Brendan Rodgers clarifies his position over Arsenal job – bad news for the Gunners

Brendan Rodgers has made it clear he is not interested in Arsenal job.

Yesterday, Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers gave the biggest hint yet that he would be interested in taking the Arsenal job. Today he has clarified his comments and made it clear he is not interested.

Leicester City beat Everton 2-1 Sunday and at the after-match interview, he said the following when asked about a release clause in his contract.

“There probably is (a clause) in most manager’s contracts. It’s all hypothetical – all these types of situations,” he told Sky Sports.

“For me, at this moment, we’ve had a brilliant win today. My focus is very much with Leicester because I made a change eight or nine months ago, and I’ve been so happy since I came here.

“I feel, with the players, we still have a lot of work to do. Most managers contracts will have something in that but, for me, my only concentration is with Leicester.

“I’ve been very fortunate in my career to work with some brilliant clubs and great institutions. It was an ambition to come to here to help the club arrive in the top six. Everything’s been great since we’ve worked together.

That was a classic non-denial and the media, including this site, read between the lines and concluded that he was basically confirming there was a clause, come and get me if you can meet the clause terms.

Well, today, he was obviously asked about the Arsenal job because of what he said yesterday and this is how he responded, as cited by FourFourTwo

“I’m working with a young group of players with so much potential, that want to improve and want to develop. There’s a lot for us to grow and develop over these next few seasons. We’re moving to a new training facility.

“I respect there will always be this speculation around jobs, but for me, I repeat, I’m happy here, very happy, and have great relations with all the people and I feel I want to continue with that. Take from that what you want.”

“I’m staying at Leicester. I’m not interested (in Arsenal), I have said that,” Rodgers said at his pr-match press conference ahead of Wednesday night’s Premier League match at home to Watford.

“What I will say is I have a contract here and thus far, and I know managers are losing their jobs, the club haven’t indicated to me that they are going to sack me, so I think they’re pretty happy with how we’re working.

“And I am very happy, so I’ve no need to look elsewhere. And I think logic would tell you – and I know that sometimes in your world it’s not always logical this gossip and speculation – but why would I want to leave Leicester City at this moment in time?

OK, what to take from all that? For me, it feels like someone behind the scenes at Leicester has had a word and told him he needs to show a firm commitment to the club. He has done exactly that. But does it really mean he has ruled out a move to Arsenal?

I suspect it probably has. But who knows, football is a funny old game and one cannot totally disregard his interview after the Everton game on Sunday afternoon.


  1. Sue says:

    Now there’s a surprise.. not!

    1. ken1945 says:

      Sue, especially after the body language and speech analysis descriptions we were given by my old friend Jon!!!
      I just thought why leave a club full of confidence and challenging for the title over us?

      I have to admit, I never rated the man, but the job he has done at Leicester is tremendous and we are missing out on a great man manager and tactically alert coach.

      Still, as Admin says, nothing is ever set in stone is it? Let’s hope he is correct.

      1. Sue says:

        Exactly, Ken. I said yesterday that the sky’s the limit for him and Leicester. They have a very good team.. are 2nd, may even catch Liverpool (I hope 🙏). So, as you say, why would he leave them for us?
        I’m with you on that, I’ve never rated him either, but yes, he appears to be doing an excellent job…

  2. Le Coq Monster says:

    Duck Dodgers from the 24 and half century, not bothered, always wanted Simeone or Arteta, make it so Kroenkenstein.

    OT………………….The defense !…………….is defending a dieing art ?………….I mean proper defenders like Keown, one`s that are like a rash you cant get rid off. Even full backs are not proper defenders they are wingbacks………..the goalies have to be ball players aswell !
    We need the sort who are like a second skin, a defender who is so tight to his opponent that he is like a conjoined twin. We need players who we can give nicknames to, like…The Rash !, The Shadow !, The Desease !, The Tight Fitting Johnny Bag !…………………our current defenders all have the same nickname……….The You`re F##king Shite !
    In my day I was so close to my opponent that I would be attached to him when he went for a shit at half time !………yes, I`m a bit non conventional and would usually end up with a restraining order after police were called to the opponents bedroom whilst I filmed him making love to his wife by laying on his back calling for VAR to be used when he was a shade inside !…………….my nickname The Stalker had to be earned !

    Get Keown in now to show these twerps how to be aggressive, how to mark and how to get a nickname !
    Get Keown in now to show them how to mark and how to be aggressive !

    1. Sue says:

      Almost like a conjoined twin, Le Coq 😉🤣

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