Both Arsenal stars key to France reaching Euro 2016 final

There were some reports in the football media this week that suggested that the Arsenal and France international centre forward Olivier Giroud could miss the Euro 2016 semi-final with Germany tonight after the big man picked up a minor knee problem in training, but he is clearly fit enough for the starting line up named by Didier Deschamps.

And after he played a major role in getting France past Iceland I think he could be a key man for Les Bleus again today, just as his Arsenal team mate Laurent Koscielny could be at the other end. Both Gunners have seen their lives made easier for this game and if they make the most of these advantages it should see the host nation lining up to face Portugal in the final on Sunday.

The Germany centre back Mats Hummels is suspended after picking up a second booking of the tournament in the last match and surely Giroud will feel better about life with Germany missing one of the best centre backs in the world. I would put Koscielny up there as well and he also has a boost ahead of this crunch match because Germany lost their only real centre forward Mario Gomez to injury.

Of course there is always the creative genius of Mesut Ozil and top quality throughout the German team to consider but having been weakened in those two key areas of defence and attack I reckon that France and their Arsenal duo have the edge. What do you think Gooners?


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    1. He’s a typical Arsene Wenger signing who’s unknown,French,not world class and will disappoint the fans when his signing is announced!

      1. dee your such a ray of sunshine…

        i got a song for you….

        Don’t blame it on the sunshine
        Don’t blame it on the moonlight
        Don’t blame it on the good times
        Blame it on the boogie

  1. Giroud’s lack of pace becomes evident again when Howedes made the best recovery tackle of the tournament

    1. Yes exactly why we need a faster and better finisher
      Should be 2-0

      Good penalty by Greizmann

    2. No one on France or Germany for that matter wins that header in the first place. Should he have given it up right away? perhaps but there was no hesitation by the defender who made a great play.

  2. I want Howedes here at Arsenal. He can play LB, RB, CBr, CBl
    Very versatile. Wenger likes versatility in players

    1. Wenger likes versatility in players but unfortunately for us Arsenal fans that’s why he’s getting Sidibe from Lille who’s said to be Mr. Versatility

  3. Guys….does Ozil really play for us? I can’t believe how gud he is for German. So did. Anything not okey with us???

    1. Same problem with German team he has with arsenal insufficient movement and finishing power ahead of him .. Muller a disappointment at this tournament ….wenger failed to get griezman two seasons ago …failed to get aubemayang … Failed to get Rodriguez …failed to get draxler … Etc etc … Coz he is clueless about what makes for a lethal front line … Ozils talents will not be realised under wenger sadly

  4. Honestly, giroud should’ve had two goals today or at least an assist. If he can’t handle a semi final of euros how can he handle a title run. Wait, we already know he can’t. Am I the only fan who just rolled their eyes when giroud broke free?

    1. Waiting for the block shot or cheeky flick on to no one in particular.

      Any pace whatsoever and this game is done and dusted.

      Not trying to pile on OG, just same script different day.

  5. Sissons effort and hunger alone would make him a great buy. Awful to think he’s currently a championship player

  6. Great effort by Giroud! Took out a defender and keeper for a toe poke by Griezeman. 2-0 France.
    Great D by Kos and boy would Draxler look good in Red.

  7. Did the worlds best GK just pull a Szczezzer. The best team lost in my opinion, Germany pushed too hard and began to underestimate the French attack, Giroud will do that sometimes.

    1. Lazy defending led to second goal. And Germany looked average after the pen call. Which was the right call. If Germany struggle to score wit no no 9 to finish off the bundle of Chances they create. And I need to see second goal again. Neuer was partly justified cause pogbas ball was going straight for girouds head. Clearance was bleh though

  8. Draxler oh Draxler…. How much wilt thy cost. I know AW is gonna bid 10million less than wat is your correct price. OK . So i gonna send half of my savings to add up to wat Wenger can bid for u. Anyone willing to join me

  9. @Twig….. I agree but Draxler is better & we can solve the wing problem. Just put Alexis on the right , Draxler on the left…… And going by wat we have Giroud upfront. More like
    Draxler………………………………………… Sanchez
    Montreal….. Koschienly…… Gabriel……..Bellerin

    1. lol

      i almost had beyonce..
      i was at a concert an saw her….
      thats how close wenger got to griezmann

  10. Great game, thought France showed Germany too much respect, by dropping off and allowing them to dominate the game, but when France attacked t showed u Germany defense and if Giroud had an ounce more pace he could have gotten himself on the score sheet twice, but contribute to the two goals indirectly and directly.

    If Giroud had not shouted for HANDS i doubt if the referee would have blown, i think he also slightly block off the keeper which gave griezeman the opportunity to score his second.

    If Giroud had the pace to get away from defenders he would be one of the best strikers in the world, but he does not. I do not think Giroud is a top striker but he does his job.

    Kos was the BOSS

  11. Let’s sign Gignac.

    Gignac and Giroud upfront next season. Imagine how many defences we’d slice open with their runs in behind?

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