Brighton chief gives financial insight as Arsenal close on wage agreement

Brighton chief executive Paul Barber has revealed the extent of the losses to clubs amidst the current world climate, while Arsenal are believed to be close to an agreement with players to agree to a wage cut.

The Gunners are amongst those with the larger wage bills at present, and one who has come under the spotlight with their owners believed to have raked profits in over the years.

Mikel Arteta is believed to have waded into the talks to persuade players to agree terms on a 10% wage cut, before adding incentive bonuses for players depending on their qualification in Europe, and further bonuses should they win in Europe.

The Brighton chief has revealed just how deep the financial situation is however, with their retail and all matchday incomes seemingly wiped off at present, despite all costs remaining.

Barber said: “The shock to the system has been huge. There’s so many people losing their jobs, so many people facing very difficult times ahead that it would be wrong for us not to pause for a moment and reflect upon how we run it.

“I think this crisis has been a ride awakening for all of us. To see your business effectively closed down overnight, incomes ceased from match day, non match day, retail, everything effectively stopped.

“But our costs of course have rolled on and it’s a big shock to the system and it makes you think very hard about the business: where you spend the money, how you earn the money, the costs you incur week to week.

“I’m sure the whole of football will take the chance to reflect on what has been such a big shock to the system.

“I’m sure there will be some impact on the next transfer window, maybe the next two or three, but we all know the best players want to play for the best clubs in the best league and eventually there will be some normality that returns to the market.”

Barber’s comments certainly bring some of the financial costs into light, especially when you consider that incomes across the board will have stopped.

Did the Brighton chief open your eyes to some of the costs that you hadn’t previously considered? Do you think this will see FFP regulations further enforced in future or could we see a temporary relaxing to boost the game?


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  1. Geoff says:

    Patrick,I think you’ll find that it’s been reported that the players have agreed a 12.5% cut

  2. SueP says:

    I think my eyes were already open and I never want to see the wanton escalation of salaries and transfer fees again.

    I’m sure the money merry go round will begin turning again in the future but in the meantime sense must prevail surely. It would be a tragedy for football up and down the country if clubs folded

  3. stevo says:

    The players have a “greed” a 12.5 % pay cut.
    They will be devastated.
    But if Arsenal make the EL the cut will be just 7%.
    If Arsenal make the CL there will be no cuts.
    Arsenal will make the EL at least so it is most likely
    to be 7% or less.
    Pepe will slump to 130k p/w
    Kola will have to cut costs on 110k p/w
    Lacazette will struggle on 167k p/w
    Poor Ozil will be unable to cope on 325k p/w
    Tough tough time for our heroes.
    One thing is for sure none of them will be leaving any time soon with no club willing to pay any where near their present salaries.
    “Present” being the operative word

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