Brighton v Arsenal – Preview, Line-Up and Score prediction

Arsenal beat Brighton 2-0 at the Emirates earlier in the season, but at the time the Gunners were on an unbeaten run of ten games at home, while Brighton had gained only one point on the road and were favourites for relegation, but this match has a completely different complexion looking at recent form.

Let us start with Arsenal’s last six away games….

Hmm not the sort of figures that would fill Arsenal fans with confidence, and our players are rather lacking in that department at the moment as well, but how well have Brighton been doing in the meantime?

Brighton have also managed to draw both of their last two away games so they are now unbeaten in six matches.

And also, of course Arsene Wenger and his side haven taken a lot of bashing in the media, and more worryingly on the field. Not only have the Gunners lost their last two matches against City they have also lost their last 3 away games, and confidence is at an all-time low. “[Our past two results] have taken out confidence and brought big disappointment,” Wenger said. “In football, as I said yesterday, you lose confidence very quickly and you regain it very slowly.

“You have to always show that kind of strength not to give in. In organisations when big kinds of disappointments come, they divide and they split. Our experience has to help us to stay together and focus on the next games.”

Wenger obviously believes that we can bounce back, and this is his blueprint for regaining our confidence: “First of all by analysing everything in an objective way.The game [against Man City] was not all negatives – there were a lot of positives in that game. The size of the score, it’s always tempting to think it was all rubbish, which was not the case. You have to take perspective, sit back, look at the whole picture and analyse really where we were poor and where we were strong, and insist on the strong points and get rid of the weak points that we have shown.”

Our biggest weak point this season has been our defence and to make it worse, we have lost our most consistent defender in Nacho Monreal, and are looking even more fragile at the back, so I have a feeling that Wenger will try and pack our back line again with the 5-man set up.. With Lacazette still out as well, I am hoping that the Boss continues with welbeck instead of Iobi, he looked much sharper in the home game against City.

Here is my line-up prediction….

Bellerin  Chambers Mustafi  Koscielny  Kolasinac
Xhaka Ramsey
Welbeck Ozil

As for the score, it is very hard to be confident, but Brighton are not Man City and the players and Wenger are playing for their futures and need a positive reaction desperately. I’ll go for a repeat of our early season result and say 2-0 to the Arsenal…

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  1. If Mkhitaryan is healthy, I think Wenger would use him, instead of Welbeck:

    …..Chambers . Mustafi . Koscielny
    Bellerin . Xhaka . Ramsey . Kolasinac
    ……….Mkhitaryan ….. Ozil

    It’s just Brighton, a squad that is much cheaper than Arsenal’s

  2. We will win. But, please arsenal players don’t celebrate when score goal. At least show ur disappointment.

  3. I’m afraid I have absolutely no faith in the team just now and fear another massively damaging defeat.

  4. This is more the Arsenal level.
    Picking a big win.
    Brighton 2 Arsenal 7
    Bellerin Holding Mustafi Niles
    Nelson Ramsey Ozil Iwobi
    Aubameyang Nketiah.

  5. What are they playing for?
    Arsenal have nothing to play for and their confidence is non-existent. I also don’t think that are playing for their manager anymore.
    Brighton are far from safe from relegation and have premiership football and the spoils it brings to fight for.They also have home advantage.
    I am going to a brighton win – a win that will place further pressure on our manager who apparently lives in the reality of our situation but still fails to do the decent and unselfish thing and leave..

  6. We didn’t turn up & perform against City at Wembley in the cup final, so why the hell would we against Brighton at the Amex?????

    1. If the players dosent turn up for this match it becomes quite clear that they no longer play for the manager, and want him to resign. Just like most of us fans…..

  7. we will win sadly and hardly, i am going for 2-1 for us, but its the post-match interview with wenger that will hurt me the most, (we showed a great determination and confidence) yes gentleman this is wenger

  8. I honestly think, we will loose, but we may get away with a draw.
    I think, the most exciting will be how we line up.
    Would Wenger throw in a couple youngsters in a desperate move to show he is capable of changing things and to have an excuse afterwards? Or maybe to save players for the Europa League?
    Either or, we are in such a mess, I do think a loss is the most likely.

  9. …in many ways this game’s a nothing game – win. lose or draw our position remains the same.
    one thing’s for sure our offensive game is more than a match for the seagulls. i cannot envisage us losing to brighton, a draw maybe… but no gooner believes we’ll give up 3pts to them.

  10. Players should not play according to whether they like the manager or not, a problem Chelsea had with Moanrino recently.

    They should be playing for the club and fans, but having stated that if the situation is as toxic as what we are led to believe, in that there is no guidance from a coaching point of view, then the players downing tools to force necessary change may be understandable.

    But that could make matters worse if Kronke does not care to do the right thing.

  11. Hoping for a brighton win just to stick the final nail in wengers coffin and get this deluded manager out of our once great club that has now become a laughing stock!! Wenger out and now come on brighton!!

  12. Bellerin and Ramsay must be rested for the Milan match.Surely Chambers and Holding will get an opportunity against Brighton with little at stake.Maitland Niles and Kolasinac should complete the back four.Despite my wishes i,m pretty sure the dynamic duo of Mustafi and Xhaka will play.

  13. I think Arsenal will win and by a surprisingly large margin.

    My guess is:
    Brighton 1 Arsenal 5

    Then we crash back to reality against AC Milan.

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