Bright lights? Bumps in the road? Get a grip please, Arteta?

Arteta seeing lights. by Konstantin Mitov

Honestly, lovely Arsenal people, the interviews coming out of the club are getting more and more bizarre. First it was Edu kind of telling us there is no target for the club, and now it’s the manager saying this: “I can really see the light. I’m telling you I’m very positive most of the time. I’ve seen the light and I can see bright lights. There can be bumps in the road within that light, but I can see a lot of light.”

It’s been 20 months. Why are in such a dark place that we have to look for lights? Last week he said that the 2 weeks in which we were bottom of the league were the best in his career? Is he a professional Tottenham fan, to be this happy about it? Better than winning the FA Cup?

He also managed to say last week that he wanted to “blame the players”. We finished 1 point off the top 4 under Emery with Mustafi and Sokratis as our CB pairing. We also reached the Europa League final that season.

You cannot blame the players when you haven’t achieved anything as a manager. Besides, the squad is far better than the results it has. Thomas Partey is the kind of midfielder we haven’t had since Gilberto. Aubameyang and Lacazette cost us over 100 million and we’ve turned them into in 10 goals a season strikers.

Pepe is a player who can take players 1 on 1 and curl a shot. I remember times where we didn’t have one clear winger and played number 10s on the wing. Complaining about this squad, after being backed by 150 million pounds is weak.

I am so desperate to be passionate about Arsenal. I used to watch and read everything related to the club, but when the manager starts talking nonsense I just can’t be bothered.

I was actually impressed with Arteta’s first press conference. Then he looked calm and confident like a man in control. Now he looks desperate, talking in riddles.

I’ve worked for people and when they breed confidence and do things right it brings results, and people get on board and they follow, because they believe. When my bosses were chatting gibberish I stopped bothering, because I didn’t believe.

Exactly the same thing applied when I started managing people. I was trusted when what I said was followed by actions that produced results. Right now, hearing what Edu and Arteta say I wish they kept quiet. If you are a player at the club, how would you feel with such statements?

Is it really so hard to say, “we have no excuses, we need to get the results now”? Or just say “we need to do our talking on the football pitch”. Or just admit “we made mistakes, but we’ve changed some things on the training ground to get the results”.

We don’t need to be sold more projects. We tried project youth before, then tried the “British” core, we tried buying old and “experienced” players and look at where we are now. Arsenal fans have been extremely patient.

The sad thing is we don’t sack managers because our results are poor, we do it because the atmosphere gets toxic. It got such under Wenger, then Emery and now Arteta is just one defeat from everything falling apart again.

Everyone wants Conte, but be honest, would he behave so cowardly and tolerate such cowardly behaviour? I doubt it. And would the people who hired Arteta and Edu do such a bold move? It’s the Kroenkes who are the bottom-line issue, and I guarantee you that suitors won’t be missing should the club be put up for sale. But that is a topic for another time…


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  1. This is such a strange article. Arteta said those things because he was asked specific questions. He was about whether he sees light? What is he supposed to say? Hmmm???

    I’m sorry that certain fans are now finding problems when there is no problem. Look, when we lose, sure criticize some things. But don’t try to look for faults in mere words out of context, especially since no one can mind read.

  2. Give it a rest man, this constant bashing of Arteta is not helpful. Let’s give Arteta a proper chance with his full squad, at least 5-10 games. Am actually excited to see our new look defence. Ramsdale, Tierney, Gabby, White & Tomi..I see no obvious weak link like before!

    1. He lives to bash Arteta. Any win I bet chokes him and makes a bad day for him. I am quite sure he is always on his knees praying for an Arsenal loss so he can bash Arteta. If he finds no reason to I am also sure he may fall sick.

    2. Real chance? What duration are you talking about? The guy has never achieved anything special in his coaching career. Why do you have hope that he’ll do something special this time

      1. Armoury Against Burnley I hope we win BUT and there is always a BUT I think personally we have BOB HOPE or NO HOPE we have to stop WOOD and Barnes performing to stand a chance

  3. Please, no more negativity until we get another defeat. Arteta still has a few chances to bring us up until we visit Anfield in November

    90% of your articles are intoxicated to the glory-hunting fans. The toxicity is appealing to juveniles, immature adults and short-tempered people, but it will only drag us further down

    According to ESPN, Juventus are interested in acquiring Lacazette for a cutdown price in the winter transfer window. If that happens, we could get a new CF in January

    1. According to sky bet Arteta is favourite to be the first PL manager sacked ,if that happens we could get a new manager in January .
      A new shiny CF and a proper manager now that would be brilliant.

      1. Based on the fixtures, the first EPL manager to be sacked should’ve been Steve Bruce or Daniel Farke

        If we win against Burnley and draw against Spuds, Arteta will survive till the trip to Anfield

        1. Arteta and his team have what it takes to beat Burnly. The team should be drilled in their training to be ready for physical battle with Burnly players.. Liverpool coach-J. Klopp refers to playing Burnly like rugby game. I think Arteta can adapt a 3-4-2-1 or 4-3-3 formation effectively with players available to him. I guess it will be a narrow win for Arsenal. Considering Burnly lost to Everton on Monday, Arsenal won’t find the match easy.

          1. Yes, Dyche would most likely use long balls to his target men in the first half. This is why I’d prefer to start the game with Magalhaes, Tomiyasu and Tavares

  4. The next 5-6 games are crucial. We should get atleast 15 points from the next 6 games. I agree our defence looks much better now, Ramsdale looks quite confident in his box and lets hope for the best. One thing, Pepe is slightly uncomfortable on the right side and lets see whether and how Arteta tackles that problem. Both he and Saka cannot play on the left. Also, I would love to see Laca play just behind Auba and his hold up play will increase our shots on goal resulting in more goals. Lets be calm and confident and take it game by game. Attitude and mindset in the right sense are very important for our players to achieve success, the talent is definitely there.

    1. Agree and i am going to be really positive, i expect 18 points from our next 6 games and 21 points from our next 7. We have a better squad than all. Then a free hit against Liverpool, for all our good work.

      1. Three positives from this article :

        1. At last someone is questioning how UE and AW got results with Mustafi and Sokratis in the side, along with all the other so called 30 odd “dross” players that have departed.
        2. At last others are seeing what a negative “fan” Konstantine is.
        3. Mikel Arteta speaks in riddles…just as Eric Cantona did – and he was a great success!!!!
        Clutching at anything at the moment 😂😂 let’s hope we don’t get bullied and lose Saturday – otherwise we can expect another doom laden article, with all the answers laid out for anyone to read.

  5. Awful article. It is based on nothing and says nothing. Please Konstantin TRY to base your almost daily Arteta abuse on less pointless arguments. Your posts all too often are a total waste of words. There are plenty of valid criticisms to be levelled at Arteta out there, but this is not one of them.

    1. People like Arteta can only survive at place like arsenal where they prefer treatment to prevention! At arsenal they are more reactive than proactive and that’s the reason we are in ascendency. Arteta is at arsenal not on merit it’s people like Per Metersack who played a big role in bringing Arteta to us.

  6. I agree wholeheartedly with the article and any normal person would. Its not made up in anyway and factual. Better than some of the dreamy stuff on here. Reality is not always better than fiction but at least you cant disagree with it. You may not like it but it is true.

  7. How ironic to read about “lights” from a writer who loves to revel in the dark . Dark, in his constant relentless negativity for the club he professes to love (and presumably also “support”?).
    I think this doomladen writer – about all I can praise is his undoubted ability to use negative and emotive phrases so well(albeit only from his own point of view) – would be well advised to start supporting our club and stop alienating decent PROPER supporters with this constant NEGATIVE tripe, roughly once a week on JA.

    Good writers do not keep banging the same old worn out drum and find something original and thought provoking to say!

  8. It seems some JA’s cannot cope with criticism of Arteta. What world are you in? Considering Arteta’s history over the last year and a half, considering the poor, poor football, of course JA has critical Arteta articles. We don’t live in muted Belarus, and critique is what keeps us free. JA is a quality site, BECAUSE it has no fear in publishing a wide spectrum of opinions.

  9. Whoever hired Arteta should release him with immediate effect. Arsenal is playing boring football and it’s losing, after spending too much money. By giving Arteta the job, was a mistake. This mistake needs to be rectified by showing him the exit door

  10. I suspect that Arteta has resorted to Alcohol,that is why he has been making some strange statements like having his best weeks as manager when we were bottom of the table&now seeing the light…pray for him’

  11. no matter what never say “Is he a professional Tottenham fan, to be this happy about it” to an FORMER ARSENAL CAPTAIN he guided us to an fa cup trophy and we all loved him as a player

    he might be doing a bad job but never say that

  12. Arteta is the worst manager in our history as the manager.A petty guy with a lot of mediocrity with no clue how to field the best possible eleven.
    A guy who always benches Lacazate when we have no better C.F than him?
    I’ll celebrate the day he leaves because i am sure that with his mentality we will forever be an average club which we do not deserve

      1. Hi Marty
        That shows how poor Arteta is when put in the same category as Wright. We don’t need a torch to see the Sun….Arteta is a poor manager it’s clear to see. A year and a half and our football is still poor.

        1. Hi Sean,
          Yeh agree Arteta is a poor manager at the moment. Just pointing out to Cliff that we have probably had some worst managers in the past, Wright, Swindin and a few others going further back. Of course they were different times so it is hard to actually say who has been our absolutely worse manager.

  13. Give us results please. At least 19 points from next eight games, and after that ditch the horrible sideways, backwards and nowhere show. Arteta ball is aimless and only inspires negativity.

  14. I do not like Arteta as manager as I’ve seen nothing in the last 18 months to suggest we’re going to be a top 4 team, let alone win the premiership or challenge for the champions league.
    That is not to say I don’t support the team, we have got some good players but I think a better manager would get far more out of the players than Arteta does. I have become so disillusioned watching the way we play it borders on boredom. Being Negative or positive doesn’t really come into it for me, I see what I see and just hope one day I can see the same light as Arteta.

  15. On the flip side Arsenal were virtually guaranteed top4 in Spring under Emery and lost heavily and embarrassingly in Baku. It’s like me singing Arteta’s praises because he won the FA Cup and got rid of a certain group of players, when instead we are now needing a bit of true grit and a winning mentality. Neither Emery or the FACup are relevant anymore. It is what happens from now on.

    There are new players who have generally been given the seal of approval on JA and existing players returning to full fitness. After such a dreadful start the win against Norwich was understandably nervy but that is where excuses should end. That win really must have steadied the nerves. If not then Arteta is up a gum tree. To read endless negativity in an article, then brings on a plethora of negative posts from those who feel the same. It may well go the wrong way but until it does I’m keeping positive. I’m not looking for trouble until it hits me on the chin.

    My biggest concern is that the toxicity levels within the supporters then rubs off on match day which is the last thing any of us want

    1. @Sue p,I respect u but understand that a half decent manager would do a far much better job at arsenal than arteta.That guy is a fraud

      1. A fraud is the wrong word to use. I can accept not good enough but a fraud is a deceitful person and I have no reason to doubt his integrity

      2. You may respect sue but you obviously have no respect for our manager.

        Glass houses come to mind. Can you do a better job? And would you want to be judged 4 games into a new season?

  16. Arteta has got rid of players who if we are honest weren’t very good, the contracts and high wages was crippling the club . I’m not a fan of MA
    But he inherited a club going nowhere if he was to get sacked tomorrow i would thank him for laying out the foundations for the new manager for giving him something to start with,
    When Arteta took over he had nothing no top manager in the world could have gotten anything from the players ma inherited.
    He has had a very challenging 18 months pundits, fans and media has abuse and insulted him. Trying to win football matches and clearing out the dead wood is not easy, that’s why the board is not going sack him because its a long term project but us fans we want results now I’m just as frustrated as everyone else but the clearing out was necessary for the foundations to be built and a new era on the pitch can begin.

    1. There isn’t a new era under Arteta, he has us in the bottom half of the table, the era starts when he does something, if he can do something. We are not in any Arteta era. Unless you call what we have now an era.

      1. Hi reggie
        I don’t believe i actually said a new era under Arteta but someone had to clean up the mess and it happened to be him and i believe whoever comes in will have a better foundation to start from then what Arteta inherited.

        1. Laurie
          You didn’t say it’s a new era. But of course it is. Edu and Arteta have clearly laid out a strategy.
          As you yourself have alluded to, Arteta has started “cleaning up the mess” mostly left by others.
          He has signed some new exciting young players and we will now see if he can mould the current squad into a great side.

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