Brentford game was nearly postponed due to illness of Arsenal players

Arsenal’s opener against Brentford was “very close” to being postponed 

In a shocking revelation, just a few days after Arsenal lost to newly promoted Brentford, it has been stated that the match was close to being postponed due to a Covid scare. 

The visitor camp at Brentford Community Stadium realized that they had few members who were showing symptoms of illness. This forced everybody involved to get tested before their Premier League clash against the Bees, to ensure whether the match can go ahead as planned or not. 

Luckily (not for Arsenal fans) it did go ahead and Brentford outplayed Mikel Arteta’s men in an astounding fashion. 

The recent report of coronavirus scare is a warning sign to the Premier League that the pandemic still has not disappeared into thin air.  

The British government has removed every restriction there was in place before and that might lead to a rise in coronavirus cases, naturally. 

The Premier League teams, however, are still ordered to follow the social distancing norms, to protect the players from contracting the virus. 

There is a clear loophole in the system and Pierre Emerick Aubameyang and Alexander Lacazette’s absence from the Brentford game as well as the upcoming Chelsea game has made some Arsenal fans think. 

While some supporters have come up with their own theories, the most likely outcome is that they have Covid. Otherwise, how could reports confidently say that they will miss the game against Blues at the Emirates, when that match is nine days later than the Brentford one? 

Stranger things have happened since Mikel Arteta took over as head-coach in December 2019. Arteta has not won any individual manager award, but he might nick the tag of “the most unluckiest manager of the century.” 

Yash Bisht 


  1. “the most unluckiest manager of the century.”

    I would say the luckiest manager of the century ,imagine being praised for failing.

    Covid needs to be reported to the fa and we would have heard the news ,the players have seen the light and want to get out of this club .
    Can’t blame them really .

    1. Yes…imagine being praised for failing!

      Imagine being praised for going 9 years straight without a trophy!

      Imagine being praised for not being competitive in the league for 14 years straight!

      It seems some, still have very selective memories!

  2. Why don’t the players come out and say what what they are sick with? It would stop the speculation.

    If they’re not sick just fess up to the fans why they’ve not been selected. I suspect they’ve breached club discipline in some way and have been benched. Arteta has previously done this with Aubamayang.

  3. It hasn’t been reported in the main stream news, that the Arsenal players had contacted Covid, im sure it would.

  4. So many times clubs managers and players
    are parsimonious with the facts.
    Is it Diplomacy, professionalism or lying?
    Probably a combination of all three.
    No doubt they would say we arefollowing orders.
    Honesty and truth are too dangerous in business.
    Selling the company line is all consuming.
    I watched Arsene Wenger give 3,000 interviews in his time as gaffer and can’t remember him
    actually saying anything.
    To be fair same with all managers..
    Same with all players too.
    All they ever do is talk but never say anything.
    Yet many players are paid more in a month than some factory workers earn in a lifetime.
    This for running round the practice pitch and 90 minutes of game time once a week.
    In time some one will proffer a shallow explanation and emphasising “it is for the clubs good and we always have the interest of our fans at heart” and other such nonsense.

  5. I wish the game against Brentford was posponed. Could have saved the fans a lot of grief. However, if before the Chelsea game, any more of Arsenal players are reported ill apart form Auba and Laca, the game should be postponed and not endanger our fans as well as the result of the match. Arteta tells lies too much, we shouldn’t allow him drag our dear Club to more ridicule.

  6. I can’t think of any good reason for the team to keep positive covid test amongst players a secret. Can anyone?

    Half of the fan base is slating Auba and Lacazette for being disinterested parties and the other half are slating Arteta for being unable to work with them.

    Why would you not want to clear that up if there was a reasonable explanation? Rod, meet Arteta’s back.

  7. Why didn’t Arteta, the management or the players themselves just say the real reason for missing the match instead of Arteta vaguely just saying ‘ illness ‘. The fans would respect them more if they just explained the situation truthfully.

  8. Lying about illness without stating the source,pls arteta enough all the pranks you have been playing with our dear club

  9. this has to be the greatest fairy story ever told. our two main strikers are not “sick”,no way.they want out of the sinking ship that is arsenal football club, and, in truth, who can blame them.we are the laughing stock of european football, again !!!,this is like living the last few years of wenger all over again. what have we done to deserve all of this i wonder, are we cursed as a club ?.

  10. I have followed the career of Ange Postecoglou ever since he first coached and managed in Australia. Although I am not a Glasgow Celtic supporter, I have naturally followed his progress in managing that Club and given his track record, I have no doubt he will be successful if supported.
    One thing I have noticed is the difference between Postecoglou’s TV interviews and Arteta’s. Ange does not duck any question asked of him, which lies within his area of accountability. He has also early on made himself available to fan channels to interview him and has so far got fans on side with his obvious honesty and forthrightness. The difference with Mikel Arteta has been obvious. Ange is taking the supporters on the journey with him, keeping them informed with what he knows.

  11. anyone with half a brain knew a story like this would find it’s way out to the public realm in the aftermath of the whole last minute “illness” story…these aren’t early days in the covid gig, so if this were the case and contributed to the absences of our both Auba and Laca, there would be no reason to not speak directly to these concerns from the get-go, unless they were doing something even more despicable, like possibly endangering fans and/or other players by keeping such info under wraps…so sketchy

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