Brazil doctor eases Arsenal’s fears over Gabriel Jesus

Arsenal is concerned about Gabriel Jesus’ fitness after the striker joined the Brazil squad for the November international matches.

The striker has been injured over the last few weeks and has not played since the Champions League game against Sevilla in Spain.

Jesus has remained one of the key members of the Gunners squad, and they wanted him to stay home during this break and fully recover.

However, that hasn’t happened, and he is at the Brazil camp, with Arsenal hoping for the best news when the international window finishes.

Brazil knew he was injured but still named him in their squad, however, the team’s doctor has eased Arsenal’s fears over the striker.

Rodrigo Lasmar said, as quoted by Metro Sport: ‘I’ll talk to the doctors and Edu. He did not do any training with the team, is far from returning, and has internal communication between clubs and national teams.

‘Let’s look for the best, above all, for the player.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Jesus is also an important player for the Brazil national team, so it is difficult for them not to have him in the group.

But we expect him not to play if they realise he is not fit enough to make a good contribution.

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  1. Can’t these national team coaches trust their club counterparts for once? Arsenal informed these people that the player was incapacitated yet they insisted on taking him across half of the globe to Brazil.
    Now, if he suffers a relapse, what would they do? Dump him back at his club to earn his massive wages from the treatment table. That would be most unfair, wouldn’t it?
    FIFA has to look into this kind of situations. The clubs, the proverbial geese that lay the golden eggs, shouldn’t be killed.

    1. Brazil have said that they want him as part of the squad and have no intention of playing him – what’s wrong with that?

      1. It cannot do an injured player, who should be resting and continuing his rehabilitation, any good to be flying around the world, to not play football. Also, we’re paying his wages, not Brazil!

    2. I’m certainly not suggesting Jesus is not injured, far from it, but club coaches have lied to national team coaches in the past to get their player off international duty and been caught out. FIFA gave power to the national teams to insist a player attends, unless they were presented with irrefutable evidence of injury. The ‘club versus country’ argument has been going on since time immemorial and will always be a cause of contention but as Ken said, there is camaraderie and team building to be considered, though it does seem somewhat daft to fly an injured player half way round the world just to bond with the squad.

  2. This shows the importance of the player, many fans fails to realize while complaining he doesn’t score enough goals.

    It is plain Gabriel Jesus inclusion in the greatest national squad on earth is not to score goals but to offer something else.

  3. @k1945, so to you it makes sense to have him in the team when he can’t play? That’s better than leaving him in London to recuperate? This is standing common sense on its head!

    1. Not from the Brazilian FA’s point of view it isn’t.
      They also have medical staff out there and it’s called “team building” CorporateMan, the English fs recently did it with Saka I do believe.

  4. we just pray that he must come back fit to face brentford ,to stay home and fully recovered was the best option for him since he missed few games for his club rushing him is risking him we need all our players fit to carry on our mission.

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