Brazilian defender keen to join Gabriel in Arsenal’s back line – Maybe just in case Calafiori doesn’t arrive?

With the expected addition of Ricardo Calafiori, one can have confidence in Mikel Arteta’s defensive options next season. In fact, given the defensive depth at the Emirates Stadium, there may be no need to spend money on another defender.

Even so, if Mikel Arteta decides to add another defender after Calafiori joins, a 2023–24 Premier League standout, Nottingham Forest Brazil defender Murillo, has hinted that he would jump at the chance to play for his team next season. The ex-Corinthians player was discussing his future on the Benja Me Mucho podcast when he openly acknowledged that he had always planned to join Forest but wanted to earn a big move after a season there.

He reveals that moving to either Arsenal, Liverpool, or Manchester City would be significant for him, but based on his words, it appears that Arsenal is his preference; Liverpool appears to be an afterthought, and Manchester City does not excite him since he believes game time will be an issue.

The Brazilian said: “I know there was a buzz of interest. So, I don’t know exactly how much the [asking price] amount is, but I know there was interest.

“I had the dream of playing in the Premier League and I had that thought. I thought: ‘I’ll go to Nottingham Forest, have a good year and then I’ll go to a big club’. I had that in my head.”

“I’d choose Manchester City but it would be more difficult for me to be a regular starter given the players they have in their squad,”

“There’s City, Arsenal as well, who are fighting for the Premier League title. I wouldn’t discard Liverpool either, it would be a good opportunity for me to show my football in a big club.”

Why would Arsenal even consider Murillo? Aside from his athletic abilities, he has a finely tuned technical game. His superb ball control, passing ability, and game reading allow him to play an important role in a team playing from the back.

Last season, he played like a standard LB, wide of Forest’s back three and regularly defending wide due to their front-footed stance at LWB. In that role, he had the ability to demonstrate his passing range and ball-carrying abilities, which helped him stand out. Though we are unlikely to sign him because of Calafiori, he would have been the perfect defensive reinforcement option if our deal for Calafiori deal falls through.

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  1. Is Arsenal’s deal to sign Calafiori this summer going to fall through?
    Which if it’s happened, could necessitate Arsenal find another new defender to sign him this summer.
    Such at the Nottm Forest’s Nurilo. Who is being recommended by Thre Just Arsenal website to Arsenal to sign him.
    But nevertheless and hopefully too. Arsenal bid to sign Pologina’s Calafiori this summer will not fall through but go through at the end of has now turned to a transfer saga between Pologina and Arsenal.

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