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Bournemouth is a must-win if Arsenal are to get back into the Champions League

Bournemouth are the closest challengers to Arsenal for the 5th place spot so far this season, but with Arsenal’s Unai Emery’s target this season being to get the Gunners back into the Champions League it is vital that we take the three points and keep in touch with the leaders. Looking at the betting online, it is not the sort of game I would make one of my bankers, but if I did it would be a very good price, and the way Arsenal are grinding out results it must be a good bet.

Emery made it clear ahead of tomorrow’s game where his priorities must lie. “It’s two years where we lost to play in the Champions League and this is the first thing we want to recover. But we know also that now the Premier League is with a big level, with big teams and big demands for us. But our first idea is to recover our position in Europe and to play in the Champions League. We are conscious now that it will be difficult.”

The new Arsenal CEO Vinai Venktatesham has also made it clear that this is the whole focus of Emery and his team this season. “It is not going to be easy but I absolutely, 100 per cent believe Arsenal Football Club can get back to where it needs to get,” said Venkatesham.

“The first step we need to do is get back into the Champions League and then we need to start competing and then we need to start winning the biggest trophies in the game.

“We need to be realistic, last season we finished sixth and we had our second season in a row in the Europa League – that is not where we want this football club to be.

“I think it has an impact across the club – it is a material impact, financially, being in the Europa League and not the Champions League.

“It is hard to put a number on it because it depends how well you do in the Europa League and how well you do in the Champions League and it depends on how many English clubs are in both.

“But it is tens of millions of pounds, it is a material impact being in the Europa League – so that is the financial bit of it.”

So these statements just go to show how important this game is for Emery and the club. We are three points behind Tottenham, and just four in front of Bournemouth, and with the Spuds playing the unbeaten Chelsea this evening this could be a great chance for us to close the gap. We NEED to be at our best.

Come on Emery, let’s do this!

Onwards and Upwards!

9 thoughts on “Bournemouth is a must-win if Arsenal are to get back into the Champions League

  1. gotanidea

    Bournemouth might look close to Arsenal on the league table, but Man United have the same points as Bournemouth. Man United should be regarded as Arsenal’s strongest competitor in achieving the top four, along with Tottenham

    I’m not worried of Bournemouth, but Emery must have been thinking about the encounters against Man United and Tottenham after the Bournemouth game

    These next three EPL games will show whether Emery has successfully changed the mentality of the first team players or not

  2. Sue

    Yes I believe this is a must win game… 3 consecutive draws in the league has cost us dearly… if we’d won them we’d be on 30 points (2 behind City) but now we’re 8 adrift…. so we have no room for error now.. if we’re serious about getting back in the top 4 (where we belong) then we have to push on.. we have some tough games coming up & I for one cannot handle watching us lose to the spuds & mancs…

  3. jamescadar

    I’m not shaken we will win tomorrow game, unlike Wenger era, one would be scared buh now d confidence is building.

    1. Uchman

      R u sure u r even an arsenal fan? Which of the Wenger era r u talking about? The 22 years Wenger served us? Pls next time if u have nothing to say better kip ur pen, what is d head to head record between Bournemouth and arsenal under Wenger? 20 million lies will never make up a truth, I personally hope for a win tomorrow Buh the real fans here have their expectations low, we r a club in transition not gonna be easy , we v started on a positive note we still know there r plenty more ground to cover,Bournemouth looks very compact this season,am not expecting an easy match tomorrow Buh I hope they will have a bad day,those guys looks very confidence,if our guys can bring out their a game we can get Victory!

  4. colario

    The new Arsenal CEO Vinai Venktatesham

    You mean

    The Arsenal new………..

    There isn’t a new Arsenal here. The Arsenal you are talking about is not new. It is over a 100 years old.

  5. Xxnofx

    Every game is a must win,but without the manager being backed in the transfer market that goal is going to be hard. Yes we are in a good position now but can we go any higher than where we are now without investing heavy ?i can’t see it ,already reading rumours about this and that player we might be signing and yet again they are layers in the lower tier of value ,does that mean they are not very good ?ofc not but the names being mentioned don’t really fill you with excitement.anyone remember when a certain person at the club said we would be able to sign any player we
    Want after the stadium was
    Built ,well I do and I’m still waiting on those words ,oh I forgot he’s now ran off to Italy 🇮🇹

    1. jon fox

      You refer of course to Gazidis the oily LIAR. Just in case – which is unlikely -anyone on here can forget his cursed name and how complicit he was for so long in our stagnation. Good riddance to snake salesman Gazidis. Don’t come back!

  6. Aubamezzette

    Emery needs to sort out the Ozil and wing problem ahead of Bournemouth game.
    We should return to the 442 we used against Fulham with Aubameyang n Lacazette up top, Lacazette slightly deeper in SS role.
    Iwobi in LAM and Mkhitaryan/Bellerin in RAM …. Niles/Lichsteiner in RB.

  7. Break-on-through

    I do not like the sound of this one little bit. When we were in the CL places and banking extra cash, did you ever anyone talk like this. It’s a little insulting to be honest, we know its importance, but what about all those years we were making the cut, but still acting frugally. This comes across as a bit cautionary. One of the reasons it annoys me is because you don’t need to pay the price tags in full, all in the one go like, same as we arranged with the Torriera deal. But I get the feeling that this is being said to lower expectations for how we’re expected to act in the transfer market. Especially if we miss out on a CL place. Though, say we do get a place. I would still expect to hear them quell any high expectations rather than talk about any extra pulling power we gained. Fair enough, you don’t want clubs to rip you off because they think you can afford it. If I see them act a certain way after the talk, then I’ll say it was a good tactic. But I don’t get a sense that that is what is going on at Arsenal when we’re speaking about our means, not totally. It always seems to sound a certain way, last season surprised me, but in every other season I dreaded hearing words like these ones in the article.

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