Boost for Arsenal as their 25-year-old target favours a free transfer

Arsenal has been handed a boost in their pursuit of Youri Tielemans as the Belgian now is set to leave Leicester City as a free agent.

Tielemans has been one of the finest midfielders in the Premier League over the last few seasons, which has prompted Arsenal to become interested in him.

The Gunners surprisingly did not sign the Belgian in the summer and opted for an unsuccessful pursuit of Douglas Luiz.

Fans also expected them to make a January effort to land the midfielder, but a report on The Sun reveals Tielemans is more likely to leave as a free agent in the summer.

This means Arsenal will save money in transfer fees when they add him to their squad at the end of the season.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Tielemans has been one of the finest midfielders in European football in the last few seasons and Arsenal will sign a top player if he joins them.

However, there would be competition for his signature because many other clubs have an interest in the former AS Monaco man.

This means we will be smart to start our pursuit of his signature now so that we can steal a march on the other clubs interested in moving for him.


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  1. They ask for more money in wages when they leave as free agents, that’s why they do it. It won’t save Arsenal much, if anything.

    And I’m not convinced we want him anyway. Not really Edu’s style to wait and let someone else have a chance to snap him up, all just so that he can enter into a bidding war later over personal terms.

    1. “ Not really Edu’s style to wait and let someone else have a chance to snap him up”
      🤔Mudryk ?
      Fair play 😂

      1. Not the sharpest tool in the box are you?

        Context of this discussion: Tielemans, who Arsenal have supposedly been interested in for a number of seasons and transfer windows and are now supposedly waiting again until the summer and when he’s a free agent.

        None of that is true of Mudryk. And…

        Edu acted quickly on Mudryk when the window opened, reached agreement on personal terms rapidly but he couldn’t get a sensible deal out of Shaktar. There was no *waiting*, there was *negotiating*.

        Look at the speed deals get done when the other parties are sensible (Jesus, Zinchenko, Vieira, Trossard etc) and anyone with a brain can see that Edu doesn’t hang about when he wants someone.

          1. 6 *whole* weeks, eh?

            Compared to… how many seasons/windows has the Tielemans thing been supposedly going on?

            Which I already said…

            Are you following along here? It’s difficult to tell if you’re being dense or just squirming around desperately trying to find an argument.

            BTW Do you always write in baby language? You sound about 10.

            Not wasting any more time on your witterings. Bye.

            1. Dense .
              10 year old .
              Not the sharpest .
              All in one Article 😂
              Great way to deflect from your original nonsensical post .

            2. Arsenal, are fully aware of the Tielemans situation and yes they were/are interested but it may be in the summer.

  2. “Tielemans has been one of the finest midfielders in the Premier League over the last few seasons”
    I didn’t notice – he had a really good period a year or two ago, I think, but hasn’t been outstanding, especially recently… I do think he has the capability of a top central midfielder, but his lack of consistency makes me question his hunger, and we’ve seen players run down their contacts because they can get more money on the next one – they get clubs to bid on their contract rather than the transfer fee. Not always, but I’m suspicious in this case.

  3. I’ve always rated Tielemans highly. He is a quality midfielder. There is a risk to wait, cos when he is a free agent, we will face stiff competition.
    Tielemans now and Rice in the next transfer window.

  4. When he was at Anderlecht, he was on fire. He lost a lot of his lustre after being at Monaco…Jus sayin 🤨

    1. I think he fills a gap NYG 👍,free transfer or little expenditure if we wait .
      Not a fan personally but could be a good backup in a better team .

      1. DAN He is no more than half decent and not in any way “a top European midfielder” as the article says.

        Don’t you think that IF we were truly interested in him that by now we would have done something to make it happen? I do, but we have not and we will not, IMO!

        We need and will get, better FAR better than him, next summer.

  5. Arsenal needs a good midfielder to help our push for the title and you are writing about saving money, some fans fail to remember that the money spent on Arsenal team is never their money.

    Would you prefer we lose the title in order to have money saved?

    Arsenal board should do their very best to support this current team, we need good players.

  6. He can be a really good player but I’m not sure if he’s consistent enough to make top-4 grade. Although I guess nobody thought that about Xhaka a while back and look now, so maybe Arteta can get more out of him. After all Xhaka & Tielemans play similar position to the ones Arteta did himself.

  7. Arsenal have been in talks, or third party agents have been in talks since the summer, so all know the score. Not getting Leicester to release him on an acceptable fee, means, there is still the possibility of him joining on a free in the summer. But dont rule out a small bid late in this window.

  8. My worry is not the quality of the player, but the Arsenal style of public analyses of players until rivals will snatch the player. Some teams seems to be waiting for Arsenal to do all the quality check, then they move in for a quick buy. A pattern that is running and worrisome.

    1. Where exactly are these “public analyses” by *Arsenal*?

      If you’re thinking of rumours in the media, that’s very different – there’s a rumour for almost every player – it’s just clickbait.

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