Brentford v Arsenal Review – Still top of the League and we deserve it…

Perfect response from Arsenal by Konstantin Mitov
Well lovely Arsenal people, the question was; can we bounce back? Can we do it at a difficult ground where we failed last season? Well, we passed with flying colours. I was surprised just how dominant we were. Everyone under the sun reminded us of the start of last season, but with just 4 of our starting 11 also featuring last season, it was truly a different Arsenal and a much different result.
There were many excellent performances, but I was really impressed with Granit Xhaka. Since we’ve moved him up the field he’s scoring tap-ins, arriving in the box and providing outrageous assists. That ball for Jesus’ header was sweet like candy.
Our Brazilian number 9 has been sensational as well. He has lifted the quality of the team with his desire, tenacity and not least – technical ability. William Saliba at the back has also lifted the quality of our back line. 3 clean sheets in 4 away games is no slouch. Shout out to Ben White at right back.
Thomas Partey’s return saw an immediate upgrade to our midfield. Overall I think we look a different beast. There is size and stature to our side, we are dangerous at set pieces, we have pace on the wings, and a striker that doesn’t require a whole season to amount 4 goals.
I’ve been a strong advocate of the idea that performances will catch up to results and so far out of 7 performances we haven’t had 1 stinker. Even at Old Trafford we managed to impose ourselves on the game and at times our play reminded me of Man City’s.
Comparing that to how Tottenham who have just 1 less point for example, there were a lot more dodgy performances there and they were lucky in a number of games. We play them next and it will be a clash of styles, as well as another test.
Going to the international break with 18/21 points, sitting top of the pile and well deserved too, I am very happy. We’ve already reversed results at grounds like Palace and Brentford and opposition managers talk of us like title challengers. Vieira, and Thomas Frank said it, Rodgers mentioned us moving up a level, so there is something to it.
Once you are top, it is nice. You see how Arteta mentioned it. “They took it away from us and we wanted it back”. With 2 weeks of no PL football, we’ll be sitting top for well over a month. I’m not saying we’re going for a title challenge, but once you are there for a while, you don’t want to just let it go.
Our next 2 games are Tottenham and Liverpool at home. I am not afraid of those sides. Instead, for the first time in ages I am relishing the opportunity to play them, because I think we can win both games. I actually think we are the second best team in the league bar City at the moment, but we have to show it. 6 points from the next 2 games will send shockwaves throughout the league.
I am maybe getting a little ahead of myself, but I’ve been waiting for some good 10 years to be truly excited about Arsenal and I will ride the moment. And so should you.

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  1. I have a feeling that we will beat both Spurs and Liverpool. Have not felt like this in a long while. Go Gunners!

  2. Spurs at home is usually not hard for us. I hope we keep it that way.
    This season we’ve been far better than Liverpool as a team and the eye test and stats would say we should be winning that game. I know we should be winning it too, but my concern and worry is the mental fragility we’ve had against them.
    There’s something somewhat of this fear against them each time we’ve played them. I hope we win the Spurs and Liverpool games and continue to win our games from there. It’ll send shockwaves and teams would start to be afraid before even kicking the ball.
    I don’t think we will win the title also, most of the fans don’t think so, but we’re excited and eager to watch us play and keep winning. That’s what leads to winning a title or cups

    1. Spot on…
      I feel we do have some sort complex and fear when we face Liverpool and City..
      And with Liverpool we always have same story..
      We remain in the game till half time but loose it after the break…
      We should this in next 2 games

    2. I like how MA described NLD in his post match interview. ‘We’ve got an exciting games after the international break’
      That means he is eager not afraid

    3. Spuds just need to sit in their own half and launch deadly counter-attacks, as they usually did against us. Kane is one of the best CFs in the world and Son punished us several times before

      There are many predators in the box, but the ones who can frequently score from outside penalty box using both feet like Son is very rare. Holding couldn’t handle Son last time, so it’d be interesting to see how White and Saliba deal with him on the right wing

    4. @Eddie, you are right about the fear against Liverpool but we have some new players that are champions and not afraid of anybody( Gabriel Jesus and Zinchenko) who have given our old players the confidence they needed against any position, so bring it on Liverpool and let’s dismantle them…COYG…

  3. My only worry is with a team like Spars. Arteta seems not to have figured out how to beat teams that don’t come to play football but only revel in catching us in transitions. Spars beat us this way and have had an edge over Man City playing on the counter. Man U humbled us in the same way without making any attempts at playing football. Arteta should have a game plan to this antifootball style even if it means winning ugly, he should not always be wanting to impose our style on all teams.

    1. MA wouldn’t change his philosophy because it’s spurs, we beat them last season and the loss of Partey was massive in the second leg and against Utd, he is the only discipline holding midfield we have who can allow us play high line successfully without been exposed too much.

      Injury to key players has always been bad for any team, it’s a shame we couldn’t get Luiz deal done, hopefully Lokonga develop quickly and step up.

      Spur isn’t special, we can beat them if we have no key injury Partey especially

    2. Correct AK Kahi.
      Exactly my thoughts. What was wrong with getting a draw or a one nil win against Manure?
      Instead we played a high line exposing ourselves.
      He has to figure out how to play against Manure and Spurs counter attacking style.

  4. The most important is having all our players back fit from international break. We play high line and that’s why Partey is important, he is more disciplined than the likes of Lokonga, spurs are happy to seat back and hit on counter just like Utd, without Partey in that number 6, we would lose the NLD for sure.

    We have a crucial advantage this year over the big boys, because of our young squad, which means we have the luxury of keeping at least 50% of our squad from international competition and World Cup. I reckon only Partey, Jesus,Saka, Xhaka and Ramsdale might be heading to World Cup whereas all other top 6 teams would have 70-80% of their players in wc, with fatigue and injury heading into December pile of fixtures

  5. I am enthused by Fabio Viera our ‘new’ Santi Cazorla. If you look at Spurs imposters, Conte likes ‘big’ strong boring players. Good forwards though. Here we are beginning to have a really creative squad, and our new little ‘Fabio’ is our new little ‘Santi’. As Gabriel Jesus tweeted….’Dance’, we are not just footballers, we are dancers. Arsenal are Artists, and none more cultured than William Saliba. When Arteta tried to get rid of Saliba, Arteta lost me, now he has had the courage to bring him back, I have forgiven him. Saliba is a symbol of Arteta maturing. Instead of just discarding people, like he did with Ozil, Aubamayang, Guendouzi, he realised that hard heartedness needed to be tempered by wisdom and fairness, and Saliba is the result of that. Arteta forsook his own ego to do what is good and right, so I respect Arteta for that reversal. In a way young Ethan Nwaneri is Arteta showing his new ‘fatherly’ heart. Now Arsenal have started to ‘Dance’.

    1. SEAN, A GOOD POSITIVE POST TO READ! But I have to totally disagree on MA being hard hearted.
      I call it being positively practical. He had the wisdom to know that lazy non committed players and arrogant big headed trouble makers would be no use and harmful to the splendid team morale we now have. So he rightly got rid of all three . On that we will not agree even a bit.

      I PRESENT AS EVIDENCE for my view, the fact we are doing so well and our fabulous team spirit, unharmed by idlers and angst ddden big headed kids.


  6. Honestly just thinking about the games against Liverpool and Tottenham gives me goosebumps at least it’s at home who knows what will happen at anfield or white hart lane anyway that’s to faraway to think about

  7. I have a disturbing feeling that GJ will take a yellow card in the spurs game and then get to miss the liverpool game

  8. Great write up, I am excited that we are winning and our point is rising up, we have gotten 6 more points from our game last season( palace and Brentford), thanks to the board who supported Arteta in getting the players he wanted….. Great and happy day ahead till after international break…

  9. Yes big is big now Arsenal is a big team since 1996 according to history and they have to remain big. These players can make it if the manager use the well.

    1. Omor, Since “1996”? How little you know about our long and glorious history, much of it even before Wenger was born in 1949. let alone when taking charge in 1996.

      FYI, by 1949 we had already won the league title SIX times. You seem not to know even this easy to check FACT!

  10. I think I mentioned this before, but in those days I believe both Leslie and Denis Compton were playing for Arsenal.

    I met and spoke to Denis through his cricket connections, when he was guest speaker at one of my clubs AGM.

    After the speeches, back in the bar, Denis came around with the Jug, although not of Bitter, but rather Gin and Tonic!!

    A very nice gentleman!!!!

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