´Brainless´ Arsenal stuck in time warp! How to get out?

I can just imagine Arsene Wenger getting the Arsenal team (full of talent and experience all over the pitch) just before the Champions League first leg at the Emirates last night. `Right lads what I want you to do is panic if we don´t get an early goal and throw everyone forward. Leave just one player back to cope with their counter attacks. And I want the forward players to run down blind alleys and take on three defenders, don´t worry if you lose the ball´.

If he did not do this, the Frenchman could have been forgiven for wondering whether he was in some sort of time warp last night. I felt that way myself as I watched the Sky Sports panel of Thierry Henry, Souness and Redknapp struggle to understand how the Gunners could have been so abject and naive.

That sort of game does not happen every week or even very often but it does keep happening. In his post match interview reported by ESPN, Wenger called our defending suicidal and only just stopped short of calling his players a bunch of useless brainless idiots and he was about as exasperated as I have ever seen him.

The Arsenal boss declared, “Congratulations to Monaco, they had a perfect result and played the game they wanted to play. On our side, I believe that we missed the chances and we were a bit suicidal defensively.

“We were not at the level defensively and we were a bit unlucky as well because the first goal is deflected. On the second and the third goal we were suicidal.

“We had the luck to come back to 2-1, but not the right to give away a goal the way we did because that makes our task extremely difficult in the second leg.

“It looks like we lost our nerve and our rationality on the pitch. The heart took over the head and at that level it doesn’t work.

“Our weakness was more down to mentality. We rushed our game, we knew coming back at half-time it was important not to concede a second goal and we were too impatient.

“Mentally we were not ready or sharp enough to get into this game. We paid for it.

“Monaco are a team who are strong physically with a good physical density and we missed the chances. If you look at the number of chances we missed, at that level you cannot afford that.

“We used our hearts more than our brains.

“The players wanted to do well and come back when it was 2-1. They wanted to come back to 2-2 and forgot their elementary cautiousness.”

People make mistakes but when they keep repeating the same mistakes, with the same results, you have to wonder what is going on. Last season we did this sort of thing against Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City and this season we did it against Dortmund and Man United. And now Monaco and this was the worst because the Man City game and others suggested that we had finally learned our lesson.

So how can Wenger get the Gunners out of this time warp?

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  1. hahahahahahahahahahaha. the world and his wife are laughing us and mocking us right now . this is excellent news , wenger out at last !!!.

    1. Years. Of under investment is finally catching up with us.
      The academy is churning out crap.
      The scouting system is scouting out crap.
      We no longer plug holes because the holes are too many.
      Most of our players cannot tackle and win the ball.
      Most are paper weight and are easily nudged aside.
      Many cannot make a simple pass or cross the ball.
      Almost all cannot press for the ball.
      You can make a second eleven out of the players Chelsea have on loan.

      1. that’s weird. A couple of days ago people were saying we are finally, after painful long, years, 1-2 world class signings from matching the squads of chelsea/city. What the hell happened overnight?

        1. Tubby ,you called it mate , we have the most fickle fans on the planet , last night doesn’t mean all of a sudden were crap , what it does mean is certain players need to take a long hard look at themselves as Arsene is taking serious heat by showing his loyalty to them namely ,ozil and per , just not good enough and as for welbeck he should never been given an arsenal shirt, Giroud had a mare but he has proven this year that he is a great squad player but cannot be our first choice striker, gooners keep the faith and hope that Monaco try to play ball in second leg cos if we turn up we could still hammer them.

          1. Your half right and half not, shouldn’t the buck stop with the manager who buys in the players and then plays them??
            Not saying I wanna see the back of Wenger but something has got to give hasn’t it??

    2. bit harsh. the world yes, but his wife?

      get your ass back in the kitchen lady

      (im joking, im not sexist- put your rolling pin down, im joking no rolling pins )

    3. Ger , your laughing cos Arsenal lost and you want Wenger out? Your exactly what is wrong with the club at the moment everyone was happy with the team that was picked even though I thought Walcott should have started instead of welbeck , the atmosphere last night was non existent every spoilt fan waiting for the team to give them something to cheer, what ever happened to encouraging the team? The truth is not one of our players played well and that is not wengers fault but I ask you this if your own fans aren’t with you then what chance do you have?

    4. @ger burke
      When you see it in such a way, you exhibit a character weakness much weaker than those you mock…

        1. @ger burke
          Seems I hit a nerve there, huh?
          My comment had nothing to do with football, but with the weakness of your character and you call me a fool…LMFAO!!!

          1. @NY_Gunner
            Ive read a few of your comments in the past and you are, it seems a pure example of what others on this site say the club really doesn’t need, just because someones opinion differs from yours you comment caustically on personality flaws you seem to feel exist. We all know your a devout AKB and that’s fine that’s your opinion, however telling another goner that he has a “Personality Flaw” because he is frusterated and upset that the club appears to not be delivering the results that they should shows that YOU have a rather distinct flaw yourself, Rather an arrogant know it all who adopts the perceived intellectual high ground, that’s nice, perhaps if you are as intelligent and as well informed as you think you are it would be better to adopt a reasoned argument rather than start slagging off peoples personalities eh? or are you just another Keyboard warrior?.

  2. Sign a world class DM,
    Sign a goal scoring machine
    Get the best out of ozil
    Start using Gabriel from the Everton game,fuk it if he can’t speak English. Who cares.
    Find a real captain
    Try to shout at players and be more active on the thouchline
    Send per to reserves and keep chambers as our third choice cb

  3. I ead listening to U2 and a lyric goes “Don’t say later will be better now you’re stuck in a moment and you can’t get out of it.”

    It reminds me of Arsenal because we are always trying to reassure ourselves that later will be better but we have been stuck in 4th place and we can’t get out of it.

    We bought Sanchez and could finish 4th place. In the summer swill Wenger sign just enough to stay in 4th plsace or will be stuck in the moment again next season

      1. Been listening to it and you know what? as much as I hate the ginger Pr!ck I CANNOT make him wrong on what he’s saying and that the bi that annoys me almost as much as loosing last night

    1. @Fredcowardly
      Mate we have heard this story year in year out and its all B@llsh!te tomorrow never comes and despite the fact that Wenger has been brilliant, its time for a change now, trouble is that’s where we are in a real quandary cos if wenger goes YOU KNOW we will get a manager who accepts what the board tells him and wont spend any more than Wenger, NOWAY will Klopp or Simione get involved unless there is money to spend and with our current Board that’s not going to happen. so we get a unknown and he plays the boards game and we don’t even get champions league as anyone brought in will be green and inexperienced. IF he stays we will be in this same position in five years time. There will be no change at all.
      Im not a Wenger hater BUT we cant keep doing this we are the laughing stock of the premier league and no one fears playing us anymore.

  4. Shame on Wenger for not shaking hands with Monaco manager

    THis man cant even man up and admit the other team was better and show mutual respect

      1. thats not excuse.
        if everyone had that attitude-no one would ever shake hands unless it was a draw.

        However getting beaten by your ex side at home in cl knockout stage when half there first team is missing must have hurt though.
        sadly even when that happens he wont run into changing room an tear them a new one.
        just isnt his nature

    1. He went to shake hands with him but he was running off celebrating instead of showing respect to our manager and former Monaco legend not to mention the mourinho run down the line for their third goal , respect has to be earned.

      1. Exactly mate, finally someone with clear vision,jardim was running up and down the pitch like he had a chili up his asss.Wenger did look for him to shake hands but he was in lala land.jardim is the one with no respect,trust me Wenger has lots of respect

    1. not sure about whole of europe but i have made a short list of people who had a chuckle at our expense:

      – lukas podolski
      -lord bendtner
      -any spud within a 10 000 mile radius

  5. As if we didn’t see suicidal defending already this season. The same thing happened away vs Dortmund in the group when defence was high up at 0-0. Then Against Anderlecht at home, no discipline whatsoever, instead of securing the win at 3-1, they still keep looking for more goals, then at 3-2 the same thing and eventually it became 3-3.

    Biggest question is why didn’t it occur to most of our players that there was still 90 minutes to play after this game after it became 2-1? Why did we have to push that high up in trying to find that equaliizer.

    At 2-1 it was still a good chance to turnover in the 2nd leg. Now Monaco will just sit back and do counter attack. Lets not forget up the other end, the chances we missed were absolutely poor quality finishing, most of these didn’t even test the keeper.

  6. If d players do have heart as wenger put it, we won’t be paying outrageous amounts 4 season tickets and witnessing such abssymal performance. If only big eyes can play football, ozil would have been d world best. My jersey and boots only can score more sitters than giroud

  7. It’s just an endless cycle this season. We play well, then go to Stoke away. We play well again, then go to Liverpool away. We play well again, then go to Southampton away. We play well again, the go to Tottenham away. We play well again, now we lose to Monaco. By all accounts we have nothing to fear this weekend, because on this trend we’ll be bang on form again. The question is, is that good enough? To which the answer is of course no. So what can be done about it?

    We needed a top class centre back and a top class holding midfielder. We bought Gabriel, who is yet to really play, and brought Coquelin back from loan. Don’t get me wrong, these players are very good. I haven’t seen enough of Gabriel to really judge, but Coquelin has been great. But are they the players that are going to change us from a big club to an elite club? Not really.

    Gabriel has very impressive stats, I hope he proves me wrong and I think he can prove me wrong, the same with Coquelin. But the thing is, they aren’t world class, and world class is what we need. They need the chance to prove themselves of course, so I can’t see the point in continuing with Mertesacker who is evidently not good enough.

    My point is, the time has come where we have the money to be ambitious in the transfer market. We bought Özil, we bought Alexis. Fantastic signings. Say what you will about Özil since he’s joined, but it’s easy to say that with hindsight. No one argued his £40m price tag when he joined. Anyways my point is, defensively we have to target the same calibre of players too.

    1. Big Mert is a f¥cking donkey !! End of !! Le Coq got exposed last night as well spine of the team transfers been needed for 8 years !! Giroud showed his true colours last night not good enough to lead the line !! CB,DM,ST needed maby a goal keeper ??

    2. When we signed Ozil for £42 million I lost my faith in wenger… I respect wenger so much and I am not a AOB.. I had been watching Ozil for years in Madrid and was never impressed. Without space he looks lost, press him and he disappears.

      Madrid fans were 50/50 on him sometimes, they used to complain about how he went missing in every big game, he could not last more than 60 minutes etc..

      Ozil’s physicality to start off with, not a PL player. He is weak, goes missing, no fight, just floating about every game and his fan boys making excuses for him game after game..


      1. May be I was too wrapped up in the Suarez hype.. He is a pain but that guy gives everything… We refused to pay more than £40 million + £1 for Suarez a real fighter and hustler, but then we went completely the opposite way by signing a lethargic, weak, 60 minute at maximum Ozil.

        Seriously, we went from fighter Suarez to his complete opposite (Ozil)..

        1. Calm down Gary Neville. And just like Cesc, the window to get Suarez is gone too so stop moaning about him. Complaining about stuff that has happened in the past won’t solve the problems that we are having now

          1. and before you say “oh you guys always defend Ozil blah blah blah” – I agree, Ozil had a terrible game. And what you said about him at Real Madrid I have noticed too. But if you remove Ozil from the equation, the rest of the squad also played like sh*t last night – unmotivated, ill-planned. So can you please stop scapegoating ozil.

      2. Spending money doesn’t guarantee success. Spending money wisely does. We gooners seem to have the misguided concept that its easy to blow loads of cash carry the pl title home every year. Our 1st major big money signing in years and we blew it up in Ozil. Yes i admit, i was ecstatic when ozil was signed and I thought it was a fantastic signing. But at the same time, I dont have world class scouts to judge a player’s suitability to the team. I don’t work with the player everyday to bring the best out of him. Now its quite clear the money was wasted and someone has to be accountable, and I can assure u its darn well not the fans

        1. I don’t think ,most gooners are stupid enough to think that “just spending money2 will buy the title or cup (any of them) but as you say spending it wisely would give us a better chance, Ozil is lazy and NOT a PL player, we desperately need a DM and a real goal scoring animal, the facts don’t lie and the facts are saying we sh!t out on big games and are inconsistent, OG is not good enough and Per needs to go Le Coq is still learning but overall do we really have a CL winning side?? I think we all know the answer to that, seems the only two who don’t is Arsene Wenger, and the board and the board really don’t care.

      3. bro shut the fack up with your ozil bs. you are just a hater and nothing more. We have other problems, and these problems are not linket direclty with out players.

        1. No they are not all linked to the players but there are a lot of problems don’t you agree and Ozil is one of those, Id love to see him ripping it but he’s not he goes missing and doesn’t appear to care less, does that sit right with you as a “Genuine Arsenal Fan” or does it Irk you beyond belief that he could be a game changer but never bothers to be?
          Cos it should. .

            1. @Ks-Gunner
              Genrally speaking I wasn’t but Mezut Ozil was the subject at the time and you can hardly say he’s earning the 42 million price tag can you? the whole side were abysmal and the fault lies both with them and Wenger or was it in your opinion, just another “Rare2 off day??
              and dont call me a tool, there was no call for that was there??

  8. Yes we lost and it won’t be the last time we are losing.
    Just get behind the team.
    If u are fickle and fake just rant on.
    And i wonder how someone can call lads of a team he claims to love,
    brainless idiots!

    1. I think maybe your a brainless idiot, do you never question something just becase you love it? would you not question your Mrs if you found her in bed with another bloke?? grow up with your senseless comments, we ARE ALL behind the club!! but we all have a right to question the plan when ITS NOT WORKING and its not!!!

  9. I wish he could go back in time and sign some players “with physical density”. His midfield’s in his first 8 seasons certainly could cope with the physical side of the game and were not bad at finding a pass. Our current lack of density midfield certainly lose the ball very easy.

  10. I am not even mad about this as i have seen this coming long time ago. What goes into my nerves are the happy ppl who try to think posetive all the time and delude them self into thinking that everything is cool.

  11. Now I’m completely convinced we need a new manager and better players… Simply because a manager is a leader and you have to motivate your players at all cost as long as it’s morally right and the players we have are either not built or suited to this league or they just have no heart and fight… We’re in a bad place and we need to figure it out fast before further damage is done.

  12. It f–king sucks being an Arsenal fan. Same shit every damn year. So much hope, yet never any end-product.

    We are lacking a true captain, Mertesacker is abysmal, I just cannot stand him anymore. Giroud although has been playing well as of late had arguably the worst game of his career and it was embarrassing to watch. I just can’t deal with this BS anymore, something needs to change.

    I still also don’t understand why Welbeck keeps starting over walcott. Walcott will give us goals I know it, how many chances does welbeck need???

    The point is we need someone to take charge of the season, like Ramsey did last year. Unfortunately he’s having an injury plagued and bad season already. I thought cazorla and alexis would fill the void admirably, but they just go missing far too often. Sigh. Also I may be alone on this, but I want sczczesny back in goal.

  13. Fans are being called fickle on here… Fair enough.
    Last night fans at the Emirates were quiet like they usually are most of the time. (Hence why I spend my money on away matches with real supporters)
    Getting behind the team!!
    It’s games like last night a lot of people start losing their heads.
    Last night shows just how unpredictable we are as a team. You just don’t know what arsenal is going to turn up.

    1. Yes they were quite but thenthey woke up whenever berba had the ball, booing the shit out of a player just because he was an ex spurs and MU player. Seriously no wonder other fans call arsenal fans crybabies.

  14. If a man such as Arsene wenger knows about the physical density of Monaco then here is another treat for him all Monaco players stand at 1.80 or more that means 11 players almost 6 ft are athletic powerful knew how we play man marked alexis isolated Cazorla from ozil we would let oxide on this match cause he did something and maybe due to his willingness to change the game he got robbed
    This site has become more pain since our best players started leaving who understood what he wanted now has to incorporate on aged pros his philosophy which where it all breaks down and not to due mental exertions

  15. Arsene wenger when loses he states that it is the whole teams fault rather than his or he can’t use the word tactics cause he does not implicate it

  16. This organization needs a major wake up call man, this sort of thing cannot and should not be excused as a one time mishap. We need to sell: Welbeck/wilshere/Podolski this summer and buy a real ST/DM, both of those buys need to be truly world class players like Cavani and Pogba if we really want to win anything. We should be able to do this easily because we’re releasing diaby/rosicky so i don’t see why any club with real intent shouldn’t be able to secure 2 great signings this summer.

    Also in no way shape or form should gibbs start ahead of monreal or bfg over gabriel. Lastly, Ozil should be coming off the bench as a sub for Cazorla our true #10 i don’t care if he cost 42.5 or 50 million he’s simply not good enough.

  17. Ok Time for blame game that comes every fortnight as an Arsenal fan lol

    Leave Wenger Alone and even faltering Ozil. The blame should fall on 2 players.

    Giroud for having 6 clear cut chances (not to mention a sitter of a tap in) and taking 0. Not even hitting the target

    Mertesacker for being himself

    Thats all people…all this doom and gloom talk is misdirected anger which we all feel for the shocking events that unfolded

    Gooner for life.

    1. You say leave Wenger alone, but who brought the two players you blame into the side? and who plays Per despite his piss poor record? and who has NOT replaced him effectively? Im no AOB but the buck stops with the Manager and that’s that!!!

  18. Currently we are third in the PL with only the sugar daddy clubs above us. Main problem is that man city are 7 points ahead and chelski 12 points ahead. So its a big gap above us and the other clubs are close on our heels. However we are third so we cannot be as totally hopeless as a lot of comments on here suggest.

    The main problem seems to be our consistency. Champions win games they should have drawn and draw games they should have lost. With us at times it seems to be the other way around, like the Anderlecht game. Or games like against Monaco where we do not turn up. It seems to me that we need an experienced leader in our defense to organise the team on the pitch and stop these schoolboy errors.

    I hoped that things had improved with players coming back from injury and Wenger seemed to be sorting things out. But in this latest game we played so badly, eventually managed to get their lead down to one goal which gave some hope for the second leg, and then go and concede another goal pushing too hard for the equaliser. Its schoolboy errors and so disappointing. We do need improvements in terms of players but the main issue is consistency and leaders on the pitch, look at southampton, sold lots of players in the summer and only 2 points behind us.

  19. People that go online generally do so to moan, so you will see a lot of that especially when things are going wrong.
    Yes it is true that we need a defensive midfielder, and it is also true that we have gone for 4 top talents with no prevail. So rather then panic buy that so many don’t want, we wait…

    but until then we have to put up with attractive minded midfielders and a defender (mertisacker) who isn’t good enough further to losing the will to play for Germany (has he also for Arsenal??).

    I am tired of the Wenger out rants, its not the answer and they try and back it up with he’s not tactically good enough…doesn’t know how to defend tactically…yet he has shown it in the past…i.e. invincibles.

    The truth remains, and below from 2008 when City was taken over from a billionaire with enough money to make sure even the talented subs bench had heated seats for the ass’s of the ‘substantial players’ to last season. I also think this is interesting because last year was the first year of our own financial freedom

    Arsenal net spend = £11.1 million.
    Chelsea net spend = £328.7 million.
    Man City net spend = £509.6 million.

    So what magic is expected from Arsenal FC when you consider this point? I am upset, mad, disappointed I can’t celebrate winning the league in the last recent years. But from the move to the Emirates to the end of 2012/13 there needs to be drawn a line under that period because we had no finances and a new stadium, dislike it but I accept it.

    Now from 2013/14 onwards we can start talking about doing more, and so far we have 1 FA Cup!

    1. The owner of Arsenal is currently planning a midnight hour move of his precious St Louis Rams franchise back to a plot of land he recently purchased in Inglewood California. Sadly, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was Arsenal money used in the aquisition.
      As long as AW keeps Arsenal in the top 4 and Champions League revenue keeps finding its way to the Emirates coffers, NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

    2. ou can harp on about financial stats all day long. Do you think the average fan cares about how much money the club has saved when most fans are paying out through the nose to see the club flounder at every turn?? why do I care what happends to the club when Im dead and why would you? isn’t it about time we all realised that Wenger is only a fraction of the problem and that it really lays at the foot of the Board!!! who cares about the financial figures?? Im sure that if there was a trophy for that we’d be top of the league.

  20. “Man city and others”

    Can anyone please tell me which other games are we talking about. Beating villla 5-0, struggling to beat leicester and crystal palace. Sorry to say but the city game is proving to be a one off and city were at their utmost shit during that time. Hell even boro beat them 2-0 at etihad.

    The truth is we are still the same arsenal, maybe even gone down in last couple of seasons

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