Brentford is just the beginning Arsenal tipped to implode in their next two matches

Arsenal couldn’t have started their campaign in a worse possible manner than losing to Premier League new boys, Brentford on Friday.

After all the buzz around their new signings, the Gunners were expected to beat the Bees in their league opener, at least.

They could hardly have asked for an easier opening fixture than that game, especially with their next two league matches coming against Chelsea and Manchester City.

That loss against Brentford shows they are not yet prepared for the challenge ahead as they look to break back into the top four.

Arsenal fan columnist for The Sun, Mark Irwin, claims that their loss against the Bees is not a big surprise because they have been on the decline for the last few years.

He insists they are not in crisis just yet, but the results from their matches against Chelsea and Man City will expose them once again.

Irwin writes on Sun Sports: “ Arsenal settled for average a very long time ago.

Arteta will argue otherwise. But it has reached the point where he can no longer give an honest answer to his critics because the truth would be too brutal and too damaging for the club to stomach.

“Their level could be crudely exposed again in their next two Premier League matches — against Chelsea on Sunday and champions Manchester City a week later.

“Arteta cannot admit that, yes, the club’s transfer policy has been a disaster for the past five years.

“Nor can he confirm he did not fancy most of the overpaid but underachieving players he inherited from Arsene Wenger and Unai Emery.

“Which is why his claims that he is looking forward to having a sell-out crowd back at the Emirates should be taken with a massive pinch of salt.

“Because if his team perform as poorly against European champions Chelsea as they did at newly promoted Brentford last Friday, there will be nowhere to hide from the wrath of the fans.”

Mikel Arteta knows he can only have so many excuses and this will be an important season for his Arsenal future.

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      1. Cheer up! Arteta has an impressive record against CFC. Arteta is no Wenger to bow down to the big men, he will stand up to them, eye to eye. If individual errors can be cut down, we can comfortably win. I’m only scared of Leno, Chambers, Xhaka. We could be 3 down because of these mugs, if they concentrate we can win easily. Trust Mikel.

        1. Leno, Pepe and chambers are our biggest problems in the team right now , especially Leno he’s a big fraud in the entire squad. When Martinez was in the club Leno was always putting up his best and good performances but as soon as Martinez left the club and Leno started joking

    1. Hold your heart.
      We’ve been beaten 8 : 2, etc and yet made top four, remember? Fabregas left followed by Nasri and others.
      It wasn’t the end.
      Pundits then said their bit,. They are still saying now. It all depends on what understanding you have of the game of success.
      Chelsea might beat us or they may well lose, which I’m beginning to think they just might. They are confident, maybe bothering on over confident.
      Enjoy the match no matter what.

      1. @Hawkeyego
        RealTalk Gooner. Many here call themselves “real fans”, yet have zero faith or belief in the team. Constantly ready with the negative, whiny moany wimpering at the first sign of real adverse challenge.

      1. Actually it’s not just Lukaku!it is Lukaku in a Chelsea that creates a lot of chances which until now didn’t a CF to convert them,they do now.

  1. It’s going to be a tough couple of weeks, that’s for sure! But so long as the fans stick behind the team and none of the moaners start organising a Gooner mass suicide, things should improve a lot before Xmas. Lots of good young players at Arsenal now, and it will start working. Could really do with a decent new striker before the window closes though.

  2. I think people are reading too much meaning into the first match of the season. I don’t want to give excuse on behalf of the team for the players that were not available.

    Let’s give these guys time.
    Yes they started on the wrong foot but the reality of that game could give them the wake up call to avoid complacency in other matches.

    1. Mr I, haha can you name a team today in the EPL that we can go into a match confident of 70/30% win? Give me one team.
      Gone are the days when Arsenal loosing was big news. We are less than average looking at EPL present standards.

      1. @zamind
        We have what it takes to go against any team out there. No matter who…
        Tired of reading the whimpering from you so called fans who lie down even before a ball is kicked…

        1. This website can real do with more commenters like you..AFC may be in a bad place but the constant whining and moaning and Arteta this Arteta that is childish

  3. Are you even serious. How would the fans be contented with the out right mediocrity we are being treated to.
    We’ve had all preseason to iron out last seasons problems yet we go buy a defender for 50M who we never needed.Then we start the season without a back up goalie,& with an underage C.F who has never kicked a ball in the EPL?Give the fans a break.

  4. I have always wanted Arsenal to win every game even though I know it isn’t possible. To me defeat is part of the game so I don’t lose it any time we lose. What irks most in our defeats under Arteta was the manner we lose. It there parameters to gauge woeful every defeats is, without any doubt ours will below the rank. I have keep my cool before season began to see what Arteta will serves us now that it looks the same dour dishes as last 18 months I want him out before our situation becomes I redeemable

  5. Arteta must play Lacca &Auba as long as they are still Arsenal players.
    The season is underway and it is not the time to kid around with the team.

  6. underdogs???? quite astonishing a club as big as Arsenal can perennially decline via unambitious, ambiguous transfer policy of “buying young talent, the future of the club” while clubs with clear understanding of their future steadily climb up the football pyramid to the extent that they can join the premier league & defeat a founding member club. To me this isn’t astonishing rather the reality-poor scouting, inadequate investment in players acquisition, baulking at top talent all lead to average results. In the end a manager is sacrificed by well-moneyed owners to hide the true picture of the club. Our ticket prices are the most expensive yet even our players are not worthy to command a fee on a sale to acquire two or three decent players to ultimately strengthen the squad. Lastly do you think Auba was made a captain to retire at this club? History tells it all with Henry, Fabregas, RVP, Koscielny, Vermalean. Only that Arteta has tactically & technically got it wrong @ Arsenal. To get our arsenal back, kick out the revenue dryers that are the Kroenkes!!!!!!

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