Breaking News – Freddie Ljungberg leaves Arsenal

Arsenal legend Freddie Ljungberg has called it a day at Arsenal and decided it is the best time to leave the club.

The 43-year-old has taken to Twitter to confirm his departure stating that he wants to concentrate on furthering his management experience.

One has to take what Freddie has said at face value but there has to be a suspicion that he is the latest in a long line of Arsenal stalwarts being forced out of the club.

Freddie took over the helm when Unai Emery was sacked and while his few games in charge did not set the world alight, he was hardly given a chance to prove his credentials before Mikel Arteta took over.

It is sad to see the Swede depart and of course, we all wish him the very best of luck in his future endeavours and I am sure he will find success in management, his knowledge of the game and experience is immense.

One thing is for sure, he can leave with his head held high.

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  1. I like having our legends around the club. Good luck to Freddie of course, and his goal was always to become a manager, so this was bound to happen sooner rather than later. Wonder who the replacement will be…

  2. Everyone seems to be leaving Arsenal except for the deadwood 😂 best of luck to the super swede 👊

  3. Good luck Freddie!

    Yes i agree RSH, it was bound to happen sooner or later and I’m glad its sooner, the No2 at any club should be the managers choice. Not taking anything away from Freddie at all there.

    Personally, i dont think a replacement will come in, i think someone will get promoted internally like Steve Round etc and get in another coach to fill his void

    1. No internal replacement. Apparently he wants to take Pep Guardiola on as his No.2!! 🤣🤣🤣

  4. He should have left already when Arteta came in charge. Fredrik was knocked off the table under quite humiliating circumstances after a short not very successful time in a work he had no qualifications for. He is no team manager. But he maybe will find a new assistant coach job somewhere else. Maybe he will join pal Henke (Larsson) in Barcelona.

  5. Saddened for sure. One of the ALL TIME GREATS!!

    Good luck Freddie 🙂

    Seem to be a lot leaving but lets hope we have a few coming the other way soon!!


  6. As WITH OTHER gOONERS isay best of luck Freddie and thanks for all you have done for us. The timing , coming as it has right now, looks decidedly suss though. I much doubt that Freddie has chosen to leave without something else happening of which we fans are unaware. It is just possible that he sees Arteta here for a football lifetime to come and knows his own star is waning while he stays here. But I suspect something more than just that as the true reason.

  7. As a player, he contributed a lot. Took part in “Invincibles” campaign Lets hope he’s leaving willingly.

  8. Love and respect forever. Hope someday he is back in our dugout. Thanks for the memories as a player, thanks for guiding the youngsters to the senior team and thanks for giving your best every time. Good luck and best wishes for your next assignment.
    You will never cross paths with a more useless player than Ozil in any club on this planet, that is guaranteed.So enjoy ypur next job.

  9. Thanks Freddie, you were such a great part of the INVINCIBLES and I wish you all the best in the future – thanks for such glorious memories.

  10. That’s the third time he has left us.
    First as a player
    Second as a youth coach
    Third as a first team assistant

  11. Thank you and best of luck to one of the legendary invincible who stayed with us through our lean years. I guess there was some news regarding Freddie being approached by a Swedish club. I hope that is the case and not the present scenario where people are axed, because Freddie had somehow steadied the ship and even brought out some good performances from the players even though the results were not positive always.
    I wonder if we can approach the ICEMAN now? It has been a long enough parting already and now is the perfect time to approach him.

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