Brendan Rogers wants Tielemans future sorted “He doesn’t want anything to drag on”

Just about the whole of the transfer window has been filled up with column inches about Leicester City’s Youri Tielemans, and the links saying that Arsenal are the main suitors for the Belgian international, in fact there have hardly been any rumours linking him with any other club at all.

The player himself has been very quiet on the rumours, which is very normal for Arsenal transfer targets, and it could be simply that Mikel Arteta has agreed with him that he will have to be patient until the Gunners have made enough sales to help pay for the midfielder, or Arsenal are trying to get him for the cheapest possible price on Deadline Day.

But, after listening to Brendan Rodgers talking about a chat he had with Tielemans, there is definitely something going on, and Rodgers admitted that he was’t sure whether he should play Tielemans in the Foxes opening game against Brentford last weekend. “Of course, it is in the back of the mind, that sort of what-if scenario,” the Leicester boss told the Evening Standard. “But I know he doesn’t want anything to drag on, either.

“The conversation was really good, really open, really honest and we both know where it’s at. He’s here, and he gets that respect, and we continue to work with him until I’m told otherwise.”

The report also says that the price for Tielemans is as low as £25m, and all Arsenal fans know that another top midfielder is needed to help us through the glut of games this season, so why on Earth is it being delayed this long?

My bet is Arteta’s likes the attention of the Deadline Day action, and will wait until the very last minute. We don’t really need him until the Europa League starts in September, do we?


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  1. I would not blame Tielemans if he waited for our deadline day panic bid and told us where we could stick it.Nobody surely wants to be a fallback position after 35 other options failed to happen for one reason or another

  2. Sky reported that he will likely sign a one year extension which to me shows that no serious interest as come in for him .
    Obviously a late desperate bid from a team might come about but for now it looks like he’s staying put .
    Personally not a fan anyway .

  3. Pat, you believe Mikel likes the limelight?
    Got to disagree with you on that, but of course I won’t use capital letters though.

    Could it be that, if the reports are correct, after agreeing personal terms, Mikel and Edu have other fish to fry and know that the player is in the bag anyway?

    I’m sure that if Mikel wants him, he will get him.

  4. Arterta is waiting for offers for those outgoings. Once they are confirmed then a couple more signings before door closes.

  5. Tielemans is not Arsenal’s priority at the moment. We have enough guys who can do the number 8 job really well. Consider Xhaka, Lokonga, Fabio, Niles, even Emile. That’s why signing this Tielemans guy is not a major need.

    We rather desperately need a WF (Saka/Martinelli esq) and another DM (Partey-like). These are the 2 positions that we’re lacking genuine or strong back up. Those are the 2 Big Signings we need. We must spend wisely.


    1. You not serious at all,at the rate at which xhaka gets booked how can you even mention his name in this conversation,lokonga keeps giving away balls for every touch he’s got his foot on the ball and smith is still maturing can’t rely onto him, Vieira is still anew signing we haven’t known his style.We need Tielemans I tell you

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