Brighton hours away from signing long-term Arsenal target

Brighton is now hours away from beating Arsenal to the signature of Odsonne Edouard.

The Frenchman has been a long-term target for Arsenal, who was serious about signing him last summer.

They remained interested but with so many attackers to work with at the club and their inability to offload one of the likes of Alexandre Lacazette and Eddie Nketiah means that they will continue to miss out.

He had also been targeted by Leicester City, where he would have been reunited with Brendan Rodgers.

However, Todofichajes reports that Brighton has won the race for his signature ahead of next season.

The Seagulls play one of the most exciting styles of football in the Premier League, but goals have been scarce and the report says he will become the next man to try and help them get more goals.

The report adds that the former PSG youngster will join Graham Potter’s side for around 24m euros.

This development suggests that Arsenal has probably turned their attention towards other targets with the likes of Tammy Abraham also on their radar.

Adding another striker to the squad without selling some of their current options won’t be a good thing for Mikel Arteta’s side.

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  1. This is how Brighton will spend their 20M profit, the exact amount we overpaid on the Ben White deal. On the other hand, our offer for Tammy Abrahams is 40M, two times the amount for the Celtic striker. Typical Arsenal business. Brighton will be smiling all the way to the bank.

    1. If we hadn’t offered the reported fee, we wouldn’t be signing White… then the criticism would be that we (kronkie of course) were to tight and “another target” was missed.
      As for the article, I have never seen any official news that we were interested or placed a bid for this player…. Still we can all moan about another missed opportunity in order to keep the negativity going!!!!

      1. Damned if we do, damned if we dont Ken!
        Imagine the outcry if after Sanchez left we had refused Ozil’s “ransome” demands and he had left. Similarly with Auba just before he had last season’s nightmare. An overwhelming majority of fans demanded they be given new contracts whatever it cost.

        We have incredibly fickle and retrospectively wise fanbase! lol

        1. Guy, I would add irresponsible to that last sentence!!!

          RFrancis, I would suggest that JF’S reply to your post, sums it up perfectly… although I would have couched it in a less combative format.
          MA has long made it clear that he wants White.. like you I’m not sure why, but he is building HIS squad and we must get behind him – think how foolish we would be if we don’t!!?!

      2. Your argument would be entirely sound, Ken1945 if White/CB was considered a priority target. As far as I know, the priority was – and still is – midfield. There was no need to break the bank with another CB, just to donate a new striker to Brighton.

        1. RFrancis , you are incapable of seeing that WHITE clearly IS a priority , since MA has relentless sought his transfer and put in increasing bids until we now seem to have him.
          If that is NOT a priority then what else is? You tell me !

          Of course it is not YOUR priority as we all know but last time I LOOKED YOU WERE NOT ARSENAL MANAGER! . AND EXTREMELY GLAD I am about that, you non supporter , though you may well be JUST ANOTHER keyboard warrior fan.

          1. White, a priority? A player who is weak in the air, weak at defending set plays and known for coughing up possession of the ball in his own box. Why did we commit close to 30M on young Saliba over two years ago? Don’t forget, I was the “key board warrior fan” who vehemently opposed the Willian deal before it was signed and predicted it would fail.

          2. RFrancis your post is merely your own opinion and I repeat , you are not our manager and it is fact not opinion that for MA he clearly IS a priority signing, whether or not you agree.Only a stubborn fool could possibly argue that to MA he is not a priority.
            And you are surely not a stubborn fool, are you!

          3. So now you can read MY mind as well then?!?!
            What an extraordinary person you are, waffling away at every opportunity and yet… still no sign of the promised best selling article from, what, two months ago that was going to be such a revelation to us all… no real surprise though!!!

            It’s not what I can or cannot do, it’s what MA thinks and does that matters and he has made three bids for White… now doesn’t that mean he sees him as, at the very least, a player he wants to sign?

            Whether you, I or anyone else believes it is a good idea, is completely irrelevant to what BHA do with the money they receive AND if the said player they might sign, was ever in MA’s thoughts… hope that makes it easier for you to understand, but I somehow doubt it.

        2. Good on you RF for not kowtowing to this brood of browbeating hypocrites…although each of them employ a differing approach when on the offensive, they do share one common trait, they never let logic get in the way of their respective rants, should it not fit their particular narrative

          although I don’t care so much about the fact that Brighton might use the unjustified bounty they received from us, for their 3rd best defender no less, to secure the services of Edouard, I do concur with your line of logic regarding the misuse of the term “priority” and your justifiable concerns about just what White brings to the table, in light of our present deficiencies

          of course, I hope the White acquisition proves to be a wise one, but these 3 can talk until their blue in the face and it will never change the fact that at season’s end no one was talking about the notion that investing heavily in a CB, especially a relatively unknown and unproven one, was a high priority; in fact, Arteta spoke at length about our on loan 30M defender getting a fair shot…keep it real “warrior”

          1. Bluster, bluster and more bluster once again Vera😂😂

            Being selected as part of the euro squad doesn’t make one “fairly unknown”, at least not in the eyes of MA – but you obviously think you know better as usual.

            Still the promised article is on it’s way I presume, or is that just more verbal diarrhoea?

          2. make sure you don’t forget that his participation, if you want to call it that, was based on an injury to Arnold…once again, your narrative, so you conveniently omit important facts…not to mention, before his inclusion, you couldn’t have picked him out of a police lineup even if everyone else were facing the wrong way

      3. Exactly KEN ! If your intention is negativity , as it definitely is for so many who laughable call themselves”supporters”., then it is easy to find fault with every possible move, whether actual or only predictedmove, that MA ever does or ever did.

        As I wrote in a post earlier today, “WHEN BIAS IS PRESENT , TRUTH HIDES”.
        That is I sincerely believe, a very apt and sadly true saying that applies to RFrancis above and to many other of our so called “supporters”.

        They may well be fans but being SUPPORTERS, means actually supporting and that is not something that is on the agenda of these “I demand instant success now and for ever” so called “supporters”.

  2. Next headline: Arsenal beaten by Brighton to second rate striker who played for a team that wouldn’t win our league 2🙂

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