Brazil coach “very sad” over “fake news” Arsenal links

There were various rumours circulating last week that Edu was preparing for life after Mikel Arteta, by starting talks with the Brazil coach Tite for a future role at the club.

This was met with anger by Arsenal fans, who now seem fully behind Arteta’s project, but as we all know of Edu’s heavy involvement with Brazilian football it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if he met Tite at various functions.

Tite is certainly one of the best managers from South America, but he is at the pinnacle of football in coaching the Bazilian national team, who are Top of the group for the World Cup Finals, and are even one of the favourites to win the competition in Qatar.

When the rumours first came to light, Arsenal immediately issuaed a denial, and now Tite himself has publicly denied any truth in the rumours.

Tite said in Goal at a Brazil press conference: “I apologise to Arsenal, but that information [that I was interested in the job] did not come from us and there is absolutely nothing to it.

“At a time of so much ‘fake news’, information that is not true makes me sad and I hope that this is corrected. My family can rest easy because I have dignity and great respect for the Brazilian team.

“My feeling is very sad and I get sad because information is passed to the public that is a lie. I tell people who feel identified with me to be calm, because Tite has a personal attitude that values ​​his professional activity and knows of the responsibility with the Brazilian team.”

The fact is that now all this kerfuffle has been caused, I think there should be an investigation to find out who first fed this information to the Brazilian media. Don’t you?

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  1. To be fair 90% of reports about football are fake.
    Closer to home every season Justarsenal publishes “reports” of more than 300 players players coming to Arsenal. 97% of these “reports” turn out to be fake. So may be we need to sort our own fake reports before criticising anyone else.

    1. JustArsenal reports on ANY Arsenal stories in the media for discussion. We don’t create fake news, but we certainly have to report on it if it relates to Arsenal…

      1. I suggest it is seeking out fake news to report on, rather than simply reporting fake news. It is the active seeking of clearly never going to happen rumours from far and wide and non gold plated sources that gets my goat.

        Such as Ornstein is fair enough; he is respected and has a track record but “Fichajes” and that sort of tripe source is ACTIVELY SEEKING OUT fake news, not reporting what is out there already.

  2. The smart fans wouldn’t be disturbed, only the stupid and the gullible ones will be disturbed

  3. this was obvious to anybody with half a brain. the silliest headlines get produced during international breaks. Glad Tite immediately threw cold water on this, which proves it was all nonsense. Usually they do all the coy non-answer stuff when there is some validity. Obviously there was none here.

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