Brady backs Jack to shine IF Arsenal reject Man City bid

It is probably true that the former Arsenal star Liam Brady knows the Arsenal and England midfielder better than almost anyone else at the club, including our manager Arsene Wenger, as it was the Irishman in his role of running the Arsenal academy that was responsible for the development of young Jack from the time he joined the Gunners as a 10-year old boy.

It was Brady that made him the captain of the Arsenal under 16 side and he would have played a big part in convincing Wenger that his protege was ready for the step up to the first team as a 16-year old in 2008. Back then it looked like Wilshere was going to be the best player our academy system had ever produced but things have not gone according to plan since then.

Brady clearly feels that Jack could still turn out to be the jewel in the crown of our youth system but he recognises what a negative effect all the injury problems have had. Despite that, however, and with Arsenal transfer rumours suggesting that Man City are ready with a £30 million transfer bid this summer, the former academy director thinks that Wenger would be making a big mistake in letting the 23/year old leave, because of his love for the club as well as his ability.

Brady said, “I don’t know what is going through Arsene Wenger’s mind, I don’t know what is going through Jack Wilshere’s mind, but I think I know what is going through the people at Man City’s minds – they need English players and it is no surprise to see they might target Jack Wilshere.

“But I would hate to see him leave the club because I have known the kid since he was ten years of age and he is Arsenal through and through.”

The former midfielder also thinks he knows why Jack has been plagued with problems in recent years and it just needs a slight change of attitude and a better use of the old noggin to stop it from happening so much in the future.

He went on, “I think Jack is too brave for his own good.

“He goes into challenges where he isn’t favourite and he is dangling his leg out. He is too brave for his own good and has paid the price for that.

“But it is early days yet for Jack. You just have to think of how he played for England against Brazil at Wembley that day that England beat Brazil. He was absolutely fantastic. He ran the show in the middle of the park.

“And how he played against Barcelona when Arsenal beat Barcelona in the Champions League – let’s hope we can get Jack back to that level.”

Maybe Wenger has not played Wilshere in recent weeks to make sure that he does finish this se4ason fit but is that to help him shine next season for Arsenal, or to get the best price from a club like Man City?

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  1. If only Jack won’t hold on to the ball for much longer than necessary, I think he’s got the potential to be far better than Ozil.

    1. hi bro…Let’s hope thr’d be a turn around in Jack’s ball retentive attitude which is so frustrating….. I Love the boy staying at AFC

      1. Yeah, good morning, amigo! That guy (Jack) is actually a good player, just that “ball retention” aspect of him that frustrates one. And not to forget his recklessness on the pitch too. I can’t believe a day wud come when I’d call for Jack to be droppped from the starting line-up, but that’s football, no player is god.

        1. Agreed, no place for sentiment here, sell him, not good enough, costs us games FACT!
          Get shot now, 30 M? yes please!

  2. In other news: Thanks, Arsene & Co., for letting GREAT player like Benik Afobe go. What reasons have you got? I just can’t take my eyes off the lad. Isn’t he the kind we love bringing to the club? Wasn’t he banging in goals for fun while out on loan? Just WHY WAS HE SOLD? And guess what!!! He Is English!!!


    1. However………something tells me a 1st option buy back clause must have been inserted in Afobe’s contract…..we can only wait to see

    2. Have to say that keeping sanogo, ryo, campbell, podolski and akpom but letting afobe go doesn’t appear to be the greatest ever decision.

      If I could have kept one of those it would be afobe, but with all of the others being on loan and not really hitting heights expected, you have to wonder of any of them have a future at arsenal.

      Some tough decisions will need to be made in the summer. I would say 17 of our 25 man squad is already sorted for next season. (ospina, debuchy, Gabriel, mertesacker, koscielny, monreal, gibbs, coquelin, Ramsey, wilshire, chamberlain, cazorla, ozil, Walcott, alexis, welbeck, giroud) it’s really now who from this list makes the cut Along with any Potential New signings?

      Not forgetting those who still don’t have to be named in the 25 (macey, iliev, bellerin, chambers, hayden, bielik, zelalem, gnabry, akpom)

      1. Really leaves me dazed. And that guy, Sanogo!!! No offence: I think he should just join the police force or somfin.

  3. The media and all its selfish pundits are so stupid to Think Arsenal will forever remain a selling club……we are moving on……. SHAME ON THEM!

  4. citeh with all their extravagant expenditures must take their purse elsewhere…… Who are the top class players they have acquired thus far?… bar the likes of aguero, silva and Toure

    1. Boy, I think there’s gonna a massive exodus at City, at the end of the season. I wonder who will be their “Moses”.

      Poor Sagna.

  5. If Arsene sells Jack to Man City, then we must let Arsene follow him out the door! I’m sick and tired of this clueless French man full of excuses run our club to the ground as he is nearing (for me, well past) his retirement age. Twit!!!!

    1. Don’t worry, next season we shall be much closer to winning the title. Then the season after, we shall be closer than how close we got in the previous one.
      Mind you, the objective here is to get close, closer, and much closer. Who cares whether we win it or not???? Let’s just get closer and closer…

  6. WTF!……. “Mourinho to offer Loic remy + 15miL to Lyon in exchange for Lacazette” ………..NOOOooOOOOoooOoOOOOOOOOooooOOOOOooooooooo!…… WENGER WAKE UP!…….stop sleeping

  7. Is there a minimum number
    of games an English player
    has to play in a season?
    Is it possible to sign 5 English
    academy players and pay them
    5k a week but never play them?

  8. As for Jack its all about him
    avoiding injury. We can’t see
    his talent from the bench.
    Right now I think his injuries
    are going to always interrupt his career.
    To be honest a logical calculating club
    would take the 30 mill. But Jack and Arsenal
    has so much emotional content that I think
    Jack will be here 3 more years at least.

  9. From all the comments I have read so far, it has been revealed that Jack Wilshere is a very popular Gunner among the Gooners. Not a single Gooner has spoken against his staying at Arsenal. Which consequently may force the hands of the boss not to cash in on the opportunity to sell Wilshere to Man City who are looking for English players. However, let me be a lone ranger voice in the jungle crying wolves but no body to care about me. Should Arsenal sell Jack to City for £35m or more? Or swap him plus cash to Liverpool to get the much talk about Raheem Sterling if the boss can stop him from inhaling nitrox oxide? Arsenal will need a consistent performer in the bedrock of their CAM who could also be adapted successfully to various position on the playing field. I don’t want to look as if I am an Antagonist or a person who is against the popular opinion of the Gooners. Because I am also a Gooner. So, I will follow the bandwagon. Let the boss keep jack but he should also buy Raheem at the expense of Rosicky? Someone has to make room for Sterling to come in, wouldn’t he?

  10. Off sub.
    Chelsky to offer £15 plus Remy forLion’s Lacazette? I warned Wenger some time ago that we gooners won’t stand being outbid by English c ubs for players anymore. You want Lacazette Wenger(rumors). Go and get him.Assuming you want to win the league before you go,don’t you?

  11. Maybe he’s not in fitt but the talent never leave.If you take a new player and wait him for developing you can wait as mutch as for Walcott.But Wilshere is one of the best English players after Rooney,at the same level with Sterling I can say.Is a briliant player when he’s in fitt,let’s be honest when he play bad,our team play bad to,if he wasn’t injuried now when our team play well,I’m sure he play well too.We need a new midfielder this summer,I think Gotze could be perfect for creation with Wilshere,and Coquelin in their back to secure defence.I don’t know why but when I see this to player’s first,in 2010-2011,I see them as better as Iniesta-Xavi.Don’t blame me,let’s whatch them and let time to decide,but if Klopp join Bayern this summer,Gotze will shine again.

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