BOOM! How will Arsenal cope with NO Alexis Sanchez?

All the focus at Arsenal right now is on the final games of the season at Wembley and the chance for Arsenal to win back to back FA cup finals and make us the most successful club in the competition´s history as well as making Arsene Wenger the joint top manager in it.

But the Frenchman already has other concerns to deal with and he is not happy about it. In a BBC report the boss makes it clear that he is struggling to understand the decision of the football governing body FIFA about the schedule of the Copa America in Chile this summer as it means that the Gunners will almost certainly have to start the next Premier League season without our star man Alexis Sanchez.

Assuming that the host nation reach the last four of the South American competition, Alexis will still be playing for his country just 10 days before the Gunners begin our pre-season games in mid July. And with the Premier League´s early start less than a month later on August 8th, Wenger must start planning how to cope until Alexis can rejoin the playing squad some weeks later.

The prof said, “I am really surprised Fifa authorised that.

“I’ll watch [the Copa America], but with a little bit of fear.

“Sanchez has played 50 games for us and goes there again, having already played in the World Cup last summer.

“It is disappointing that Fifa speak a lot about the health of the players, but when you look at the competition that is organised, this Copa America, and look at the date of the start of the Premier League, it is not reasonable.”

So it is not just the match fitness and fatigue of Alexis that our manager is worried about, as there is an increased risk of Alexis picking up an injury as well and that really would be a hammer blow to our title hopes. The one plus point to all this is that Chelsea, Man City and Man United all have South Americans in their squads as well.

Arsenal also have David Ospina heading off though and knowing our luck I am pretty worried that it will be Arsenal that starts next season hurting the most from the Copa America. So how will we cope?

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  1. It is 10 days before the pre season games ffs. He could have 10 days of rest and be done with it. Is not like he’s new to EPL. Same with Ospina. But I guess this will somehow rule out Vidal to Arsenal as he’s bound to Copa America as well. That of course if the rumours will turn out to be true.

    PS: to the article author, boom your mother.

    1. The most is that he would miss our pre season matches, not a biggy, our new recruitments should be available by then, Sanchez is already used to the team. I’m just worried that Wenger will leave the new signings late on and they won’t be able to be in the pre season matches. Hope Wenger signs the two players we all are crying for before the preseason kicks off

  2. Sanchez has to play for his country just as the likes of Messi, Neymar etc, Mr Wenger. Use the transfer window well. Arsenal shouldn’t be a one man team. You know that he will not start the season, prepare well for his absence. This should not be an excuse this time next year.

    1. I have a feeling, that “Vidal to Arsenal” news could be true and this concern from Arsene is interlinked… If true (I would like if it is true), both Alexis and Vidal will be missing preseason along with Ospina… It will be concern for the team to start well…
      Can it be true? Time will tell…

  3. sign morata so that he can be scoring goals for us for the mean time while sanchez is out and alexiz comes back they will share the load together.
    giroud will score 1goal and make 1 assist in the first ten pl games next season and therefore we cant count on him for the start of next season.

  4. Even city and Chelsea have to cope with this fuked up situation. It won’t be a boooooooom. Chill the fuuuk down author……

  5. .buy peter Czech to subsidize for ospina…ox or rosicky can both play left back though i see Wenger playing cazorla there so as he can rotate with ozil at number 10 and play Ramsey on his favoured b2b position..where will wilshere play?

  6. BOOM! Robin VanPayslip fell of his chair after reading this news.. sorry man could’nt help from refrain 😀

  7. Sanchez has given us so many good moments in his first season for us, I just want see him playing the first match of next season for us.

  8. How will we cope with no Alexis for a hort period of time… Say hello to Welbz. He needs more game time and although not as good as Alexis, he does track back and he isn’t scared of trying to turn his player.

    Without Ospina… If the rumors are true about Cech then the real question would be “Would Ospina come back as number 1 if Cech does well at the start?”

    It is TWO players and we are ARSENAL, we are use to having a couple players unavailable to us lol, a couple won’t hurt our EPL drive… it’s when we lose half our starting team.

  9. Its really rediculous for Wenger to complain like this.He makes it sound like only Alexis Sanchez is going to play in Copa America.Messi, Neymar, Suarez, James Rodriguz, Aguero, Zabeleta, Di Maria, Rojo, Ramirez, Willan, Countinho……there are a lot of player, but you don’t hear other club managers say the same thing.Imagine Barcelona’s three strikers Messi, Neymar and Suarez is going to play in Copa America,and they have to play two final games (CL and Copa delrey) before going to Copa America tournament, that means there is not going to be any rest for them as well but you don’t hear their coach complain like Wenger did.

    If you Wenger thinks, Sanchez is going to burrned out, it is his responsibility to rest him, he played him around 50 games for 90 minutes.He even played him for 90 min against west Brom, why? Every body knows that there is going to be Copa America this year, so instead of complain about this stuff, it would really be better to rotate players so that the other players could get rest.

  10. Arsenal have a slew of talented midfielders. If AFC cannot survive without Sanchez for a few games they do not deserve to win.

    Translation: This is much ado about NOTHING!!!!

  11. Worst case scenario, he joins the team in late July or early August and is a sub in the first game or two. No big deal. If Wenger is concerned about fatigue, he can address that via rotation and not overusing Sanchez in the early part of the season.

  12. Arsene could have rested Sanchez for the last couple games we had and use other people, after all its a huge enough squad, sanchez have been tired for a long time now and need some rest.

    However i think we will more and able to cope, it may be even difficult for him in trying to get back in the team

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