Breaking: Arsenal target Morata’s future announced by Real Madrid

Real Madrid have revealed that Alvaro Morata will be returning to the club this summer, and will join up with the first-team squad ahead of pre-season.

The Spanish international’s future has been highly speculated in recent months, with many news sources claiming that the striker would have his buy-back clause triggered, before selling him on for profit.

Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United have all been linked with deals for Morata, but he will now be staying with the Real Madrid squad for the upcoming season.

The official news was reported on Real Madrid’s official website, which I will loosely translate below:

‘Real Madrid C. F have announced the decision to take up their rights to buy-back Alvaro Morata as per the agreement in his sale, and he will now join up with the first-team squad for pre-season on manager Zinedine Zidane’s request.’

Only today it was speculated that Real had slapped a £60 Million asking price on their former youth product, following the announcement from Juventus that the Spanish giants had confirmed that they were to trigger the release clause in the 23 year-old’s contract.

Arsenal were said to be baulking at the new fee regardless, but with that simply being a rumour, this latest piece of information will finally confirm that Morata will not be moving to the Emirates club.

The North-Londoners also look unlikely to sign Jamie Vardy from Leicester City this summer, leaving huge doubts about whether Arsene Wenger will finally manage to bring in the top striker needed to challenge Olivier Giroud for a central role.

Who should Arsenal turn their attentions to now? Could Jese or Karim Benzema now be made available for transfer? Is Jese good enough?

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    1. This all has a familiar ring to it. Players being chased but getting nowhere with any sort of definite deal, ‘tracking’ or ‘monitoring the situation’, ‘they were asking a wee bitty too much’. Next thing you know, oops we’ve run out of time and just signed a moderately cheap midfielder again. He does it to us year in, year out and we always fall for it. I know it’s not even July 1st yet but I for one will be amazed if we get anyone substantial, especially in the areas we so need strengthening. Humbug!

  1. God knows i want us to sign an established striker…….. But we really are not trying hard enough somethings!

    It’s partly why we usually settle for Less….

  2. He is the tap in KING its cool,for that 50m let’s go for Lakaku,Lacazette and other options,even sex tape king Benzema might be available now,Aubemeyang,there are plenty strikers that would thrive at Arsenal.

  3. won’t be wise to build our season on a player that has never been a starter or scored double figures.
    Morata signing would only be smart if we also get Vardy.

  4. @Wilshegz – Even Henry wasnt a starter or had ever hit double figure before we signed him… The player is decent as far as as I have seen him… I bet Wenger can make better… Even world class just as he did with Henry & RvP… The signs are there to be seen…

  5. RM trigger release clause and buy back morata. Media get wind of this and decide to expand the stories interest. They make up the bit about RM selling him on and sudenly the story is of interest to clubs all over europe.

    Very clever, and we fall for it.

  6. If he keeps going the way he’s going for Spain well then Id imagine Real will definitely keep hold of him.

    His pros – Good physique, he has a good height and decent body strength, some pace to go along with it. His engine, like Alexis and Ramsey this boy rarely ever stops moving. This is good because he puts an effort in defensively, I like forward players who will not shirk defensive duties. He has a very nice first touch, ball control in general is very good. Much better than Lukaku’s and Vardy’s, it’s why top clubs haven’t jumped on Lukaku. Another pro is his passing ability, the one two’s and an eye for an assist, lets say he’s capable. His youth and room for improvement, definitely a plus. So that is his pros, now we look at his cons.

    Cons, we’ll start off with his price. Now we’re hearing that it’s gonna be over fifty million, more precisely just under sixty million. Is he worth that at this moment of time, if he scored twice as many last season would he be worth that price? (definitely a con). Strikers are all about the goals, his record so far is why so many people doubt him. Assisting I can easily see him improving, but goal-scoring is a knack, a good or bad habit to get into. Because of his last two games for Spain, the twitter muppets are out in force, you know those ones, both loving and hating Ramsey on a game to game basis.

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