Brazil boss enraged about the “liars” spreading “evil lies” about Gabriel Jesus injury

There has been ongoing speculation about the length of time that Gabriel Jesus will be out with his knee injury sustained in Qatar during Brazil Group Stage games, but there is still no official announcement about whether Jesus will require surgery when he returns to London yet.

But when the injury was first announced by the Brazilian website El Globo, it was reported that Jesus was already having problems with his knee, before he even joined up with the Brazil squad.

They reported: “Gabriel Jesus already had pain at the site in matches for Arsenal. The recovery period is not long – estimated at up to a month – but enough to prevent participation in the rest of the matches of the World Cup in Qatar.”

After hearing this, the Brazil head coach Tite was incensed at the suggestion that Brazil would take chances with any players injuries, if they were previously known to the medical team, and didn’t hold out on his criticism of the “evil lies” spread by the media.

When asked if the Arsenal striker was already carrying the injury, Tite replied: “Thank you very much for your question because I don’t like hearing lies out there, evil lies. Those are the people who want to do bad things for others.

“At no time whatsoever do we play for victory at the risk or peril of a player.

“So the liar who is out there, because that is what we call them, that’s the name? The haters who keep giving hate, go and do something else and stop giving fake news.

“Arsenal has a great medical department, we have a great medical department and we are responsible. We are personally responsible and ethical and it would never have happened. I didn’t want this to happen. It is a shame.”

Well, he certainly sounds very angry, and to be fair, I doubt very much that Arsenal would have even allowed Jesus to go to Qatar if there was even a hint of an injury, so I think we can assume that Tite is right, and is justified in his anger…

Maybe we should also consider whether the media is lying about Jesus needing an operation as well?


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  1. If he becomes unavailable for three months, unfortunately we’d have to sign a new CF. I don’t think we can recall Balogun

    It’s very difficult to find someone like Vlahovic in January, so we’d better look for a more versatile striker who can also play on the wings

    We’re stacked with attackers who can play LW well, so we’d better sign a left-footed striker instead. He’d make us able to vary our attacking methods and force Saka/ Marquinhos to train harder

    Asensio has shown he could play both CF and RW roles with Enrique’s tactics. Moukoko is another left-footed CF with an expiring contract

    1. Why does Saka have to train harder?? Isn’t he professional enough for you? You’re not making sense. Arsenal don’t need a left footed striker. A complete striker is one who can strike a ball with both feet without thinking about it twice. There’s nothing stopping Arsenal in getting in a loan striker, and maybe with the option to buy. If we are playing Champions League (which is on the cards that we will be) next season, we’ll need at least two competent strikers. That’s not counting Eddie Nketiah. Maybe getting a loan striker on board may put Eddie on notice to work a bit harder on his game. Eddie is going to have to prove his worth when we play West Ham on Boxing day. If that doesn’t give him the incentive to start scoring, nothing will. I hope the lad proves me wrong. I don’t feel confident in Eddie being a back up striker in Premier League matches. In cup competition matches maybe. But Jesus was one player I thought would never get injured while on World Cup duties. Same with Granite Xhaka. That guy seems bullet proof when it comes to avoiding injuries, especially when you consider the amount of matches he’s played so far this season. Probably goes to show that he most probably does alot of his own personal training behind the scenes. But I do hope Eddie can step up a notch or two now that he has his chance. I know he scored a few towards the end of last season,, but this season is a totally different ball game than last season

      1. Saka has been doing great, but a strong internal competitor like Asensio or Moukoko could force him to raise his level

        Good ambidextrous CFs are extremely rare. We’ve got a plethora of nimble right-footed CF, so we’d better sign a CF type we don’t have

        I agree that loaning a CF is a better option than a straight purchase, but I heard we could recall Balogun

  2. I really don’t like the idea of signing the Ukraine kid from Shaktar and moving Martinelli upfront. If Ivan Tooney comes away relativity unscathed from this gambling ordeal it might be worth taking a punt on him.

  3. For a minute there I thought the evil lies were about the duration of his time out. I read that yesterday about Jesus having an injury before meeting up and now needing surgery, it came from one of the common transfer rumor sites, can’t remember which one, but would be interested to know where it came from

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