Bournemouth v Arsenal Player Ratings – Alexis best of a poor lot

I have very mixed feelings about this game. We should have won easily but found ourselves 3-0 down. It was a great comeback but Arsenal hardly looked like title challengers. Anyway here are my Player Ratings for the Bournemouth game.

Petr Cech: 5
Didn’t get near any of the goals and should never have conceded from those angles. He has never saved a penalty for Arsenal. Could have done much better but the defence hardly helped him…

Hector Bellerin 4
Not up to his usual best, but then it seems he was injured and shouldn’t have played

Shkodran Mustafi 5
His worst performance since his arrival, but helped out in attack later on

Laurent Koscielny 4
Not up to his usual best, but again it seems he was injured and shouldn’t have played. What’s wrong with Holding?

Nacho Monreal 6
Definitely our best defender, looked dangerous.

Granit Xhaka 5
Improved into the game, but when will he stop shoving people??

Francis Coquelin 4
Rubbish. Another one should not have been on the field with an injury

Alex Iwobi 4
Hardly noticed he was on the field

Aaron Ramsey 5
Was made to look good but only because the rest were awful

Alexis Sanchez 7
What would Arsenal do without him? Started our comeback and injected some urgency into the game.

Olivier Giroud 6
Should have been man of the match but why act like an idiot at the end?


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 6.5
Very good performance. Should have been on from the start

Lucas Perez 6.5
Another good performance. Brilliant finish. Why is he always on the bench?

Gabriel Paulista 4
Didn’t have much to do to be fair…


  1. Arsene – 2 – team selection and outdated tactics. The previous 4 or 5 games to this one that had a partnership of le coq and xhaka displayed that that pairing was not a very good one going forward because Francis basically plays in the box to box role, which is not his strong suit, while Xhaka would dictate from deep. You put on top of that Ramsey at the 10 and giroud at the 9, and that’s a recipe for disaster.
    (Time for Ramsey to go on loan to get confidence and a rhythm back? At present I don’t believe he’s Arsenal quality. (In truth he was only Arsenal quality for one season.))
    Tactics — The era of the tiki taka seems to have come and gone. Teams know how to stifle this, yet still arsene wants to play this way….every single game. Even Pep is experiencing that it can’t work every game. It’s become too predictable. With Alexis as the 9 we at least have more fluidity and some unpredictability.

    1. The people who equate Arsene and Arsenal’s tactics to Tiki Taka just regurgitate what they’ve heard and really.. Either don’t know football or are too lazy to watch a game and think for themselves.
      Playing possession football and pinning teams deep while committing numbers is not ‘tiki taka’ it’s applying pressure! As soon as any team opens up in the slightest we play direct and fast..

      1. “As soon as a team opens up….” thank you for proving my point. Teams come in and just sit because they know that Arsenal aren’t going to do anything different. Same shape, same thought, every single game.

        As has been displayed for seasons, when we play giroud, and then to wide players that like to come centrally, and not get around the edges and cross balls in, then everything becomes little triangles and layoffs that just isn’t good enough to win titles.

        Don’t begin to try to tell me what thoughts are mind and what aren’t. Who are you?

        1. I’m Josh, Pleased to meet you!! 🙂 🙂
          … ‘and not get around the edges and cross balls in’ are you serious? did you watch the last few games? I haven’t our team cross as much as we did against Bournemouth for quite a while.. We obviously have that dimension to our game and looks to be the first thing Sanchez and Ozil tries to do as soon as they get the ball. The intricate play seems to be less of a priority now we’ve changed up who’s leading the line. I wonder why that could possibly be?

          1. As I initially stated above ” With Alexis as the 9 we at least have more fluidity and some unpredictability.” which seems to be exactly how you ended your comment as well, sooooooooo

            1. sooooooo…. you want us to play less intricate while remaining fluid without little triangles but still remain unpredictable and cross to our 5’6 striker more? gotcha!!

              1. hahahahahahaha I would love to comment here how potentially your reading for comprehension skills maybe aren’t where they should be, but allowing my frustration from an unfortunate Arsenal result to be directed solely at you would get us nowhere.

                Agree to disagree I suppose.

  2. Ridiculous to mark Giroud down for celebrating with the away fans for 10 seconds before running back. Don’t join in with the sheep.
    Two banging assists followed by a deft clutch header. Our fans should be getting behind him for his heroics! He had nothing in the slightest to do with us being 3-0 down but was every reason we left with less blushes.
    If it was Ibra, Costa or Aguero who did that to rescue a point against all odds people would be saying that’s why they’re world-class… He’s a confidence player on a hot-streak so don’t join the masses in unjust criticism for a brief rush of blood to the head. Get behind him FFS!

    1. but it was the 92nd minute and we were playing Bournemouth, not Chelsea or Man city. teams like that are the ones you take every opportunity to leave with 3 points.. you celebrate a draw if you are playing Barca, Madrid, Bayern, etc and not the mighty Bournemouth.. even Ox was hungry for a win, Sanchez didn’t even bother he ran back to the midpoint and wait to start and spare the team the blushes, but the hero was busy doing his lucky scorpion kick

      1. 20 seconds… 20 seconds and he was back to the center circle… No knee slides, just a few scorpion kicks then into the crowd and back to the centre circle.
        Bournemouth had been rocking the stadium all game and he spent 20 seconds firing our fans up.

        1. @Josh – I respectfully disagree with you. As one of our older players, he should be a leader. The job was not done. We should not celebrate a draw when there are still seconds left to play for the win. It was embarrassing his team mates needed to come get him. It is not only the 20 seconds that could mean the winning goal it is also acting like there was something to celebrate. An ambitious team doesn’t celebrate a draw against Bournemouth when there is still a chance to leave. For me, this is a losers mentality. Both Perez and Sanchez rushed back, in fact Sanchez appeared to show visible signs of his frustration with the draw when the final wislte went. That’s a winner IMO.

          He would have sent a much better message to his team mates had he acted like Sanchez and grab the ball and run back to the middle.

          1. And we had men going forward with the ball when whistle went, another 20 seconds is all it can take sometimes. Sure what’s the record for quickest goal from kick off.

    2. @josh37
      Well stated, both times Gooner. People are using any excuse to pile on the negativity. This was a feast for them.
      Yeah, we were sloppy. And almost paid the ultimate price for being so. But we fought back and made up for it and came away with a point.
      Much respect to Bournemouth for executing their plan well. Some feel that we should be beating teams outside of the top 5/6, with ease. As if these teams are going to just lay down and let you run over them. Maybe in the fifa16 or whatever games your playing. Not in reality…

      1. Just curious, what do you feel Bournemouth’s plan was, and why do you feel they chose that particular plan?

        1. @th14atl
          Bornemouths plan, it showed, was to come at us. Keep up the pressure and not give us the space they knew we would hurt them in…
          Football works like this. The team who imposes their style of play on their opponent, the hardest, wins…Barca still plays the same way Cruijjf set them up to a few decades ago. No matter who is the manager of the moment.

          1. 2 follow up questions (and not being a jerk here, or saying that I agree or disagree with what you’ve said)
            1 – what do you feel Arsenal’s game plan was?
            2 – To your Barca comment, would you agree with Luis Enrique that Barca play differently than they played under Pep and Tito Villanova, or do you feel it’s the same?

            1. @th14atl
              Like I stated before. Barca play the same way Cruijjf set them up to a couple decades ago. No change whatsoever…
              AFC’s game plan is always to “impose” our style of play on our opponents.

              1. So that’s where I would disagree with you, and would wish that Arsene would be as open to change as Enrique was. He’s stated on multiple occasions that while the philosophy and technically sound possession oriented football remains the foundation, the play as a whole is intended to get the ball from back to front as quickly as possible, giving the MSN more time with the ball with less defenders to break down, and not spend as much time as they used to stringing passes in midfield. He was open to change based on his personnel and reasons for defeats.

      2. @NY_Gunner

        Mate it’s the opposite. Some fans will use any excuse not to blame the manager. Why doesn’t Wenger get his teams starting games like they finish them? Why are we always so lethargic at the start of games, only waking up once we’re behind, or deep, deep in trouble? It’s the same story every season! How can Wenger not be blamed? Not only is he the manager, but he has more control at Arsenal than any other manager does at their respective clubs (maybe bar City, as they think Pep is a god). Also, every player is his signing. It’s not as he’s inherited a squad, which makes it harder on most occasions.

        There are no easy games in the Premier League anymore, especially away from home, and I don’t expect Arsenal to be battering teams, but we should be beating the likes of Bournemouth. At the very least, shouldn’t be performing as bad as we did against them.

        Arsenal just don’t have a winning mentality anymore, and that 100% comes from the manager, no one else! This is why Simeone is the perfect choice. He’ll get us battling for everything! And I’m sure he won’t give players like Ramsey, and the OX, god knows how many years to start performing. Simeone won’t stand for it. Either perform, or get out. It’s all too nice, and comfortable for the players, and the manager at Arsenal. Time for a big boot up the backside!

        1. Atletico are 6th… Behind Sevilla, Real Sociedad and Villareal.
          They finished 3rd last season as well. Yes they got to the CL final but they are in a much, much, much weaker league other than the behemoths.

          1. @josh37

            You can’t use his stats halfway through one season, to come to an overall conclusion on Simeone. That’s ridiculous!

            He’s been in of Atletico Madrid for just over five years (four full seasons so far), and he’s won:

            La Liga x1
            Copa Del Rey x1
            Spanish Super Cup x1
            Europa League x1
            UEFA Super Cup x1

            As a fan, I’d be over the moon with that kind of success. Not to mention, Champions League finalists twice! The Premier is more competitive, I’ll give you that, but no team in our league is on the same level as Barca, and Real. They both are miles ahead of all other Spanish clubs in terms of, finances, and quality players, and both have a player that guarantees a goal a game. That’s the impossible job that Atletico, and the others are up against in Spain. Winning La Liga, if you’re not Barca or Real, is the toughest trophy to win in the world, I feel. Yet Simeone managed it, and by having to avoid defeat at Barca in the final game, to stop them from winning it. Huge pressure, and up against it, yet they did it.

            As an Arsenal fan @josh37, are you honestly saying, you wouldn’t want that kind of success, and mentality at Arsenal? What I love about Simeone, is that even when Atleitco don’t win a trophy, at least they’re competitive. Even if Atletico have a poor season this term, the fans wouldn’t change the last five years for anything.

            1. oh please… people will claim this seasons over for us already due to the first half of the season!

              1. @josh37

                Do have a memory? Because the reason fans think it’s over, is because of previous seasons. There is no progression! How can not remember what happened last season, or the previous one, etc? For Atletico, it’s far from over. I can see them finishing in the top four, and maybe another semi-final in Europe at worst.

                One thing I forgot to mention in my last comment, is that fans have made excuses for years to cover Wenger’s failings, such as: lack of funds, losing his best players, not being able to bring in WC players. Well that is the EXACT situation Simeone has had to deal with, yet why is it that he can win, and compete, and Wenger cannot do either? Also, why is it Simeone manages to win high pressured games, against the best in Europe, and Wenger can’t? Atletico knocked out Barca, and Bayern in Europe last season, and took Real to pens in the final.

        2. @3rdmanjw
          There are no teams we “should be beating” Every professional team is capable of winning on their good day. No team have a “divine right” to win any match simply on the merits of their table standing, club history or financial might.
          I see you’re stuck on Simeone as our next manager. The same guy who has Torres leading his front line.
          Then again. Once doesn’t me your expectations, he’ll be drawn over hot coals also… Get realistic

  3. Right…

    Bellerin gets a 4 despite being directly at fault for 2 goals conceded.
    Xhaka gets a 5 (average score) despite giving away a penalty 3 minutes after we concede a goal for NO JUSTIFIABLE REASON. Stop giving this guy a break because we bought him for a lot and you like his occasional nice long-ball/through ball.
    Giroud gets a 6 despite two assists and a goal because “he acted like an idiot” (what has that got to do with his performance and celebrating a great comeback is not acting like an idiot anyway).
    Mustafi gets a 5 despite being pretty much useless the entire match (and was involved in two goals conceded) because he “helped in attack later on.”

    1. true, OG for man of the match and Sanchez as second best.. but still, OG’s celebration was st***d compared to the opponent and time remaining to final whistle

    2. Pretty boy Xhaka has been getting a break this whole season. Reality has only been good in a handful of games. He is not progressing really, and has made nonsense decisions multiple times already. Bellerin was bad though, but Bournemouth going 2-0 up is what really killed our confidence. And it has to be said, what is the point of Cech after we concede penalties. He’s absolutely useless. And was not spectacular at all yesterday.

      1. Oh yeh, I forgot Cech. He made some decent saves, but I haven’t seen a shot saved for a while that I don’t think Ospina would have saved as well. As for penalties, he seems to have gone from a very strong penalty history to not saving any at Arsenal. Maybe that is an age thing. (Ospina hasn’t saved many in his career so wouldn’t be much of an upgrade there.

  4. Guys I have been reading a man u blog for sometime now and Dis ante coric guy is really good.
    He’s a perfect cazorla replacement. I really don’t have much to say about last night.the dead wood captain *ramsey* along with sanogoal,akpom,debuchy,jenks must be let go.
    I hope spurs win today.

  5. Cech – 3
    Bellarin – 3
    Kos – 3
    Mustafi – 3
    Monreal – 5
    Gabriel – 3
    Coq – 3
    Xhaka – 3.5
    Iwobi – 3
    Ramsey – 3.5
    Ox – 5
    Lucas – 6
    Sanchez – 6.5
    Giroud – 7

    Wenger – 2

    Our fans – 10

    Sometimes we are too generous with our ratings, lets call a spade a spade or in this case a draw a draw. He were poor last night and only played for 20 minutes so I am sure my ratings represent just that.

      1. That’s a bit uncalled for. Open platform men, why cant people air their opinions here freely minus some football geniuses calling them names?

        We are all here for one thing, the love for Arsenal and football, I could care less what you think about my comment. Let’s focus on the game okay.

  6. I thought Sanchez and Gerioud tried really hard but the rest were below power. Bellerin was the cause for 2 goals and as for the plenty he should loose a months wages. Rimming on about fixtures and injuries is pathetic. We all know the Christmas period is a hard 2 weeks and your panel should be good enough to win that selection of games but wenger can’t. Get rid of him.

    1. It’s really that simple, but attached fans make it more complicated than it should be. Arsene cannot deliver any big title, thus he needs to go. It’s pathetic how some fans accept the lowered standards of today’s Arsenal. We are not a real competitive team anymore. We’re just along for the ride and for the money. The away fans especially deserve much better.

    2. Iwobi should have tracked back to help out the RB, Bellerin was covering the threat that was moving into the middle behind Mustafi and Kos, the player was calling for the ball to be played through to him.

      Bellerin done very well up till the poor tackle, Iwobi should have been tracking back and been there yet Bellerin still got out wide to make a failed attempt to take the ball, Bellerin was in a no win situation as soon as Iwobi was put ahead of him on the right.

      The 3rd goal was a push on Bellerin, running at that pace and the push…. was unfair.

  7. We should have started both Lucas and Ox
    We cannot start Ramsey. He has been mediocre this season

    1. Ox has been inconsistent as well.
      Lucas done well and I wanted him to come on for Coquelin, Ox done well though and helped defend more than he has in previous games.
      Covered Bellerin better than Iwobi did.

      Such an irritation that Ox is either a good player or missing in action, can’t rely on him to turn up every week 🙁

    2. Ox stinks. Every time he does get the start he stinks. Sick of him getting opportunities, needs to be sold.

  8. Giroud was MOTM, 2 assist and a goal to rescue the team is worth some respect… slating him because he wasted some seconds celebrating his goal.

    I feel it is a bit silly to blame the teams failing in defending on Girouds celebration, escape goat comes to mind.

  9. I was irritated when Giroud celebrated , because he wasted several seconds celebrating, however that does not mean he does not deserve the man of the match honour, he was outstanding.

    A player who i was most disappointed with was sanchez, in the first half he made the same silly attempt of a cross at least four times, when monreal overlapped him and xhaka center for a pass, i was very disappointed..

    Alot of individuals blames bellerin for 2 of the goals , however i beg to differ, if by positioning bellerin was in the right position covering his CBs, so therefore the man who should have been doing that job would have been the man infront of Bellerin on that side of that field, many say it was Iwobi, but if you looked it was actually ramsay, second goal was definitely a foul, it was strange that the referee pointed for a penalty when xhaka pushed the young man in his back, with the same offense seen as not a foul.

    I for one felt there was far more chemistry when we played in the previous match, there was alot more interchanging with sanchez and iwobi in the middle and therefore arsenal was stagnant. I for one felt the changes cost us this match, where i felt ramsay and mustafi should have been given the run out in the FA cup and not this match

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