Bordeaux confirm interest in Arsenal striker

Arsene Wenger has made it clear that he wants the young Arsenal striker Yaya Sanogo to go on loan to a Premiership club this month, but it now seems clear that the 21 year-old would much prefer a move back to his homeland with Bordeaux, and the French giants are keen on coming to an arrangement with the Gunners.

The Bordeaux president Jean-Louis Triaud said: “We are working on the arrival of Sanogo. He wants to come to us, it’s a certainty,”

“The goal is to have him for Monaco [Bordeaux’s next game on Sunday]. We asked for Arsenal to keep us informed.

“They had given me as a response date of Tuesday or Wednesday. I explained that I prefer Tuesday.”

Well it seems that Wenger still hasn’t made up his mind, or is trying to secure a deal in England where he can send his scouts to monitor Sanogo’s performances. The youngster burst onto the scene this summer with four goals in one game against Benfica, but he has dropped so far down the pecking order that he didn’t even get a place on the bench when Danny Welbeck was injured and Olivier Giroud was banned, so it is obvious that Wenger has lost faith in him.

Perhaps a return to France may be in order, but surely he needs to prove himself in the rigours of English football first?

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  1. sanogo going, poldi gone-transfer activity! told u we would get business done 🙂

    man city talks with bony
    united submit bid for hummels.

    thats right ladies we are in it to win it

      1. On a more serious note, I think the temporary departure of SaNoGOaL is to make room for Benik Afobe..

        1. Falcao didn’t left, he’s just loaned for more money than he ever dreamed. Di Maria just like Ozil were Madrid renegades. Should Liverpool or Arsenal pay the same amount as United where do you think he’d go? Manchester?

          1. I’m saying if those players left their clubs (RM and Monaco both in CL) for whatever reasons to join Manchester then why not Hummels

      1. or he will leave bottom of the league dortmund, who are losing there best players
        to join 3rd an currently rebuilding man united

    1. It’s called “transfer window”, Wenger is waiting for the “transfer door” to be opened.

      I have a feeling we will secure the services of Roberto Carlos and Carlos Puyol. I trust our “carlos” manager.

    2. BONY ain’t Leaving!……… BONY ain’t Leaving! *noises* ….*so much noises* … *mancity swoops in* *story changes* BONY may Leave ……….OH! the sweet power of a scouting network, conviction and a cheque book

      1. I still can’t believe we failed to sign Higuain. Well, with Wenger you get to believe nothing.

        1. i cant believe we didnt get bony for 12 million when he was on fire in the erevidisie.

          swansea paid it, got 25 goals from him last season, more this season.
          now gonna make double that selling him.

          really dont get it

          1. Yeah, same goes for Wanyama. Funny how Wenger says stuff like, “We will sign any top, top, top player if the are available.” Then the next minute he signs Kim Kadashian.

            1. funny bc you guys all scream about wanting world class players, and then moan that he didn’t go after players that aren’t world class. which is it?

    3. Lol yeah so the Manchester evening news says….and the metro said a few days ago we were in for cavani hence his omission from winter training….are we now not just getting worked up about arsenal press speculation but now actually using other team press speculation to beat arsenal. Get a grip ‘ladies’.

      1. how dare u!
        *removes foundation an eyeliner
        im a man, a real man!

        if bony goes to city- will u admit your a douchebag of the highest order for laughing at the ‘rumour’

          1. Don’t do it @KickAss….I have visions of a seriously stoned geezer, wearing a newly acquired garish prom dress with badly applied excessive cosmetics cackling as he types amusing messages on JustArsenal.

        1. “The odds”??? Duh! There’s nothing odd there, it is rumoured that HRD (His Royal Dumbness) is working on a deal to bring him back.

  2. top comment galen.I wonder where Budd is,he should be here soon with a silly excuse to defend his messiah wenger

    1. yeah, especially that idiot who got sanchez on deadline day. what a moron. wait a second . . . straw man arguments are weak sauce. we need a dm, will we get one this winter or this summer? that’s the question.

  3. Arsenal is a feeder club to everybody else, it has no ambition to win the PL, as long as we get 4th their satisfied, the players are suffering because of this.Wenger is arrogant,clueless and Kroenke will use money from Arsenal supporters to find he’s ambitions in America, the NFL stadium is he’s next project, Wenger will either panic buy in this window or do nothing, I think he will do nothing! He doesn’t listen to the fans, l’pool,Chelski,City and the Spuds will reinforce and nick the so called players linked with us, but then of course Wenger is gonna sign players 16 years and under and of course sell them on later, The joys of an Arsenal supporter!

    1. Exactly, Kroenke is using arsenal as a source of capital for his other projects in the US,and Wenger is playing along that’s why he was rewarded with a new contract, football and trophies is no longer a priority at Arsenal,Wenger even admitted it by saying he did not need to win the FA cup to save his job,meaning if we had lost the final he would still be with us since he had already made the board money by finishing fourth

      1. Buy his shares! Kick him out. Show the world how a 29 yrs supporter (having no fu cking clue we signed Walcott,Arshavin or Reyes in the winter break) is doing the right thing.
        The irony is that Wenger got the contract extension before the semifinal with Wigan. How about that?

        1. Bud you have the wonderful ability to anoy anyone as soon as you write anything are you sure your not wenger

  4. Now here is one fan with true gunner ambition, if all arsenal fans had your sense of reasoning, our beloved club would be rescued from the clueless,unambitious extortionist disguised as a manager

  5. At least the fans have not lost their sense of humour with this f*cking circus at Arsenal.
    I won’t hold my breath for the January transfer.
    Anyway, we need more than player transfers to even pretend have a glimpse at anything positive.

    Another wasted season…!!

    January and we are clearly and already out of the league title… It is not scandalous, but shameful and Wenger as well as all his cronies should be answering questions. But they are never asked.

    I saw a fan on Arsenal tv, who said that “we were back” after the Hull win…!!
    Back to where or what???????
    I mean I know addiction is difficult to kick, but can you “kick” an addiction to mediocrity.
    It seems that some fans are “used” to be the laughing joke of the league.

    Top club? We do not have the criteria, but the stadium… Results wise we are just far from the reality and the top firms in Europe… We are just not in the same league, from squad constitution to manager.

  6. Players who should go by July 2015.
    Podolski Sanogo Campbell Ryo
    Mertz Diaby Rosicky Flamini.
    However some are on big salaries and probaly
    won’t want to go so will be loaned ie we will
    pay for them to play for some one else 🙁

    1. And before everyone on your list: Wenger. Some of them should leave to reduce our wages, but podolski for instance earns what his skills deserves, looking at average salaries throughout the league/europe. Flamini, Diaby and Rosicky however, should be on somewhere around 40k/w

      Welbeck should go as well, earning more than 100k per week should be reason enough to put the economy department in an asylum.

  7. The policy of retaining Injury prone
    or underperforming needs to stop.
    Ryo Diaby Sanogo Djourou Bendtner
    Park Squilacci Arshavin Vermaelen Podolski Campbell and co
    were/are incredibly expensive dead wood. Because of injury
    Wilshere Koscielny Walcott Ramsey Chamberlain
    Gibbs and Ozil are all trending toward deadwood staus.
    A few cameo performances should not hide their otherwise
    drain on our competitiveness. Players should be payed to play
    not to sit on the bench or sleep in the medical room.

  8. Inter got Podolski only because Arsenal wanted to part with him. That simple. Not because Inter are the wizzards of transfers.

  9. The way Wenger treated Podolski was ridiculous. Our best finisher was hardly used.

    It’s almost like Wenger hated him.

    Wenger can be vindictive sometimes

    1. Not that i disagree that Szczesny is not first choice anymore, but Wenger getting on this note as well from ONE horrific game, smoking incident and disagreement, shows how volatile he is at times.

      Song will never play for Arsenal again – Wenger at the time he sold him to Barca.

      1. song is not good enough not Arsenal material….but a 21yo Wanyanama with 500 top games under his belt is world class….

  10. @galen…….. Damn funny! …….. “WONDER KIDS” ….. It makes one feel like they got supernatural powers L()L

  11. You guys cheer me up with you jokes.
    We are most of us left to that.cracking jokes about mighty fourth place Arsenal.tight arsed don quijote Wenger and our last minute transfer window bargain deal(s).

  12. Reid to replace BFG.

    Varane/Hummels to replace Vermalen.

    Lol who am I kidding, Arsenal aren’t serious about winning trophies.

  13. Budd are you Wenger?Guys I think Wenger is here,am positive it’s him.Please sign a CB and a CDM,and while you are at it next time you get a job offer from Monaco,please take it an f*** off with diaby

  14. Budd are you Wenger?Guys I think Wenger is here,am positive it’s him.Please sign a CB and a CDM,and while you are at it next time you get a job offer from Monaco,please take it an f*** off with diaby and Sanogo

  15. Bring afobe back and let’s see who is better. Afobe and sanogo are same age and level, so it could be hard to see both of them at arsenal next season. One of them should be out.

    Please wenger, be wise for every player, don’t pamper french player too much

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