Brexit rules forces Arsenal into focusing on South American market

Arsenal will reportedly focus on the South American market after new Brexit rules made it harder to sign European talent.

The Gunners will spend the next few transfer windows trying to make sure they don’t break the new rules that come into force because the UK has left the European Union.

Football London reports that the Gunners are getting to grips with the latest regulations and it now makes it easier for them to tap talent from other continents.

Arsenal landed Gabriel Martinelli from the unknown Brazilian side, Ituano in 2019 and he has been a brilliant addition to their squad.

The report says they will now explore more talent from Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

This is because bringing players from those nations would be easier for Premier League teams, as they can qualify for Governing Body Endorsement (GBE).

This route makes it easier to sign a player who is a fully-fledged international. 

However, if the player isn’t, they can qualify by accumulating at least 15 points, depending on the quality of their league.

The leagues in the aforementioned three countries are considered in the higher bracket apparently.

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  1. OT.. What a night in the CL!! Foden’s the man…
    Real Madrid’s bus was damaged on arrival at Anfield – the only damage Pool caused tonight 🤣🤣🤣

    1. Don’t forget about the damage they continue to do to the club’s reputation. They’ve now done this to city and real, why aren’t the media/the officials/people in general making a bigger deal of this? I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist but its hard not to feel that if it were a different club it would be handled much differently.

  2. But what are the latest regulations making it more difficult to sign players from Europe rather than South America? The article does not explain this? Presumably the rules are the same for all clubs, not just Arsenal?

    1. So, Edu. Over to you to start earning your wages and delivering.
      Just a quick heads up- try looking more at Martinelli types as opposed to Willian and Luiz. It might just keep you in a job you are struggling to hold onto at the moment.

  3. I agree, its not clear. What it basically boils down to is that is now just as hard to sign a player from Europe was it is from South America, as all players will be subject to the same requirements, whereas it was much easier before as people from within the EU had freedom of movement. South American countries also tend to hand out caps to younger players more freely (particularly in the case of Brazil), so they have a headstart in the points-based system as this is one of the criteria. Additionally players can earn points based on the number of minutes they have played for their clubs, which are weighted depending on the strength of the league they compete in. The bands are as follows: band 1 includes the top leagues in Spain, Germany, Italy and France, band 2 Portugal, Belgium and Turkey, band 3 Brazil and Argentina, band 4 MLS, band 5 Poland and Denmark, with band 6 being all others. Thus players playing regularly in Brazil or Argentina can accumulate more points than in the european nations not mentioned that would fall into band 6. Again teams in these nations are also more likely to field youngsters increasing their points really further. All of this, coupled with lower transfer fees and wage demands makes it more economically viable to look for players from those markets.

    1. Sorry, that list of bands was only partial: here is the full list from the FA directive:
      Band 1 means the English Premier League, the Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1.
      Band 2 means the Portuguese Primeira Liga, Eredivisie, Belgian First Division A, the Turkish Super Lig
      and the English Championship.
      Band 3 means the Russian Premier League, Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, Primera División of
      Argentina, Liga MX and the Scottish Premiership.
      Band 4 means the Czech First League, Croatian First Football League, the Swiss Super League, La Liga
      2, Bundesliga 2, Ukrainian Premier League, the Greek Superleague, the Colombian Categoría Primera
      A, the USA’s Major League Soccer, the Austrian Football Bundesliga and Ligue 2.
      Band 5 means the Serbian SuperLiga, the Danish Superliga, the Polish Ekstraklasa, the Slovenian
      PrvaLiga, the Chilean Primera División, the Uruguayan Primera División and the Chinese Super
      So in terms of points its easier to sign a player from the Argentine, Brazilian or Mexican top divisions than say the Czech, Polish or Swiss leagues.

  4. How strangely convenient in light of our recent predilection towards all players Brazilian…weird, I haven’t heard other English clubs yammering about the need to turn their transfer attentions overseas…personally I don’t care where we acquire our future talent from just as long as we do their due diligence…if done properly, which certainly isn’t a given considering our track record, maybe this could be a more cost effective approach when it comes to transfer fee and wage expectations…maybe we should send a team of scouts to South America pronto to start making some significant inroads…my bad, I forgot we fired everyone

    1. I don’t understand how we can complain that arsenal have signed duds “without doing their due diligence” and then complain that the club have recognised this and changed the model.

  5. Perhaps we should turn our attention to the “home” market which includes Scotland where there are currently two gems in Nathan Patterson of Rangers and Josh Doug of Hibs.Both 19, a RB and LB, positions which we need to strenghen.I assume Edu has overall responsibility for scouting in the UK if indeed we still have any scouts, in which case is he aware that considerable talents are out there.Bellingham is an example to name but one.I am not convinced by Edu but let’s see what he can produce in the next transfer window.

    1. Everyone was aware of Bellingham, its not like he came in under the radar. Arsenal and United both reportedly tried to sign him, he chose Dortmund

  6. Re Bellingham, he is exactly the type of player we should be signing, not wasting mountains of cash on the wages of Willian .

    1. I get that, but by all accounts we did try to sign him but he chose another club, there’s nothing you can do about that. Haaland was also pictured at our training ground so It would suggest that we are identifying these players but they are choosing other options. It would be great if we could pick and choose whatever players we wanted but it doesn’t work like that. If you are saying that we should try to follow the Dortmund/RB Leipzig model of identifying young talent then i wholeheartedly agree, and perhaps with this statistical/video analysis model that Is what the club are trying to acheive.

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