Bournemouth release statement following intense Ryan Fraser to Arsenal speculation

Over the last week or so transfer speculation linking Bournemouth star Ryan Fraser with Arsenal has intensified and reached such a crescendo that the club has felt it necessary to release a statement clarifying where they stand.

The Chief executive at Bournemouth Neill Blak released an official statement via the club’s official website which read:

“Much has been written and spoken about the future of Ryan Fraser, as his contract with AFC Bournemouth heads into its final 12 months.

“As is the club’s policy, details regarding contract negotiations or transfer activity are kept confidential and do not enter the public domain.

“However, following some recent reports I felt it was imperative to speak publicly and provide balanced clarity on the situation.

“The offer of a new long-term contract has been on the table for Ryan for some time.

“In September 2018, at the request of Ryan’s representative, negotiations were paused to allow the player to focus entirely on his football.

“He went on to have an outstanding season, with seven goals and 13 assists helping the club secure a fifth successive season of Premier League football.

“During that time, I have been – and continue to be – in regular dialogue with Ryan’s representative, and have made it clear to both him and the player that our contract offer remains on the table.

“Quite simply, Ryan is a fantastic player and an integral part of our squad. We look forward to welcoming Ryan back to us next month after a well-earned break, upon which he can focus on having another standout season for AFC Bournemouth.”

I do not see how that will dampen down the feverish transfer talk, in fact, from my reading, it makes it all the more likely that the media, pundits and fans will continue to speculate about the Scottish international’s future.

The statement makes it absolutely clear that they have offered him a new contract but that he has not signed it, the season is well and truly over and there is absolutely no reason why he would not have signed by now unless he was actively looking at alternatives and it is clear that Arsenal is one of those alternatives.

Bournemouth can look forward to Fraser playing for them next season all they want but unless he puts pen to paper they face the prospect of either losing him for nothing next year or cashing in on him now.

It is understandable why they felt they needed to put this statement out but the truth is that all they have done is confirm that Fraser is very likely to leave the Cherries this summer.

The ball is well and truly in Arsenal’s court now, they can either table a bid or move on because you can be assured that other clubs will have read that statement and most likely drawn the same conclusion I have done and that is that Fraser is available and the right offer will land him.


  1. ForeverGooner says:

    Means nothing really
    If a Top 6 team offers him a contract with more money he will push to leave. I have no idea how much they will demand. Probably more than £30 mil

    We should try to offload someone as part of the deal, if we go for him

    I think Aubameyang and Lacazette would enjoy his performances more than Ozil

  2. McLovin says:

    Bournemouth want 30m, we don’t have to pay that.

    Fraser wants the move to Arsenal. If Bournemouth don’t lower their demands, just wait until next summer and Fraser will be a free agent.

    Meanwhile, sign Ziyech and Maurice to our wings.

    Defense need overhauling!

    1. gotanidea says:

      Yes, it is better for Fraser to become a free agent if Bournemouth insist on the high price tag

      Fraser is good, but I don’t think he is marketable enough to warrant the 30 M price tag

      Regarding Ziyech, his tendency to cut inside makes him more suited to be Ozil’s successor, rather than being a specialist winger

      1. Declan says:

        What are your thoughts on Fornals signing for West Ham as I don’t know a lot about him?

        1. gotanidea says:

          He used to be an Arsenal’s target when his price was still around 10 – 15 M

          I have never seen him play, but his attacking stats are not good

          However, I think Pellegrini just wants a playmaker that can dictate the tempo like Cazorla, since Wilshere doesn’t cut it

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    It’s a clever statement. They know he’s leaving, so they go public with how important he is to them, to hopefully increase Fraser’s valuation.

    I would love him at Arsenal. A lot has been said about Ziyech, but I would sign Fraser over him any day! You never know if a foreign player will adapt to the EPL, whereas Fraser is proven in this league, and has improved year on year. Should only cost around £25/30 million, which is nothing, when you consider his age, and the season he just had.

    Maybe an Ozil/Fraser swap deal? I would say Bournemouth is Ozil’s level these days, although I wonder if that’s being disrespectful to Bournemouth?

    1. gotanidea says:

      Fraser has great attacking stats only in the last season, but not before that

      If he is a one season wonder, we would lose 30 M. I think we should only get him if his price is around 20 M

      Ozil/ Fraser swap deal would be good though, but I don’t think Ozil would be willing to trade London with Bournemouth

      1. Sue says:

        I’ve said it many times, but after what he came on and did against Liverpool in Bournemouth’s 4-3 win over them… I’d have taken him the next day ? he sure as hell caught my eye that day!

    2. Doesn’t matter whether he is proven or not, even Sanchez was proven in this league before he flopped at Man utd. Andy Carrol, Benteke, Adebayor and Jeffers are other notable players I can remember who shinned in one premier league team and turned into complete disasters when they moved withinbthe league.

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        You’re right, EVERY signing is a risk, but there are different levels of risk. Fraser would represent a low risk signing, whereas Ziyech would be medium risk. Only Ziyech’s low valuation stops him being a high risk signing. With foreign players it’s not just about whether they will cope with the EPL (which is the toughest league in the world), how will they cope with a new country, culture, language, etc?

        1. McLovin says:

          Ziyech scored 21 and assisted another 24. He scored/assisted against Roma, Real,Tots and Juve in the CL. He’s been consistent for years so I wouldn’t shun him.

          Ziyech 30m, Fraser max 15-20, or for free next summer. Why not get both!

          1. ozziegunner says:


  4. 350oz says:

    “During that time, I have been – and continue to be – in regular dialogue with Ryan’s representative…..(so if he is leaving don’t blame me)”
    I guess the statement could be viewed that way LOL

  5. Sergio says:

    I’m not convinced by him.

    Yes he had a great season – 7 goals and 14 assists, but the season before he still scored 6 – with only 3 assists.

    Chances are we’ll buy him and he’ll revert back to the form of the previous season. I think there are better options.

  6. Break-on-through says:

    They’re gonna sell if he chooses not to sign. His comments are already damning if you are a fan hoping for him to sign a new deal. He’s talked about ambition to play for a bigger club, unless that was his agent playing the game right before a new offer is made, but I’m going to choose to believe that he wants out and he wants to see how high he can climb. I’d like to see his commitment being put to use at The Arsenal, we need to be more competitive so I see Fraser making an impact, get the old Arsenal back, the characters. Put the “The” back in Arsenal.

  7. Billy Beckwith says:

    I can’t believe people are even commenting on these posts, click bait only. Funniest thing i have seen is the Old Fox advising he knows better than everyone in this site, just go back a few posts, silly old man. Lets hope his Professional betting tips are any good.

  8. Declan says:

    People asking why no signings yet, well not many teams have, because players are on holiday and actually back in pre season training in 2 weeks time. 1st July and all hell will break loose.

  9. Tony123 says:

    I doubt Fraser is better than Chamberlain.

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