest club in the world but not 5th biggest spenders

        1. JJPawn says:

          More like 6th or 7th, considering Chelsea has a billion pound debt to their owner. In the EPL 4th. The rise of Spurs has been due to brilliant home grown players, and if United or City poach those players, then there will be fall there too. Liverpool has come back, but still vulnerable.

          We are about where we should be, though with proper fan support we should win more home games.

          totalsportek com:

          1 Manchester U $3.69 billion $765m 3rd
          2 FC Barcelona $3.64 billion $688m 2nd
          3 Real Madrid $3.52 billion $685m 1st
          4 Bayern Munich $2.71 billion $650m 4th
          5 Manchester City $2.08 billion $583m 6th
          6 Arsenal FC $1.93 billion $520m 5th
          7 Chelsea FC l $1.85 billion $497m 7th
          8 Liverpool FC $1.49 billion $448m 8th
          9 Juventus $1.26 billion $379m 9th
          10 Tottenham $1.06 billion $310m 10th

  20. waal2waal says:

    all things equal coquelin would likely be one of the first names to do a job against chelski – perhaps that’s why he was so peeved at having injured himself in the way he did. Still lots can happen between now and then although jumbo alexis won’t be at his best kolasinac and lacaz both appear formidable.

  21. khangunners says:

    Haha why are we so fickle ?. We played well today and am happy that we got the 3 points but some fans are forgetting how awfull we are since we won vs Bournemouth which is expected from a club of our calibre.
    Loved kolasinac and real test next week.
    Point of fans need to get behind the team is completely shocking. What hve the fans done so far that merits telling them to shut up or support the team?
    In the end the team has to win over the fans and if we perform like this 90 % of the season then which fan will hve negative thoughts?

    1. Wengerout says:

      This team belong to wenger and his followers, ARSENAL FANS please come back after wenger gone I’m sure you can out live him.

      1. JJPawn says:

        Yes, please close the door when you leave.


        1. Wengerforlife says:

          Our God will never close the door to our believer so leave the door open.

          1. JJPawn says:

            So… let me get this, your God is Wenger?

          2. Wengerforlife says:

            So clever your iq must be very high.

          3. JJPawn says:

            You see, you need to forgive us less intelligent people. It helps if we knew for sure why you are here, and now I see! Thank you. Wenger, your God, will indeed keep the door open for us, as he is a decent “god.”

          4. Wengerforlife says:

            Hail my god. BTW my god is not decent my god is great he survived 20 years of ruling of arsenal and become millionaire.

          5. JJPawn says:

            Arsene Wenger £8.3 million
            Antonio Conte £6.5 million
            Jose Mourinho £15 million
            Jurgen Klopp £7 million
            Pep Guardiola £15 million

            For twenty years in the CL, three EPL titles, and how many FA Cups…?

            Wenger is a bargain.

  22. the barrel says:

    Chelsea needs pace. Welbeck, Walcott, Sanchez, and Lacazette. That is to say Ozil and Ramsey out. Elneny pairing with Xhaka, that will be better. We’ll have a marginal score line. If Wenger plays Ozil on the right, Hazard and Alonso will create problems for Bellerin. In the middle, Ramsey and Xhaka cannot handle Kante and Fabregas. To make things easier, Walcott should be included so that Alonso cannot move far upfront in fear of Walcott’s pace. So, Bellerin can handle Hazard.
    If this is not done, then we’ll be in another hiding. MARK MY WORDS

    1. Mobella says:

      Can you please remind us which players played when beat in league, fa cup and cs. I cant understand all these fear about facing Chelsea. If the manager gets it right and players don’t mess up we are fine. I know Chelsea will be more fired up for the match because we had denied two trophies this year. lf you ask me, i will say they are thinking more about the match than arsenal.

  23. dboy says:

    Its only Bournemouth

  24. ruelando says:

    Good 3 points, let us continue, chelsea is doable

  25. Adam Criniti says:

    I hadn’t watched an Arsenal game since the second Bayern capitulation but managed to stomach most of today’s fixture.

    My worthless 2 cents

    Laca, Saed and Welbeck were very impressive, enjoyed the aggressive and committed nature of there play today.

    Would prefer Arsenal return to a back four set up, but Mustafi, Nacho and Boss all put in a good shift today. Other than Defoes header, Cech was hardly bothered.

    Bellerin had a few nice moments going forward but frankly his play has been average @ best since returning from injury months ago. Arsenal need him to play better.

    Xhaka and Ramsey both had decent performances, but sadly there partnership is the fundamental reason why Arsenal will not finish in the top four this season. Neither are consistent or disciplined enough to anchor the midfield and provide the necessary steel to challenge against the Manchester clubs, Spuds, Fool or Chelshit. Both are valuable squad players and should feature regularly in Cup and Europa fixtures but Arsenal will never be serious threats in any competition with them starting.

    Wenger still OUT. ?

  26. JJPawn says:

    “Xhaka and Ramsey both had decent performances, but sadly there partnership is the fundamental reason why Arsenal will not finish in the top four this season.”

    Good insight.

    City, United and Chelsea are great team though, so it will hard to make top four, if the Spurs play to their potential.

  27. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Will happily take the 3 points
    Home 2-0
    Away 0-2
    We needed to win this big time

    Interesting that Man City did to Liverpool what Liverpool did to us. Also, Spuds won by same score as us but Away to a better team than Bournemouth.

    Back to us. We can’t get too confident from this. Again Liverpool thrashed us 4-0 then following game are thrashed themselves 5-0 by City.

    Next forget about Chelsea and concentrate on Koln. Let’s continue our 100% home record.

    Just a note. We play 3 matches within in 7 days. We play Koln then 3 days later Chelsea then 3 days later Doncaster. It will be vital for Wenger to get the lineups spot on

    1. JJPawn says:

      Right on.

      Liverpool were unlucky. It happens. However, City have quality players at another level, and will challenge United for the title. Spurs are getting better.

      You might be right, we might have to take United method for the Champion’s League next year, but that means using resources there too.

      So… avoiding injuries will be key for all teams. Already down one today.

  28. Elkaissi says:

    To me, this win means nothing . we couldn’t beat Liverpool, bt man-city mal handled them. Those are the kinda games we should be winning. All this tortoise fans have suddenly changed their mind and opinion about wenger and Arsenal’s sloppy play. Welbeck scored fine , but how many did he fail to convert? I’ll wait for Chelsea’s game b4 i’ll celebrate any win

    1. JJPawn says:

      “we couldn’t beat Liverpool, bt man-city mal handled them.”

      Really? You think the Arsenal squad have the same quality as ManCity? Come on now, 200M more spent, and you can make those kinds of statements.

      1. HA559 says:

        To me Pep proved that he was a fraud at Barcelona, he got the reward of Rijakard good work. Did he spend as much as he already did at City in Barcelona or at Bayern Munich?

        1. JJPawn says:

          “To me Pep proved that he was a fraud at Barcelona, he got the reward of Rijakard good work.”

          Ha! Ha! Love your insight!

          The spending is much higher than at Arsenal. I have given up on the spending numbers though.

          No only is Pep a fraud, he is a ruthless, classless cheat. The way he went to unseat his predecessor had not an ounce of decency, just like with Maurinho and United. However, I am glad that the EPL is rough on his ambitions.

      2. Wengerforlife says:

        Spur must be spending 100m so they are better then us.

      3. Elkaissi says:

        So who’s fault was it that Arsenal didnt spend as much as Mancity?. Do you have any idea of how many proven talents were willing to join us this transfer window before ?. Dont blame our loosing to Liverpool to lack of spending cos its purely Arsene and d board that are to blame 4dat..

    2. Vish says:

      We lost to Liverpool because we played with 10 men . Oxlaide Chamberlain did nothing but pass the ball backwards putting our defenders under pressure from the on rushing! Liverpool players . They gave us space and allowed us to hang ourselves by leaving us exposed at the back when we pushed forward.

      I shudder to think what City would have done us had we played them a fortnight ago .

      I agree on the Chelsea game , that will be a true test to see if we learnt a lesson from the Liverpool horror show

  29. ClassyGunner says:

    Good win. But lets not get carried away.

  30. Sue says:

    Glad to say Welbz wasn’t like bambi on ice in front of goal today! Beautiful goal from Lacca! Very happy with the win. Also loving it that Liverpool were thrashed ?

  31. HA559 says:

    The only credit I’ll give Wenger is that he got Lacazette cheap compared to other strikers going to other clubs and the free signing of Kolasinac is also a great one. Too bad he couldn’t see that we needed more defensive player in DMF and CB.

    Next weeks game is a bigger one v Chelsea. The same cracks in midfield showed today as it did against Liverpool but Bournemouth didn’t capitalise.

    1. JJPawn says:

      “Too bad he couldn’t see that we needed more defensive player in DMF and CB.”

      Once he replaces Sanchez, he has not money for those two positions. So we are stuck with what we have.

      So, I am dreaming up on how to play Sead in the middle, and hoping for a Mustafi renaissance and growth of a British back line.

  32. Bobbyraz says:

    Wait for April

  33. gmv8 says:

    I think a lot of our previous problems were down to Wenger trying to shoe horn Chamberlain in, causing us to play people out of position, resulting in Liverpool having 12 men, while we had 10 largely not very happy players being played out of position. I don’t know why Wenger did this, whether Chamberlain had led him on, to think that there was some chance that he’d resign his contract? Chamberlain appears not to be thinking straight anyway, because Klopp has come out and said he can play in any of four positions (presumably one is on the bench), so his move, for which he’s spurned so many supporters and the dream position of having Wenger’s backing no matter what, plus, let’s face it, a lot of money, appears not to be materialising, and has left him looking rather foolish.

    1. JJPawn says:

      “I don’t know why Wenger did this, whether Chamberlain had led him on, to think that there was some chance that he’d resign his contract?”


  34. gmv8 says:

    A bit off topic, but looking at Citeh’s Monaco purchases, who Wenger has a very close relationship with, are very impressive. I don’t understand why Wenger wasn’t in on these, as they didn’t go for ridiculous money, and one of our few advantages with Wenger is that he does have a back door into Monaco.

    1. JJPawn says:

      Wenger was getting Lacazette… while Monaco was up-selling each new sale.

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