Brazil coach explains decision to call up Gabriel Jesus despite injury

Gabriel Jesus has been sidelined since Arsenal’s Champions League match against Sevilla, yet he is in the Brazil squad for the November international window.

The striker is a key player for his country and has often been called up for their games by the current manager.

He was in the group for the October window, and Arsenal hoped he would use the next window to accelerate his recovery and be ready after the break.

However, that may not be the case, as he has been named in the Brazil squad for the latest international matches.

Brazil gaffer Fernando Diniz was asked why he named the attacker in the squad despite his injury and explained, as quoted by Globo Esporte:

“In the last squad, we hadn’t called up Martinelli from Arsenal. He didn’t report to the CBF in a very complete way, so we didn’t imagine that Martinelli would be ready to play against Venezuela and Uruguay, and he was ready to play before our games.

“Because of this too, we’re going to bring Gabriel in to find out his real condition, because we still have 15 days to go until the games, so we believe he could be fit enough to play, because I like him a lot. We have 24 players on the list, and if anything happens to him we won’t need to change the squad.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Jesus should not get space in the national team when he is not fully fit and has missed some games at club level.

The attacker is a key player for us and we need him to get back to fitness after the break. Playing for Brazil could cause more problems.

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    1. Nonsense. Why didn’t you ask the same questions about Saka last time? Yes Jesus is that important to Brazil, and so are all other players to their countries.

      1. Jesus always played second fiddle to Richarlison in recent times. Now that Richarlison is out of squad, Jesus himself got injured. I guess he won’t be rushed in Brazil setup unless he statrs playing for Arsenal. But it will be bad luck for him, as there will be chance of him being overtaken by other players.

    2. Arsenal can stamp their feet all they like but do not have the authority to stop a player reporting for international duty. All they can do is put their case why he cannot play and hope the Brazil medics confirm Jesus isn’t fit to play.

  1. I disagree, in the name of consistency and dual trust between clubs and countries. Saka was injured but still called up to the England squad, until the national team doctors satisfied themselves that he was unfit to be picked. Only then was he released back to the club.
    This same principle must apply with other nationalities. Arsenal held on to Martinelli and didn’t allow him to join Brazil, only to use him before the international games involving Brazil were even played, but too late for the national coach to include him in his squad. See, that’s unacceptable double standards that undermine some while honouring others.

    1. Whilst I agree with you in principle, there is a difference between Saka seeing England’s team doctors in England compared with Jesus having to travel to Brazil and back if the outcome of his examination is the same. Surely a compromise can be agreed on.

  2. Its a clear indication Jesus is not so far off as most of us would have think, despite the gaffer mind games

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