Bounced Cech transfer more proof that Chelsea FEAR Arsenal?

To be fair to them, many Arsenal fans would have liked Arsene Wenger to do exactly the same thing to our Premier League rivals that Jose Mourinho has been doing to the Gunners since he came skulking back to Chelsea from La Liga where he failed in his objective of stopping the dominance of Barcelona or winning Real Madrid a 10th European cup.

As reported by, the Chelsea boss has stepped in once again, just as he did with our loan deal for Demba Ba, to put a stop to any chance of his second choice keeper Petr Cech coming to play for the Gunners.

It had previously been reported that Chelsea would reward the Czech Republic international’s years of service by allowing him a say in where he would go next. And maybe they have, as long as he does not choose Arsenal. The report claims that an Arsenal source has explained that Chelsea have told us not to waste our time this summer, which I suppose is better than leaving it to the last minute.

Mourinho has allowed Juan Mata to go to Man United when they were no threat and I assume he felt the same about Lukaku to Everton and loaning Victor Moses to Liverpool, so is this further proof that he sees Arsenal as serious challengers to his club? Or is it simply that he does not like Arsene Wenger?

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    1. Please Mou doesn’t fear us.

      Why would you fear someone or some club after you spank them season in and season out.

      We should fear losing to Chelsea, live in the real world guys.

      1. Mourinho was trying to get Wenger sacked with all that talk of giving him too much time and so forth because in my opinion he knows that Arsenals patience could well pay off and if it did/does well that would likely mean less silverware for him and his EGO. Mourinho is a clever man – if he influenced Arsenes sacking he would beat his enemy without actually facing his enemy.

        The man is a chess player and knows we have a manager who has built one of best PL teams ever so he would be foolish to not fear or dismiss at very least… and mourinho doesnt strike me as a fool.

  1. We should forget about Cech and tackle the positions we need bodies… If d defense n midfield is good enough with a potent strikeforce; the goalkeeper has less work.. Case study, pep’s Barcelona.

    Szcz n Ospina are good enough get a worldclass defender to partner Koscielny like Varane, a DM to compete with Coq like Wanyama/William and another Utility striker like Muller.

  2. Mourihno is scary of us. He know if we have Cech and purchase maybe Sncheiderlin we become the best team in Premium League!!!!

  3. Mou doesn’t want to feed the sleeping giant. Mata to united makes sense – Mou didn’t see what Mata really offered his side and did not fear United as they were floundering like crazy last year. It would have even been proven true this year if they hadn’t finally found some form. Still, it seems Mata is only his old self in glimpses so I don’t think Mou was all wrong. On the contrary Arsenal are always just short of challenging and any additional fire power could ignite the jump from almost team, to successful team. Cech is still a world class keeper and feeding him to Arsenal would be suicidal in terms of solidifying one of our problem slots. No way is Mou gonna do that.

  4. you need a world class keeper to win things – they give much more confidence to the defence, bring him in and schneiderlin along reus if we sell walcott and we are unstoppable!

    1. Another article says mourinho is after Schneiderlin now too. If that is true id say the signing isnt just about player being quality but stopping Arsenal getting maybe their no1 target… probably similar thinking behind remy signing if the stories were true.

  5. We need a DM/CB and a 25-30 goals ST. Those 3 signings should take us over the hill pardon any long term injuries next year (which are expected)

    We need to keep Jenko this time and loan out chambers but only if we bring in another CB to cover for kos/bfg. Also, if we release diaby and rosicky then we need to keep wilshere, if both rosicky/diaby stay then we should loan out wilshere imo.

  6. In my dreams I’d love to get Cech, Reus, Lacazette, Kondogbia and Gundogan or Khedira

    But realistically we can cope well with Ospina and Szczesny, with Walcott, Alexis, Oxlade and Welbeck, with Ramsey, Rosicky, Wilshere

    But we need another top DM and another top striker. With only two more players we can challenge for the PL.

    If players like Szczesny, Walcott, Rosicky etc leave then yes we should replace them with high quality players but at the moment we only need 2-3 players.

  7. Bit of a sticky situation for Mou. He would love just to pay him to stay on the bench if he had his way. By all accounts PC wants to stay in London/England and will be shown respect for his years of service and have a say in where he goes. Really? If not Arsenal where is Mou gonna let him go and which clubs would PC be happy with? THFC? West Ham? Palace? Lol.

  8. At the end of the season if we don’t win the title, we could say the difference between us and Chelsea this season was the first 6 games.

    In their last 8 games, after beating swansea 5-0, Chelsea have only won by 1 goal in those 8 games or drawn them. So they are really struggling even though they are getting 3 points here and there. If QPR give them a good game they too could take points of them, then they play Manure and then us.

    But we need to be aware of Burnley away, they’ve taken points of the big teams. If we make a casual approach in that match we could end up losing.

  9. A bit of both but most of all he doesnt want to be shown up as negligent/foolish, imagine Cech ending up captaining Arsenal to titles or leading us to silverware without actually wearing the band. Mourinho would never allow a chance for media to call him naive or worse and i suspect thats the same reason we didnt get Ba.

    The source is goal we should not forget so am not sure if any truth to it but it sounds very plausible or mourinho like all the same. I think mourinho would be the only manager to treat a legend of its club that way… his kids or family are all settled in london friends school and all that and considering the service he gave and the fact that they replaced him whilst still many years to give… id be upset with the treatment if i were Cech.

    PS Come to Arsenal Cech one way or another… we know how to respect great service.

  10. Slightly OT: Hate to be unsporting but lets keep our eyes on Fabregas and Matic in their QPR game this weekend – a yellow card for either will be an automatic 2 match ban ie: won’t be coming to the Emirates. Hopefully Joey Barton can wind them up sufficiently – a Chelsea without Fabregas, Matic and Costa (injured) increases our chances quite significantly I’d say.

  11. Cech! Cech! Cech! ……… Does this really augur well with Ospina?……. 4 chrissake , could we forget about petr “Luxury” cech 4 a moment and focus on something else……. When was the last time we even bought a player 4rm those cheLski scums?…… Recall the Demba ba episode

    1. Hey SoOpa AeoN – I like it when you get angry and when I also happen to agree with you – I could never be so blunt and on point.

      1. I like Ospina and think hes a fine GK but i dont think some people grasp the importance or difference a world class keeper makes.

        Our defence is doing fine now, as a team we are defending well but there will be patchy spells to come make no mistake about it and thats when someone like Cech helps win you a title.

        1. I agree YY69 – and if it were straightforward I would have Cech in a heartbeat as our starter. Tossing Ospina out with the garbage isn’t without its problems and how do we judge how good this 26 yr old can be and how much a 32 yr old Cech has left in the tank and for how many years?

          1. While no one can ever predict how long a player has left since everyone is different, Jens Lehmann was I believe 34 when he was first signed the year Arsenal went unbeaten. I believe that while Cech may not mirror such a feat, he can certainly have a good career with Arsenal and Lehmann shows us that goalies especially can move much later in their careers and show incredible fortitude and have many more years at the top. He isn’t a sprinter or something where his body loses it, but rather all his ability stems from mental capabilities so I feel he could still do an amazing job for us if we can sign him. As much as I like him Sczeszny has shown that though he has the ability, he hasn’t shown the maturity that you see guys like Courtois or De Gea showing and it’s odd to say but for Cech I’d sell Sczeszny and the best part is we could probably make a decent profit on the pair of deals. Plus a simple buy-back clause and it is a low risk high reward situation for us.

  12. Who would you rather play?
    Blackburn who knocked us out of the FA Cup in 2013 but who are average in the championship?
    Liverpool, the team we just trashed 4-1 but still is a dangerous top side to play against?
    Or Aston Villa who are fighting to stay in EPL and wiould see the game as a war?

  13. Mou going back on his own words. He intervened in the Sterling saga, advising pool to respect sterling’s wishes and let him go wherever he wants. So why not respect Cech now. What a two timed lethal snke!

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