Bournemouth injury record bad news for Arsenal and Wilshere?

One of the main reasons for the Arsenal and England international star Jack Wilshere is leaving the club on loan for the season is to get the regular game time he needs to get his career back on the right track. So in that respect I can see that joining the Premier League club AFC Bournemouth is a great idea as he is almost certain to start as long as he is match fit.

But the main reason he has not been getting this regular game time with the Gunners is the terrible luck he has had with a string of injuries that have plagued our midfielder since he broke through from the academy as a scintillating teenager.

In the season of 2010-11 Wilshere grabbed the attention of the world with his brilliant performances and he ended the season on a real high after making 49 appearances in all competitions. That was as good as it got for Jack though, as he did not feature at all the following year after getting injured in pre-season and it has been stop-start for the Gunner ever since, mainly stop.

So the most important thing for him, above and beyond playing regular football, is to stay injury free, so the club he is joining may not be the best choice after all, because Bournemouth had a shocking injury record last season and did very well to avoid being relegated because of it.

Perhaps it was just bad luck for the Cherries but we have been saying that about Arsenal for years and it just keeps happening so you have to start thinking there might be an underlying problem. Only time will tell, of course, but if Wilshere suffers more injury woe on the south coast this year I am sure that his choice of loan club will be questioned.

Good luck Jack and we all wish you well and want you back and reinvigorated.



  1. Good luck Jack. Now it will be down to good tactics, fewer injuries, luck and determination in deciding who wins the league. We are ready for the fight. Perez to get 20 league goals. Our midfielder should learn to shoot more. The more shots you take per game, the more goals you are likely to score.

  2. @ Ramterta, Arsenal back to 1st place..

    OK, I know we ain’t favourites to win the league. But it’s a good thing that no one is looking at us. We could surprise everyone..

    Glad we got a defender and striker/winger Before the transfer deadline. Hopefully they adapt to a new league quickly. Let’s give it a go..

  3. I think people are looking at this loan deal the wrong way.

    wenger wouldn’t loan jack to foreign team because he intends on calling him back prematurely. The loan is not for jack to rediscover form or learn something new etc, its just to give him playing time which right now wenger cant give because xhaka, ozil and santi are fit.
    Roma, Milan etc, while they may be interested in him, I dont think wenger and Jack ever considered them seriously, because its just a matter of time before Arsenal will need him back and when they do, theyll need him back immediately. Similar to what happened with Coquelin.

    I just dont understand why we sold gnabry after loaning out campbell and being short on wingers, I guess Gnabry wanted to leave, its a shame, hes going to be quality. I guess Perez will start off on the wings.

  4. Wilshere is clearly very skilful, but his physiology seems all wrong for the intensity of professional football.

    When you see his bandy legs (like an old miner) it can’t bode well for him staying injury free.

    It must put huge strain on his ankles and knees (hence the constant injuries?).

  5. @Admin
    It was Jack who decided to go to Bournemouth rather than fight for his place was it? You wrote about Bournemouth injuries record? Didn’t mean to be harsh. It seem that they are meant to be. Jack is coming to his real home. Hahaha…

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