Brighton v Arsenal Review – The Gunners get one point in an awful match

Unai Emery kept his promise of not resting players ahead of Liverpool and after seeing Tottenham and Liverpool wipe out their opponents today, we really needed a strong team to keep us in the title race. We started quickly and that man Aubameyang nearly put us in front after just 4 minutes, but Matt Ryan pulled of a brilliant tip over the bar.

But Auba was in the mood and just a few minutes later he made no mistake when Laca gave him a great pass in the box. It certainly looked like it was going to be a good day for the Gunners. Brighton looked very tired and on the ropes and they simply couldn’t get hold of the ball from a very comfortable-looking Arsenal side, but they seemed to wake up half-way through the half and were nearly awarded a goal when Murray bundled it over the line out of Leno’s hands but the ref was having none of it.

But Brighton were raring to get an equalizer suddenly, but Auba nearly punished them another two times, but crazily a long ball over the top fails to get cleared by Lichtsteiner and Locadia takes it around Leno, and the Seagulls are back in the game totally against the run of play. Arsenal were shocked not to hold on to a lead yet again and they go into the break with the score at 1-1.

Mesut Ozil had started the game, but hardly had any effect, despite Arsenal having 70% possession so it was no surprise when Iwobi replaced the German at half-time. The Gunners look to have had the fight knocked out of them, and Emery makes another change bringing on Ramsey for Lacazette. The Frenchman was playing well and won’t be happy about that.

But nothing seems to help and we seemed to be strolling around the pitch and letting Brighton hold on to it when they wanted. But there was very little action other than a couple of half-chances for the home side. We didn’t manage another shot on target except for one rebound of Iwobi that nearly trickled past Ryan with just a few minutes to go, but the Gunners would hardly have deserved to get a winner on this performance.


  1. GunnerUp says:

    Same old same ol. Can’t defend…Can’t score…Can’t make it into the top 4…No structure in defense. Unable to get a single corner at our player. Auba wastes too much in every game. Torreira is just amazing, happy with Lacazette too, and Guendozi. Opta! How many times do we lose the ball in the final third compared to Man City. Just too dam careless

    1. gotanidea says:

      Didn’t see Torreira defend and intercept as he used to do. He is a good DM with excellent ball control, but he is not as creative as Cazorla

      1. RSH says:

        why would you expect Torreira to be as creative as Cazorla though? And he still delivered a great ball for Aubameyang today that he shouldve scored from.

        1. Sue says:

          I think Torreira held back a bit today

          1. JJPawn says:

            Played it close to his chest, he did. Or, was he outdone for pace?

            Palace have some really good players with speed and purpose. Poach them in January. Without attacking speed, it is no use having Ozil, whose skills are wasted. Put Ozil in the middle at United, and watch them win the EPL.

    2. Adepholly says:

      Fellas, we cannot be playing thIs way and expect to make top 4. Since this manager had started playing guendoze and pushing Torreira forward , our way of playing had changed from attacking football to backward play. Few matches without mustafi had shown how important is the guy to our team. Nobody could get contact with all the corners played in these few matches.
      It’s my prayer that bellerin and mustafi come back before Liverpool match if we play this way again Liverpool, am afraid! We might suffer the greatest humiliation in recent years.

  2. gotanidea says:

    I don’t think Lichtsteiner and Koscielny can maintain their physical conditions to compete in EPL. Ozil is simply ineffective as a winger in an away match

    Torreira is no Cazorla and Guendouzi showed high mobility, but he needs to be more aware of his surroundings

    Lacazette and Aubameyang made a good effort, but it was not enough. I hope these players are pumped up when they meet Liverpool, because Liverpool would not waste opportunities like Brighton

    1. enagic says:

      I said that before, and i am going to say it again, Arsenal lack creativity since Santi left and you dont have to be football expert to see that and the only hope we have is to get Banega and Denis Suarez this coming january and probably Sarr, pepe and Cengiz. Kosy and Litchs dont have legs anymore and thats the biggest risk we are taking like wenger when he used to count on Mert and another RB and CB is a must if we want to secure 4th otherwise kiss goodbye.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Ismaila Sarr and Denis Suarez could be good options for new RW and AM

        But Reiss Nelson is also good as an RW, so maybe it would be better to call him back and he also has strong right foot (Sarr is taller though)

        1. John Ibrahim says:

          good RW?

          didnt fans concluded last season that hes not a winger?

    2. sol says:

      This Lichtsteiner guy..couldnot defend or attack…useless

      1. JJPawn says:

        He was one of Emery’s players! He has to be great!

  3. You take off tour striker in a game that you need to score goals. Unbelievable!!!

    1. Sandziso says:

      Unbelievable indeed

  4. RSH says:

    I kind of expected this result. Arsenal rode their luck first half of the seasons by scoring late goals against pretty average sides. And now with injuries we just look worse and are less capable of getting back into games. A lot of these players are not good enough. Lichtsteiner had a bad game, Leno starting to make big mistakes, and Ozil’s contract just needs to be terminated. Emery should know better by now not to start him in away matches. He’s pathetic. Maitland Niles cameo was awful as well. Also the Lacazette subbing needs to stop. Aubameyang instantly disappeared as soon as his partner got subbed. Zero chance we get in top 4. We have far too many issues and we need wingers, midfielders, and defenders that are better than what we have. If Emery can only manage fifth I wouldn’t blame him. These aren’t his players and I’m sure he’d want a ton of them off this summer.

    1. FootballisTrivial says:

      Yeah I don’t understand Lacazette substitution. He would have been much better than Iwobi who was useless, ugh.
      And Ozil. Someone should kick his arse out of the club. He thinks tracking back and marking is beneath him. He could have prevented that goal by running back but no he was jogging. It’s not like he delivers in the attacking sector every other game. No. He turns up once in a while and is almost non existent when the other players put pressure on him and don’t give him space.

    2. Eddie Hoyte says:

      You guys should stop making excuses for Emery!! Today’s dropped point was on him!! His substitutions were nonsense!! I don’t get the tactics.. Today we played without Wingbacks, No wingers and full time we played without any Wingers at all!! It’s like we played this game for 1 points.. Why can’t Lacazette play a full game!! Using Torreira today was so wrong, Torreira didn’t play like Torreira!! You’re finding a goal and then 61 minutes you get off Lacazette!! Emery should f**k off!!!

      1. RSH says:

        I defend him because I expect an overreaction like yours. You expect magic from him and that a horrible squad can magically turn into a top 4 squad. I agree he had bad subs today but how many subs did he make the first half of this season that turned out to be spot on. Hope you weren’t celebrating in those games since he’s so horrible according to you. Klopp made a ton of bad decisions his first season at Liverpool but LFC fans stuck by him and now they are favorites for winning the title this season. You can’t tell Emery to go away after just half a damn season when he is following up a 20+ year reign from a manager that left him with a half-complete squad that had no chance of challenging for anything.

        1. kev says:

          If only people could separate or differentiate insults from criticism football would be been better but I guess players and coaches listen to themselves.Emery needs to learn from his mistakes which he hasn’t been doing.Those calling for him to be sacked are just plastic and change their tone week in week out.What I can’t stand however is making the same mistake again and again or even doing worse.The same way he’s lauded when things don’t go well he must be criticized in the same way and I said “criticized” not insulted or “below the belt” utterances.Those who also have the mentality of “It’s only his first season so he should be given time and not criticized” are very wrong and that mentality is not a winners mentality.If Emery should be winning EPL this season people will be singing him praises and I’m sure even insulting Wenger on top of that for not being able to do what someone did with so called average bunch of players.In every match a coach must apply sense but if the sense applied does not make sense then he does it as his own peril.Arsenal is a club of a high standard and regardless of where it is now it’s not just any team.Criticize but don’t insult should be the rule.

          1. Eddie Hoyte says:

            Oh Kev leave em folks who’ll create and make excuses for anything poor… So disgusting, everyone’s aware I’ve been behind Emery right from the start, it’s o ly fair for me to criticize and ask questions when he’s getting it wrong… No offense but sometimes discussing football is a bit tiring for me when it’s with people who don’t know shít about football but will talk just because they watch games and don’t observe anything… I can only name a few folks on here I enjoy discussing football with, folks with football brain on here are few

          2. RSH says:

            you’re just trying to cause arguments actually. And putting words in my mouth. I never suggested Emery was immune to criticism. You don’t care about discussing football, just about creating non-existing arguments.

          3. RSH says:

            And you criticize Emery for playing with no wingers when the only winger on squad is Iwobi who is not even that good of a winger. If you’re going to criticize you may as well look at the team sheet first maybe. I think Emery had it right with Auba and Lacazette up front and should’ve stuck it that formation longer than he did.

          4. RSH says:

            The last time he subbed Lacazette we ended up scoring a goal and seeing out the game, so he may have not seen it as a mistake himself. Not saying this as an excuse, but it is a fact that we went 3-1 up last game after he got subbed off.

        2. Eddie Hoyte says:

          “You expect magic from him and that a horrible squad can magically turn into a top 4 squad.” Your lordship no I don’t expect him to create magic, but we got him to make the team better, we got him because Wenger kept making wrong tactical decisions so I see no crime in questioning Emery’s decisions. Just because it’s his first season doesn’t mean we all keep quiet and not ask questions. He’s getting paid isn’t he? It’s like Me getting a job with a new company, I make mistakes with my calculations and cause the company some loss and I say nobody should question my actions just because it’s my first season! Who does that? I’m getting paid ain’t I? Don’t tell me I can’t questions some of his errors and mistakes and like I said no, I don’t expect him to create magic but I’m a sensible human, and I ain’t keeping shut

          1. RSH says:

            When did I say you need to keep it shut? When did I say you can’t criticize Emery? Heck, I agree he made bad subs today so I don’t really understand the point of your posts. I am just being realistic and looking at our squad. Compared to the rest of the top 6 teams it is by far the worst one, and Emery has just had one transfer window to improve the squad. So if he ends up 5th i won’t be upset and it wont be the end of the world

          2. Eddie Hoyte says:

            RSH until we stop making excuses like our team is worse or this and that, we ain’t going no where. This squad isn’t good enough to challenge for the league, but this squad isn’t good enough to beat Southampton? Brighton? Wolves? Let’s discuss football then, Each of those matches where we played with Xhaka-Torreira-Guendouzi on the same pitch, how many did we win comfortably? Is it okay to keep playing a bunch of defensive minded midfielders? Players who hardly created chances going forward.. And like I’ve said in a few of my written articles, what does Aubameyang brings to the team when he’s not with Lacazette and Ozil or Ramsey? All the times he’s played with Iwobi and Mhiki, how well has he fared? I said In one of my comments today on an article, it doesn’t require a genius to know you can’t Play Torreira plus Guendouzi in the same game.. Today did you noticed how many goals we could’ve conceded after we got caught out in the midfield just because we play a high line with a bunch of defenders who can’t run? Do you think Liverpool will waste those chances after we got caught out in the midfield today?
            Have you observed anything since Emery changed to playing 3 CBs and defensive minded midfielders? What are you observations so far? Let’s discuss football, anybody can join in

          3. RSH says:

            How many games have we won comfortably this entire season? This entire team innocuously gives up goals and this was a problem with all of Wenger’s teams in the past 10 years as well so us not winning games comfortably can’t all be on Emery. And while I agree the midfield has issues, you completely ignore the fact our defense have been ravaged with injuries for a while, so obviously that contributes to us being less comfortable winning games.

            He starts Xhaka/Guendouzi/Torreira because Ozil is his only other choice and he is a player that cannot be relied upon for obvious reasons. I wouldn’t be opposed to Ramsey getting more starts honestly. Miki/Iwobi rubbish, I agree needs to be ditched and it has for the time-being (may have been down to Miki getting injured). Emery hasn’t started with a back 3 the past two games.

            If I were to make changes today I’d drop Ozil, start Ramsey. Besides that there wasn’t really a better lineup available today. He should’ve stuck with Lacazette longer, and shouldn’t have changed to a back 3 towards the end. Lichtsteiner got up the pitch just as much as bellerin does but he’s not as good so there isn’t much that can be done there. Kolasinac, also ineffective today. As I said, a lot of these players just arent good enough and there wasn’t enough options today that could’ve made that much of a difference.

          4. Eddie Hoyte says:

            Okay man, thanks for your answers, It’s his first season, we are ravaged with injuries at the back, what happened to taking players from the academy? Bellerin, Niles were gotten from the academy when our snr players got injured right?

            Emery has his favourites too, because I don’t think Medley would do any worse at the back than Litchsteiner, Koscienly and Xhaka are doing right now. Medley is a natural CB, young and agile, we could call him to cover up, and play Xhaka in the midfield alongside Torreira, leaving Guendouzi on the bench. Mind you a selection of Niles at RB, Sokratis and Medley at CB with Kolasinac at LB, Torreira at DM and Xhaka at DLP won’t be any worse than we are now because every one of them will be playing their natural positions except Niles, who already showed in the past he can handle RB. Now why is Emery not doing that? Why disrupt your best midfield pair all because you don’t want to give a young CB the chance? I’m sure you’re aware Torreira-Xhaka pair made our midfield stronger than it was since Cazorla left, and he disrupted that to cover for injuries when all he could’ve done is leave our best midfield pair and call on a young and hungry defender..
            Okay let’s put that aside..
            We have injured players, so we manage with A bunch of old finished defenders and a DLP at CB, why not allow them hold the line? Why do we keep playing a high line when these defenders we are managing aren’t fit for it? All it takes is calmness and sensitivity, Since we are stuck with these defenders, play to their strength, we can’t play high line with them. I’m not sure if you saw my article on our high line and the matches I pointed out and how we conceded silly goals.. If you were observant today, you’ll see Each time Brighton got the ball, to break our high line, all they do is Lob the ball over our defenders and they got a few clery chances which they wasted even though they scored one, again because this old man with no pace to cover back was high up field.
            Bro this job ain’t easy but there are simple things one has to do, you can’t afford silly mistakes in this game. Still our coach sees nothing wrong with our defenders getting caught up field.
            In my article I stated he finds a way to stop this high line play and balance the game UNTIL WE GET WORLD CLASS DEFENDER to play it… There are so many stuffs to discuss, I can’t type all in here.. Maybe I’ll out my time into writing another article.. I don’t know because I’m so so disappointed with this dropped point, City dropped points and now Manchu Utd is only 6 points behind us… If we lose on Sat and they win, they’ll be 3 points behind us, do you see my reasons why Emery should be questioned? Do you see why I’m pissed we dropped important points today? Emerysy managing the team like he’s observing nothing so far

          5. ozziegunner says:

            Eddie, I agree that a specialist CB like Medley should be given an opportunity, rather than causing disruption by playing too many players out of position.
            Why does Emery substitute Lacazette?
            Who is coaching our defenders to bomb forward all at once?

          6. Tom says:

            Some interesting but worrying ideas I feel but I like the search for answers, but why I must disagree;

            Selecting youth?
            We can’t play 3-4-3 currently because we have M.Niles back after a broken leg and needs to be nurtured into football, kos also the same situation, bellerin and monreal are injured. So backline of 4 with a youth player coming up is not the solution because – A. You are not assisting the development of the player by asking him to fill in and drop out and B. You are ending the career of a senior player by selecting an unproven player at this level ahead of them. Selecting a youth player gives you A and B. Not one or the other.
            In practise it’s silly, in theory it’s silly.

            High line or not?
            Like a pack of wolves the one at the end and the front are only separated by the ones inbetween, the closer the pack, the greater the relationship.
            If a back line is deep then the midfield have to be close and therefore the front 3 have to be deep. The whole team end up being deep. Teams playing this see the counter attack strategy most effective. But we do not want to develop this identity.

            And why should we spend time developing this then developing our front line to press high, defend from the front and trap in and squeeze space further up top. We where doing this with greater effect when we had less injuries and more competition for positions.

            Saying all this we are conceding goals from most of our games from first scoring. Recent example since the international break; Bournemouth we scored first. spurs we scored first. Man U we scored first. Burnley we scored first. Brighton we scored first.

            So, why are we conceding from this situation? We scored with a high line to go ahead – this wouldn’t of occurred otherwise. Could the players be dropping concentrating like we felt they had under Wenger? I would say we are still showing this mentality and it won’t go after 19games.

            But more then that, how are the players dealing with game management? Or even being taught to develop new ideas from unai emery?
            Do we drop 10 yards and allow opponents to attack us and protect 1-0 or defend higher up the pitch and aim to win the ball and score again? Thisnisnthe fundamentalnquestion here.

            We have lost the same amount of games as Man City which is 1 less then Spurs. We have drawn 5 games while Spurs have drawn 0 – if we trade 1 lost to equal Spurs losses and convert 4 into wins we would be on the same points as spurs (45pts).

            4 wins from Brighton, Crystal Palace, Man U and Wolves – break that down – 1.brighton was an error goal to concede 2.against Wolves we didn’t deserve it but auba could of scored that sitter 3.Palace was a late avoidable penalty 4.Man U we conceded straight after scoring.

            Small details but the points above help explain the reality of what indeed is the state of affairs.

          7. Eddie Hoyte says:

            “You are not assisting the development of the player by asking him to fill in and drop out and B. You are ending the career of a senior player by selecting an unproven player at this level ahead of them. Selecting a youth player gives you A and B. Not one or the other.
            In practise it’s silly, in theory it’s silly.”

            Is it? What’s silly in being sensible? And what’s left of Litchsteiner n Koscienly’s career?? I’d like to know bro, you say giving a youngster the chance to fill up is not assisting development?
            Tell me how do you expect they young player to gain experience and learn from the snr team? When Per was done and lost pace, when he kept leaving our defence open, you guys were okay with Wenger benching him and giving Mavropanos, and Chambers the chance to play… But it’s not sensible to play young Medley for our old finished defenders just because Emery’s the coach? Bro what’s your point exactly because I’m struggling to see what’s left of the two defenders you claim we need…

            “High line or not?
            Like a pack of wolves the one at the end and the front are only separated by the ones inbetween, the closer the pack, the greater the relationship.”

            Really? Wolves attack in pack and follow their alpha but just because they attack in pack, these wolves, smart and fast animals, do they leave their homes and young ones unprotected only to go hunt?? What’s your point? What justification do you have?
            I have no problem with playing with a high line I’ve said so countless times but common sense requires we switch it since it’s not working, we balance our play UNTIL WE GET WORLD CLASS DEFENDERS then we can “Attack in a pack” as you said.
            Hell even under Wenger, the defence wasn’t this worse..Now we a number 4 and we concede silly goals and you say it’s cus we should attack in pack…
            It’s Emery’s job to figure out these little details and handle the situations

      2. Gerald says:

        the substitutions were disgusting. I wonder what the coach was thinking. What effect did Niles and Iwobi have in the match? absolutely nothing. Ozil might have started slowly as do the team in many matches, but he can always create magic in the course of the game. Lacazette was our best player before he left the field, so why replace him. please coach, be mindful of those halftime subs

  5. Jah'Ben says:

    Now i will question Unai Emery’s tactics. how does he sub Ozil and Lacazette? so where are our goals going to come from? His ego with the big players is costing us points. today was simply crap!!

  6. Perry Ames says:

    The most embarrassing performance for such a long time by an arsenal team
    No leaders
    No passion
    No idea
    Not a lot of talent on show
    Get rid of ozil iwobi and the back 4
    Keep Ramsey FFS if arsenal sell him it’s game over

  7. Eddie Hoyte says:

    See that bullshít I keep talking of?? Why the hell was Lacazette gotten off when we were looking for a goal?? Ozil gotten off for Iwobi and yet through out the 2nd half not one single pass or attempt was made!! Emery’s mistake is getting much, it was Torreira today played with hands on the brake. Rotate this team and give players the chance but no he keeps sticking with his favourites!! Why the f**k was Lacazette taken off!! This is so annoying, I’m sorry I’m cussing but I’m so muched pissed off RN. 2 points dropped, with further possible points to be dropped on Saturday!! Why the f**k was Ozil and Lacazette gotten off?? Tactical reasons!! F**k off!! I need some place to cool off RN

    1. gotanidea says:

      Calm down. Ozil had to be substituted, because he was very ineffective. But Lacazette should have stayed, because he worked hard

      I predict it would take several seasons until all old staffs/ players are out and the whole system is changed

      1. tuOyremE says:

        One more season out of top 4 and we will turn into a mid table team.

    2. Emmaobi says:

      Hahahaha am more passed off than you

  8. AB says:

    Poor performance…not sure why laca was withdrawn…I think that took away any hopes we had…we reaching top 4 depends more on Chelsea screw up rather than we making it happen…

  9. Declan says:

    Strong line up? Against Brighton!
    Top four, you’re having a laugh.

  10. Emmaobi says:

    Emery is not a good coach. Can someone tell me the reason why he removed Lacazette.

    1. Raja danish says:

      Looks to be proving right in every match with his absurd team selections how come he plays xhaka all the time just to fit him in any position is it CB or CM or LB or CDM he just plays xhaka every match for 90 minutes without any good performance and subbing your most important and influential player tells you the whole story of such dismal performance every match. Laca shouldn’t be subbed at any time he is a match winner you cannot sub them. Emery is losing his plot with every game passing. Will give him this year to sort out the weaknesses in the team otherwise no need to stick with him if he doesnot make arsenal qualify for ucl

      1. gotanidea says:

        Xhaka always starts, maybe because they hoped Xhaka could deliver his magic in set-pieces and win more air duels

      2. Lance says:

        Though Emery said he didn’t seek advice from Wenger when he took the job, am beginning to think he did. Otherwise why is he substituting Laca just as Wenger did last season?

  11. kev says:

    Unai Emery’s team selection is really baffling at times.Using Guendouzi,Xhaka and Torreira in a midfield three is not the best option for us.We were doing well with a two man midfield and suddenly we start seeing three back and stuff.Even a midfield two of Guen and Torreira or Xhaka and Torreira is far better than having all three.They are defensive players and like to dictate from the deep.Hopefully,AMN’s dreadful performances at RB and RWB forces Emery to stop this utility man thing.Torreira’s out vs Liverpool so hoping he has a big game against Liverpool if he starts which I believe he will.Unai needs to stop this back three system and playing of three defensive players in midfield.Its unsustainable and won’t last in the long run.He should just go back to 4-2-3-1 and put Ozil at No.10,Auba and Iwobi at the wings with Ramsey or AMN with Torreira l.Thats better considering our team.Brighton defend very well at home and considering how bad our team is defensively I’m glad we didn’t lose.

    1. RSH says:

      Torreira is available next game. He didn’t pick up a yellow

      1. kev says:

        Thanks for the correction.

        1. RSH says:

          No problem. If we didn’t have Torreira for Liverpool, I wouldn’t even bother watching lol.

          1. kev says:

            A shame that his best midfield partner based on traits and quality is now being played all over the pitch and is starting to look dreadful.What he must do to get a game is beyond me.I can’t stand a defensive minded midfield of Xhaka,Torreira and Guendouzi.It will not be able to possess the ball very well against Liverpoool’s press even though they don’t press that much these days.

      2. Enagic says:

        It doesn’t matter just prepare for the worse when we face Liverpool but January window Emery needs to bring in bodies although I do remember Sanlehi said few months ago he is not a fan of Jan transfer window and I don’t think we have any choices not to bring at least 3 players Kozy, Ramsey, Nacho and Ozil need to go in January if we are really serious

    2. gotanidea says:

      Arsenal have been using 4-2-3-1 for more than a decade and their version of 4-2-3-1 is vulnerable to quick counter-attacks, especially at away

      I think they had better forget the idea of using a no 10, since it just slows down the tempo. Wenger has been trying this scheme for years and it doesn’t work with Ozil

      Many top teams use 4-3-3 with quick tempo nowadays and Emery used to use it at PSG for two seasons

  12. Raja danish says:

    Useless Team. If they play like today against Liverpool on Saturday then expect 5 or 6 goals thrashing. Top 4 is not achievable with this squad. Unless there is a wholesale change in the squad from defense to attack. Top 3 are confirmed Liverpool Man City Spurs and Chelsea will edge us out on top 4. Shameless play today by all players no attack in 2nd half absolutely shocking. No enthusiasm no energy no commitment.

  13. Vish says:

    Why did emery take Laca off? Bad decision. Ozil is just worthless. Sell him/loan him, whatever.
    Auba needs to be more clinical for the chances he gets. We miss Mustafi. Kosielny and lichsteiner are done. Kolasinac was ineffective too today.
    May the Gods have mercy on us against Liverpool. Or they will rip this defence to shreds.

  14. Martin says:

    Too many free transfers and cheap players.

  15. Break-on-through says:

    Really disappointed with that performance, all round except Auba. Upset with Emery that he can be too impatient, rather than making one change and demanding more from them, he throws everything off kilter. Upset that he keeps taking off Laca, looking at that bench, I don’t know why that would happen. Niles is starting to bug me, he crumbles too easily when in space not knowing what to do, then allows players to get on top of him. I hate how slow the players get at times with the passing, people knock Xhaka but he is best at playing pacey passes. Guendouzi and Torriera need to learn how to play a quicker tempo, when it’s needed they just have to. These points were massive but you wouldn’t think it to look at this game. One stupid error and that’s all she wrote. Come on Arsenal, you don’t just fight when teams put it up to you.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Aubameying misses too many one on one chances with the goalkeeper for a top striker and it cost Arsenal again.
      For once Arsenal started well and Australian goalkeeper Matt Ryan made a great save from Aubameyang tipping the ball over the bar. After great lead up work by Lacazette, Aubameyang scores; however he gives Ryan the opportunity to save when one on one with the keeper. 2-0 up and the complexion of the game is completely different.
      I was always coached that you don’t play the ball across your own goal. I realize Lichtsteiner was unbalanced after running back, but what was an international defender of his experience thinking? As we have said before, the sideline is your friend.
      Arsenal lost creativity when Lacazette was taken off and I would have told Ozil you’ve got 10 minutes to really put in, rather than being substituted at half time.
      Torteira and Xhaka always perform best when together in mid field.
      Basically the squad is not good enough and Arsenal have to worry about a resurgent Manchester United as well as the current top 4 in the New Year. Massive turnaround required for Liverpool at Anfield!

  16. jon fox says:

    I can’t think of a worse game since I started attending in 1958. A dreadful non game full of gloom , losing possession and not one player playing to his standard and all three subs being a complete waste of time, like all the others who played the 90 minutes. If we play like that again I will, instead, take up watching paint dry, as it will be far more exciting. Utterly appalling rubbish and on that “form” we are certain to be overtaken by United. Never felt so depressed! Pity the rules can’t be changed to deny BOTH sides even a single point. Neither side deserved anything at all.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Surely the game at Anfield in 2017 that ended in 4-0 was much worse than this one?

      But I’m confident that Arsenal players would not let an embarassment like that happens again in the upcoming Liverpool game

    2. ken1945 says:

      Jon and Gooners everywhere, I say it as I see it and,, from thinking Unai/Sven had made good signings, I am starting to doubt it.
      Lichstenier was awful, looked unfit and cost us the equaliser. Has he had one good game?
      Leno looks one catch away from a disaster, does he know how/when to cover and collect crosses?
      Torreria was playing with the handbrake on and looked utterly exhausted, but still a very very good addition.
      The substitution of Lacs was baffling and when he is subbed. Aba just seems to lose interest.
      Iwobi tried hard, but kept turning into blind alleyways he created for himself.

      The players I wouldn’t criticise are Kolasinac, Ramsey, Xhaka, they were average but not spectacular in any way whatever today.
      The others just looked as if they were not interested today and or not fit.

      My biggest moan today is left for two people.
      Firstly Ozil…from warming up with that scarve around his head to his non tracking back and complete disinterest in playing football for the team.
      That was the worst display I have witnessed from him and can find no reason to support this spineless 45 minutes of absolute c**p .

      The second person is Unai Emery…I couldn’t see ANY difference from todays game than the previous two years, bearing in mind that we have signed five new players and only let go one player, Jack Wilshere.
      Now I know we have a terrible injury crisis,and make no mistake IT IS A CRISIS, but the “game plan” was non-existent and the substitutions made no sense or impact whatsoever, barring Ramsey who did at least compete for the ball.

      At least that was my view of the proceedings.

      I know we have to give him time, but we are halfway through the season and I personally could see that nothing that has changed, judged on TODAY’S GAME.
      I believe we, the fans, are walking on eggshells, afraid to say anything against Unai, because it would seem as being disloyal.
      Especially after the unbeaten run and the changes seen at the club uo and until the Southampton game.
      The real test will come in January regarding the calibre of player we sign and the players injured being available for selection.
      It’s hard to keep the faith when there is nothing to look forward to.

      1. jon fox says:

        An interesting change of Ken’s tack about Ozil’s usefulness or as I would put it , near uselessness. Better late than never Ken to recognise the truth about this man who regularly does a “Walcott” and hides away when the action demands REAL work, instead of showing good old fashioned guts and determination. It is just that today, for probably the very first time this half season the WHOLE TEAM STUNK and so Ozil was not worse than most others. But neither was he any better than ANY of thm. Par for the course with him these days , except that he is paid two, three or four times what they earn for doing no better than them. Good to see you, FINALLY , realising that! My more moderate take on todays rubbish was that the injury crisis has robbed us of energy with all the half fit and playing out of position players struggling. MAINLY -AND AS I HAVE BEEN SAYING FOR YEARS PAST – DUE TO SHEER LACK OF QUALITY, save in about four players, NONE of them being pure defenders. The defence is, if anything, worse even than under WENGER; SOMETHING I NEVER EXPECTED TO WRITE. But if you have no quality there in the first place, and have not for years past either and then most of even those are injured or semi fit at best, what else could anyone expect? I have repeatedly said on here that Emery can never be a miracle worker and nor could ANY other manager who has to work with mostly tripe defenders. Emery’s personal defence is that he inherited tripe and has not had a reasonable chance to get rid of it, unlike Wenger, who collected and nourished his silly idealism by deliberately keeping tripe around him for his last decade. Certainly in defence! Like most other folk on here I puzzled at Laca’s subbing and fail to understand why, when you need a goal you would take your second highest scorer off. Perhaps it is finally hitting home to even the many silly hype merchants on here how mediocre our squad actually is. People who call such as Mustafi “outstanding” for example, as someone did just yesterday. That person has obviously never seen Adams and Bould play, to have said such a nonsensical thing.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          jon, unfortunately Arsenal dont have CB’s of the quality of Adams, Bould, Keown, Campbell, O’Leary, Rice, McNab and McLintock.
          However we do have Bould supposedly coaching the defense. What is he doing to earn his money?

        2. Andrew E says:

          Not to mention Sol Campbell Jon! I also have to agree that it was probably the worst I have seen from an Arsenal side. Snap! my first Arsenal match was vs Burnley in the 58/59 season. Can’t remember the match though, just tagged along with an Army chum who was an avid gunner and have never looked back.

          1. jon fox says:

            Andrew, What ever gives you that idea that he EARNS his money. He clearly doesn’t! I have never been so disappointed in our post war history with ANY club LEGEND,after his playing career was over. I can only conclude he is paid by the chewing gum manufacturers his constant chewing advertises.

          2. Andrew E says:

            Jon, I think you must be referring to Ozziegunner’s remarks not mine. Just a slip of the mouse I guess?

        3. ken1945 says:

          Jon, as I said I say it as I see it and my views were for the match TODAY and Ozil today was a shadow of the player against Burnley.
          Ozil was pants, but so was the team as a whole.
          What I don’t get though is this, we bought in four defensive players to improve a defence that “only” managed to finish sixth as they were supposedly rubbish…but it hasn’t improved on today’s showing one iota.
          Injuries have played an enormous part in the players we have to put in that defence, but that’s no defence for the following:
          There is no organisation, no talking, no leadership, no anything!!
          Unai and Bouldy have been working together for over six months now and yet there is no improvement at all.
          They should be able to work with and adapt a defensive plan for whatever players are available in my opinion.
          What I find telling as well, is that in every game (I think) Emery has made half time substitutions, remember the stick that was given out with the regular 75th minute substitutions previously?
          One has to start questioning why Unai can’t get his starting eleven right in order that they can bring on subs at the latter part of the game to provide fresh legs.
          At least we are still in touch with the top four places and January is fast approaching.

          1. jon fox says:

            KEN , firstly I trust that you and your family enjoyed a great Christmas, the game apart. On Ozil, does your above comment mean then that you think Brighton was the ONLY bad game he has had all season? If so, there is no point discussing this topic further , so I leave that one here. As to the defence, I am in 100% agreement with you. The defence, for whatever reason and there ARE reasons, as we know, is actually worse than the one Wenger bequeathed. Licht was clearly let go on a free by a Juventus who saw us coming. They knew he was finished. He has guts, which is welcome, but little else of value. We are unlucky with Holding, just as he was really starting to look like our most regularly solid and only decent enough CB, he got that injury. I am reluctant to criticise Emery as yet because he was not allowed to import a single outfield defender of true quality. I discount Torreira who is NOT a pure defender. Sokratis is a small step up from Lichts but is clearly only a short term stop gap, more suited to wrestling then top level football. Kos is finished as a top level player, as I said even before that long achilles injury. He looks gaunt, physically weak and well underweight IMO. HIS FACE LOOKS LIKE HE HAS BEEN IN A CONCENTRATION CAMP FOR A YEAR OR SO, SO GAUNT IS HE. It is clear that Emery is scratching his head as to what is his preferred eleven in the Prem. The major improvement from him is in the new attitude, spirit and workrate, which was horribly missing all round at Brighton , for probably the first time this season. Christmas always throws up way below par perfs from most clubs, at times. Look how bad even City have been this Christmas. I see Jan as key and that means some serious funds from Scrooge OR we fall further behind the top four. I DEFINITELY SEE UNITED OVERTAKING US THIS SEASON AND 6TH NOW LOOKS OUR LIKELY FINISHING PLACE. Being that realist that you doubt I am , I foresaw that we would get worse before we could get better, once I saw how Scroogy a pittance was allowed last summer. To be frank, our best hope would be to miss out on even the top six and drop away alarmingly, as only THEN would Scrooge panic enough over his failing investment to release serious funds. I retain full faith in Emery and though he has clearly made selection errors – like the silly subbing of Laca once again yesterday – he is hindered at every turn by an unlucky tsunami of injuries in defence and by sheer lack of even adequate onfield defenders, even before those injuries. You cannot make, nor be expected to make, a silk purse from only several sows ears. Realists, like ME, already knew that and said so, loudly and long, months ago. Indeed, YEARS ago too.

    3. Uchman says:

      The proper defender who is head and shoulder a better defender than bellerin has bn killing it for us!!!Wenger dross and the useless players he signed also responsible for the poor performance!!!

  17. McLovin says:

    We are embarrassing.

    Brought Sokratis and Torreira > made defense worse than before.

    How he has not been able to do anything on our defense?

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Arsenal have better results away from home when Torreira and Socrates have played than last year. Mustafi, Bellerin and Holding have improved this season, but injuries have killed us.

  18. Sue says:

    How lethargic was everyone?? Too much turkey yesterday or were they all posing for their Madame Tussauds waxworks??? Truly awful!
    The only positive was Torreira not getting booked. One thing’s for sure though… I’m NOT tuning in on Saturday to the annihilation at Anfield
    Not happy… another 2 points dropped… everyone was pants…?????
    Today just proved why I can’t get rid of my nerves when we play away & they didn’t even wear that goddamn awful green kit… now Chelsea will win 5-0….

    1. John Wick says:

      If you read definition of lethargy it’ll say the Arsenal team that played Brighton away ? terrible terrible limp performance Sue ? I don’t think we’ve looked one bit comfortable in any game this season and it’s very worrying, half of that squad needs clearing out.. they just aren’t good enough, aren’t good enough physically or mentally.. one game all season that we’ve lead at halftime, we can barely hold onto a lead, look like conceding in every attack against us! And Emery saying it’s a process after every game is really starting annoy me.. we need 2 or 3 players in January or we can forget top 4 ? and don’t blame you not wanting to watch that rubbish come Saturday because if we play in that manner it will be an absolute embarrassment! Anyway I hope your having a nice Christmas Sue ?

      1. Sue says:

        It was awful John – where do you start? I think you can tell in the first 5 minutes if it’s going to be crap or not! Spuds & Liverpool are flying, even Chelsea won… It’s always when we can’t afford to drop points we do!
        Think back to when we spanked the spuds… look at what’s happened since! They’re second!! Where the hell are we??? I’m sure as hell not watching Saturday… the world darts is back tomorrow – think I’ll watch that instead!!
        Apart from Arsenal, Christmas is going well thanks John.. I’m off work tomorrow, so some retail therapy will cheer me up!! How has yours been so far?

        1. John Wick says:

          Yeah exactly Sue it’s always the way! Spurs hit Everton for 6, 5 today! We smash spurs but can’t beat an awful Brighton team! We’re creating less and less every game and to make matters worse utd coming into form as well, now we’re only 6 points in front of them and realistically it’ll probably be 3 points Saturday night! After that c*ap today I have no confidence for Saturday! Let’s hope Liverpool have an off day and we somehow play like Barcelona ?? haha you need cheering up after that Sue so go all out ? good stuff I’m glad your having a good Christmas ? mine has been quite Sue nothing exciting and no dramas can’t really complain other than that damn team I love so bloody much ? but thanks for asking ?

          1. Sue says:

            So the spuds are title challengers now… ouch that hurts!! They’re not in our shadow anymore that’s for sure ?
            The way I felt watching our game earlier was just how I felt last season… we can’t defend to save our lives!! If we carry on like this, even crappy United will overtake us…. we’ll be left right behind.. which is really depressing as we’ve seen glimpses of how good we can be, we’re just not consistent enough… I didn’t like Emery’s substitutions earlier… we could have done with 6 subs ? as they were all crap!!
            No MOTD for me tonight ?

          2. John Wick says:

            As much as it hurts saying that but yeah pretty much ? others teams fear them, nobody fears us ? and true our defending is as bad as ever not sure what Steve Bould actually does ? but we could have Paolo Maldini coaching that lot and wouldn’t make much of a difference… I was a big fan of Stefan Lich but he’s seriously past it, I don’t wanna see him ever play another game he’s been awful in every game he’s played ? koscielny is finished too! Sue I wouldn’t be surprised if we finish 6th again it’s probably our level these days and until we spend and spend big we will be left behind and with Kroenke as the owner Arsenal will not be challenging for major honours anytime soon! Haha me neither to hell with Motd I’m watching the dark Knight rises ?

          3. Sue says:

            I’m with you on that (about Lichtsteiner) he’s been awful… he’s too old & if he is anywhere near that line up on Saturday, I’ll have a mental breakdown ?
            I’m watching Scream 4 ? can’t beat a good slasher movie!!

          4. John Wick says:

            Thing is he plays or Maitland-Niles does and both worry me a 34 year old has been and a kid who isn’t even a right back…. ? Jesus knock me out and waken me up on Sunday ? that Arsenal team will be the death of me! Liverpool winning the league will be the death of me ? enjoy your day shopping Sue and let’s hope we get back to winning ways against Fulham ?

          5. Andrew E says:

            We haven’t had a defence for five years now and if anyone now calls it a ‘defence’ they should be charged with the ‘offence’ of ‘misleading the public’.

            I’m just dreading the Liverpool game. God help us!!

          6. John Wick says:

            Definitely Sue I enjoyed the first 3 screams but the 4th was too modern day teenagery for me ?

          7. Sue says:

            Haha I totally agree John – bloody team!! That will be a very dark day in May for us both if they do lift the PL trophy!!
            Thanks John I will!!
            I’m not sure about that – we may possibly make Fulham look like Barcelona! I’ll have lost all interest after Saturday… I’ll want at least 6 months off work & become a hermit for a while.. until things are looking better!!

  19. Emmaobi says:

    They are not his players you said. Is that the reason why he will change Lacazette for Iwobi. Emery sucks. He really spoilt my xmas

  20. Trudeau says:

    Disinterested defending. Sideways passing. Inexplicable substitutions. Was just like a walk down memory lane…

    AMN getting stick for his performance which I agree was poor but more concerning to me was that he seemed disinterested. That’s something you should never say about a 21 year old kid.

    1. jon fox says:

      You mean uninterested. “Disinterested” means impartial. I won’t charge for the English lesson!

      1. FootballisTrivial says:

        Hey jon, while Emery’s selections and subs were horrible today, what did you think of Ozil walking back while he could’ve prevented Brighton’s goal?

        1. jon fox says:

          If you have regularly read my many comments calling Ozil basically a fraud, you would know my position on him very well. Which you clearly DO know and your question to me was entirely rhetorical, as I WELL KNOW! I think ALL lazy players are poison in a team sport.

  21. ThirdManJW says:

    Leno – 6
    Lich – 4
    Kos – 6
    Sokratis – 6
    Kolasinac – 6
    Guendouzi – 6
    Xhaka – 5
    Torriera – 5
    Ozil – 4
    Laca – 5
    Auba – 7

    Iwobi – 5
    Ramsey – 6
    AMN – 5

    So frustrating that one long ball does us, in a half we were controlling with ease. Very poor second half, and Ozil back to his usual disappointing best! I thought he is meant to be a WC playmaker?

    1. Sue says:

      Too generous with your scores Thirdman

      1. ozziegunner says:

        ThirdManJW you have Aubameyang and Lacazette back the front. Lacazette made the goal for Aubameyang should be 7; Aubameyang missed one on one and created nothing 6 (for the goal).

    2. gotanidea says:

      Lacazette deserves better rating, because he worked hard and set up a great assist for Aubameyang

      Ozil is not a playmaker. He can only play as no 10, like Giroud that can only play as a target man

  22. Kenya001 says:

    Baffled at why the hell was lacca taken off? No shot on target 3nd half…….. U nery goals and you withdraw a striker really emery

  23. Dan says:

    Absolutely dreadful performance I dread to think what Liverpool are going to do to us they will destroy us will be embarrassing and just show how far behind we really are in terms of top 4 never mind challenging for prem tittle million miles away from that really don’t think we will ever be able to compete for the tittle again top 4 in the future maybe but that’s as far as it goes!!

  24. -Why emery keeps on taking off Laca in a game that we need to score goals????
    -Why Leno keep on passing the ball to the defenders when the opposition’strikers are just 2 yards from us??
    -Why to many back passes in a so call attacking football team??
    -Why wenger left us so many crap players??? lol

  25. GanjaMan says:

    Europa League level keeps shining through this team. Hard pill to swallow. What makes it worse is Spurs are just plowing through their opponents…

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      Poch has had about 4 years to build his team, and Emery has had less than half a season, inherited a poor squad, was given almost no money to spend, and has had so many injuries. I am sure we’ll look completely different by next season, and even better the one after that.

      1. Raja danish says:

        We’ll see but how can he be able to create his own team when there is not enough money to spend as you have said?? Future looks bleak for arsenal imo. Ok give him time say a year or two then we will see but failure to get in ucl means he will not be able to sign quality players which is the worrying sign so i think this year qualifying for ucl either through winning europa league or top 4 is must

  26. Kay says:

    Truth be told, this is not a top 4 team. It will take about 2 to 3 seasons for something good will come out of this team. For me, let Ozil, Leisten, Elneny, Peter, Iwobi, Mineral, Kosieny, all go. The only quality we have here are Xaka, Ramsey, Toriera, Laca,Pea, and maybe Mustafi, Leno, Sokratis and the up coming lads. Until this is done, I can’t see any winning mentality in these guys.

    1. RSH says:

      This is how I see it. And this was bound to happen. The fact some fans think there wouldn’t be tough periods during this transition is unrealistic. We don’t have top players outside of Aubameyang & Torreira anywhere on the pitch. Average wingers, average attacking mids, below average CB’s, average GK (who i hope can still improve), average fullbacks (though I have liked belerin better this season). Far too many average players to in this squad, so how can we compete with even Spurs who have Kane, Eriksen, Lloris, and most importantly, a competent defense… It sucks to say but they are definitely better than us at the moment and we need more transfer windows to change this squad. We need to be patient. Yes, Emery made a dumb sub today, but sometimes those subs turn out to be good decisions. Emery has done as well as you could really ask. Even if we got Pep in instead, he couldn’t go that much further with this lot

      1. dO2 says:

        Spot on RSH!

    2. gotanidea says:

      Xhaka is quality???

    3. tuOyremE says:

      Making excuses for Emery !!!! that’s exactly what fans did with Wenger 10 years ago.

    4. Raja danish says:

      If you cannot qualify for ucl then how can you sign top quality players i doubt very much i think qualifying for ucl is must to sign top class players otherwise prepare for another era of mediocrity which is painful for us fans who are not just fans but die-hard supporters of this great club

  27. tuOyremE says:

    I’v said it before that statistics show that Emery is an average manager , we have rode our luck in the first half of the season and that’s it , This argument about giving manager time is stupid when the manager is not a good one , Klopp had bad defense when he came to liverpool but his team scored more than 3 goals , but with the attacking players we have Arsenal hasn’t been able to replicate that and that is Emery’s fault . Get Emery out of the club before it’s too late and bring Leonard Jardim.

  28. Lucia says:

    Am sorry but koscielny style of defending makes me mad, sideways and back pass. I have been saying this mustafi is a better player suited to arsenal now compared to koscielny. Most of you saying why take off lacazzette of what game where you guys watching the guy was terrible aside a few nice play in the first half. AMN has regressed he should be loaned or sold guendozi who is younger and playing from ligue 2 to premier league is miles ahead of him in terms of development.torreira I can forgive him today because I know he has his eyes on Liverpool game. But my anger is iwobi and ozil can someone terminate their contract already. Dreadful players no ability nothing. Miki would have done better. Why does it take our players ages to come back from injury I thought mustafi and bellerin wasn’t a big injury but knowing arsenal they may play again next year. What a waste of 90 mins to watch that nonsense totally spoilt my day and aubameyang if he has been putting the chances he has missed this season I bet you he would be in 20 goals by now.

    1. ArsenalGR says:

      nicely said, some of the lot is starting to get complacent, they seem to luck real desire to win games. You could see that Gouendouzi was gutted at the end, whereas others were happy with the draw. I think Emery needs to give the players a stare down after the latest performances.

  29. Olivia Dunham says:

    What concerned me was none of the substitutes were even effective. I think Emery needs to recall Reiss Nelson back. As for Ewobi, ANM , I have no words.As for the side way passing oh its back in full force.

    1. Sue says:

      It’s back with a vengeance ?

  30. Emmaobi says:

    #Emery Out if he continues this way. He just spoilt my Xmas for nothing

  31. andy zeroual says:

    the only way to fix our defence is to splash $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ like Liverpool team like arsenal don’t have1 world class centre half and 1 proper winger is a joke to be honest

  32. Shinodakc says:

    I’ll continue to be patient with Emery because this is his first season, but what the f**k is he doing in training & with his team selections & subs? Even for lack of goals, Lacazette compensates a lot with his work rate & creativity. Iwobi, Koscielny and Ozil are a waste of space. I like Ozil at his best but he’s rarely at his best. This was a very winnable match but Emery will bare much of the blame. I hate to say this but even Wenger’s teams knew how to finish off such matches most of the times and was very creative going forward. Let’s hope for a miracle against Liverpool.

  33. Slyekb says:

    How arsenal fans can so much forget easily eludes me. The last time I checked on Saturday, he was w class according to some arsenal fans due to one good game performance. Now ozil shift gears by following with a poor performance, then he’s back to being s**t. Some arsenal fans are just so deluded and hypocritical. Dude has been crap season upon season, take it! You can’t be worthy of playing for arsenal if you can’t turn up for every game. Some arsenal fans even go as far finding excuses for him. Deluded arsenal fans: Today he played poorly bcos he was played out position, emery play him in his number 10. Even in number 10, he still doesn’t turn up. Deluded arsenal fans: ozil played badly bcos he can’t play well in away matches with so much intensity, he’s only good for home matches. Like WTF arsenal fans? What has ozil got on you?

  34. Emmaobi says:

    #Emery Out if he continues this way. He just spoilt my Xmas for nothing

    1. RSH says:

      Stop being such a drama-queen.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Emmaobi, answer this question; with scrooge Kroenke in charge of the transfer budget, who will Arsenal be able to attract better than Unai Emery?

  35. sol says:

    the RB BIG worries…after the first goal is scored Arsenal players were too relaxed and waste chances.They even did not fight to win..the energy level too low….we were supposed to narrow the gap on the top four but an imp.chance missed…today Unai’s sub. was at fault….

  36. Frankies says:

    This is beyond my understanding why emery keeps on taking lava out while keeps Dhaka on the pitch even if he had a bad game.had it been Wenger some of you will be lambasting him.saying his selection is based on favoritism.

  37. Peter tong says:

    Yes of course,lacazette is really agood stricker and he can scored whenever he got a chance but i don’t know why he was substituted.if laca is in the field auba feel free because defenders may target laca as he give pressure leaving auba to relaxed.

  38. Rkw says:

    The brutal truth is that we simply don’t have enough quality players and the youth system hasn’t thrown up anyone decent for years … Forget Iwobi and maitland niles … They won’t make it at top level … But this guys fixation with xhaka is of wengerite proportions and seriously worrying, the number of times guindozi was left alone with 2 or 3 players around him was shocking and when he gets ball his instinct is to look backwards … The guy should be in league 1 .. So a wobbly defense no creativity in middle of park and an erratic attack … I guess it’s a miracle we are still in 5th slot tbh coz the quality of football we are playing suggests otherwise … The real worry for me remains the lack of any real style under Emery that I can see … Which means it is unclear where we are heading

  39. Thomas Kelly says:

    We or crap only keep 5 of this team and sale the rest

  40. dO2 says:

    I honestly haven’t watched an awful Arsenal play like this one -utter garbage!
    No one seems to talk of AMN’s performance – he NEVER did a thing right throughout the period he was on -not even the simplest of passes he made. Infact, whenever he held the ball or had a pass to him, he never looked like one who could make a high school football team B. I chose to pay a blind eye to his awful outing since that League Cup game against Spurs; but damn it, he seems to get worse with every appearance even. No one should even attempt saying he’s only recovering and is being played outta position. Dude can’t play football anymore!
    AMN only ranks worse than the weed-smoking Iwobi. IMHO, Iwobi, AMN, Kos, Litch (thank heavens the ever dreadful Mikhi is sidelined) should be nowhere near this team.
    I love Guendozi, but he tends to wanting to take too much responsibility to himself which he just can’t shoulder, plus he needs to work on his physically ASAP -he’s way too fragile and slow for my liking.
    The team is all disorganized at the moment -no thanks to injuries and Emery’s decisions. I believe in Emery, but his mistakes have cost us several times already, and he doesn’t seem to learn from them, like Kev rightly pointed out earlier.
    I only hope for that miracle to avoid an embarassing trashing at Anfield.
    Sad evening.

  41. Midkemma says:

    Our RB makes schoolboy error and creates their goal… Ozil gets blame.
    Some of you are hilarious. Ozil could have done better but to focus on that over the RB keeping the ball in play rather than look to play it out to give our CBs time to get back…

    Or how about the fact we didn’t trouble their keeper after half time?

    Ozil was contributing towards the game and it wasn’t his fault we lost. We needed someone who could open up their defense and out of the players who started, Ozil and Laca was the most likely to make something happen.

    I actually feel that the players didn’t do too bad, it was the tactics and it was Emerys fault we lost, Emery tweeks the formation a bit too much and it was the reason for our loss, at least in my opinion. This is not me jumping on him and claiming EmeryOut XD lol. He is human and he made a mistake, I hope he takes this loss as the lesson it is and improves. The EPL is different to La Liga and Ligue 1.

    1. FootballisTrivial says:

      Ozil gets the blame for not tracking back when he clearly should have, and thus he rightly is getting the blame for that. But obviously you have shown time and time again that you’re not the brightest person on here.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Ozilis playing as a wide forward and is supposed to be in the attacking third; what are all the Arsenal defenders doing so far forward?
        Arsenal do not have defenders with sufficient tactical awareness or speed to play such a high line.
        Emery is not a magician and the tactics need to be adjusted to suit the quality (lack of) players available to him.

        1. Gab says:

          A high line? This was a corner kick taken by Xhaka. A corner kick that eluded all arsenal players and fell for the opponent. Which ever player that was behind should have defended well.

          1. ozziegunner says:

            Gab, and once the ball was lost, one kick took the ball from Brighton’s penalty area over Arsenal’s defenders (“high line”). No one was back defending when Arsenal was one goal up.

  42. Solwills says:

    All you folks commenting on how good Niles is amaze me quite frankly. That guy is just not good enough, watched him 2 Europa league games group stage last season and he was quite very poor in midfield. Since that moment I never called for him in midfield over Xhaka as I thought he couldn’t be any worse than Xhaka before then. His reaction time is too slow, I initially thought it was confidence then I realized he’s not well composed with the ball, why he looses possession easily. Right back for me is his best option to save his career and not the utility stuff some of you guys bring up as a reason he plays there. Guendozi is only 19, comes in from a different country 2nd tier league and is already ahead of him. Why? Don’t tell me he’s Unai’s favorite.

    1. Play Guendozi as a LB or RB for 2 seasons and see if he will not end up as the same crap player AMN has turned into.

  43. Sal says:

    tired, jaded, losing momentum and lucky to get a point in my eyes especially at the end, not anyones fault as we are reaching our limit…. we need a push comes january and hopefully these results , will force the board to act sooner rather than later, gaps in a team who aims to get into the top 4 will always bring these results eventually, still happy with where we are mid season it could be have been much worse but whe are at arms reach of top 4 with a new philosophy being implemented so happy days, but we just need that extra push comes january, top 4 is only achievable if we reinforce hope everyone realizes that 🙂

    Ps: Lich was very dissapointing today, i’m not saying his fault for the goal i’m saying in general very poor all around felt he was out of his depth, but most of our players look tired and way below par, again signings please. COYG!!

    1. Sue says:

      Someone on Twitter said we’re only 3 points better off than last season… after that performance I’d say that was exactly like one of those horror show away games from last season! I’m trying to think of the positives but am struggling

      1. Sal says:

        I’m with you Sue the quality has dropped since the derby, but i’m hoping it’s due to fatigue from the system and the injuries caused, not us going back to old ways.

        i think or at least hope we are mentally stronger based on our performances and us never giving up. winning so many points this season in the second half shows we are more resillient, we won by hook or by crook, we gave it our best shot since the start, i think now we might be slowing down as the intensity has taken it’s toll on some of the players…this team has got some character and the manager with his enthusiasm and love of the game has strengthened the resolve of a bunch of our players, some are still adapting and some might not adapt but in the end i beleive we will come out on top, we won’t be Moyesed!!

        we are all hoping we truned a new leaf , and we are all dreading a return to old ways so we all worry is it going to be the same again whenever we lose or draw a lesser team?

        i personally don’t feel dispirited about those results as it’s a bump in the road to our journey to the top where we belong….. i personally want top4 with a title every few years if we can or at least a challenge for it! don’t get me wrong some of these performances hurt but i remind myself it took City and Chelsea Millions and a few managers to get where they are, and it took liverpool 4-5 years to properly challenge, it looks like it will take us less than that Sue, maybe over two seasons if we buy astutely, we have a core we just need to add to it 🙂

        of course i could be wrong but the Pride and Belief is back, that fire and love for the team is back!! i just hope they don’t break our hearts, and when they do they at least give it everything they have, that’s all i want!

        it’s nice to have that good feeling again, i speak for myself here but based on what i read from most of you we all feel the same, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you and all Gooners 🙂

        1. JJPawn says:

          “…the quality has dropped since the derby, but i’m hoping it’s due to fatigue from the system and the injuries caused, not us going back to old ways.”

          Really? They are fatigued playing chase the ball football? No kidding. How many KM have they run? They are hurt? Really, only after running record distances?

          1. Sal says:

            they are fatigued playing high press football, beleive it or not it’s not the same as possession football which we have been playing , we are first when it comes to running records so don’t put the boys down either!! 1,376km is the distance ran by this team so far be proud!!

            here to back it up Paw 🙂


          2. Sal says:


            check again number 1 when it comes to running, are you not impressed? 1376 km ran by this team, yes above liverpool tottenham chelsea and city, give credit when it’s due 🙂

        2. Sue says:

          Happy New Year to you too Sal ?

          1. Sal says:

            thanks sue 🙂

  44. Gily says:

    Keep your faith. The players will come good against Liverpool – I’m sure. This is called Christmas hangover, and Arsenal is affected much of the time.(OT# I don’t do Christmas though because the only seemingly Christian stuff in it is just the name).
    Mighty ManCity lost all 3 points. Chelsea struggled but survived nonetheless. Arsenal got 1 point, so let’s not be too mad ‘cos on another day we could have lost all. This is Emery’s 1st season, and it’s been positive so far. So let’s continue to support him till the end of season, by which time we know if we have professed or retrogressed.

    1. Gily says:

      Meant progressed. Useless autocorrect

    2. Sue says:

      We surrendered the lead Gily…. That always feels like a loss to me

      1. Gily says:

        You are right Sue. Especially is that so when you have a deadly striker scoring too early against a team you are much better than, the hope is raised that there’ll be a basket load of goals at the end of the day. And then…??
        Yeah you’re right.

  45. John Wick says:

    I knew we wouldn’t beat Brighton today, south coast, boxing Day and away from home.. we just don’t win these types of games.. after now playing everyone at least once I think it’s safe to say this Arsenal team is bang average! If we don’t get top 4 this season then I honestly believe we are in massive trouble, the funds Emery will get next season will probably be less than he had this season and I think we need 5 or 6 top quality players! The defence needs a complete revamp.. We need more creative players, I still don’t think we’ve replaced Cazorla! Ozil is a waste of time tbh only turns up every now and then and is our highest paid player! If I was for example Lucas Torreira I’d be questioning why that fella gets paid 3 times more than me! In fact the majority of the squad are probably wondering why a guy who can’t even bother tracking back gets paid so much more than they do! Anfield on Saturday and we play anything remotely similar to todays game we will get annihilatied.

  46. Wookie439 says:

    Absolute poor performance today, back to more Arsenal frustration and we don’t have any world class talent, just a few very good players and the rest ranging from bang average to poor premier league standard, need new defenders and wingers ASAP to sustain some sort of top four challenge.

  47. Innit says:

    I hope Ozil fans will see reason and understand that he is far too expensive to play brilliantly once in a while.
    We need a CAM who is consistent and a proper winger. Ozil can do neither consistently
    If a £300,000 per week player is subbed by Iwobi, something is wrong

    Torreira is a different story
    He plays well most of the time
    I can give him a pass today
    One bad game is no big deal because he is awesome nearly every game
    He is a defensive midfielder. Works harder than most
    Still my favourite player

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Innit, must agree; the issue with Ozil is the amount Arsenal has invested in him in wages. This is not Ozil’s fault. Arsenal can get 3 very good players at £100,000 per week each.
      Given our scrooge Kroenke owner the Trinity has to ring every last drop out of the funds available.
      Unfortunately given his continuing treatment, I can see Lacazette putting in a transfer request soon; Greizmann wants him at Atletico Madrid.

  48. JJPawn says:

    NEWS: The removals of Mesut Ozil and Alexandre Lacazette, especially, seemed to rob Arsenal of their creativity. Indeed, so pronounced were their struggles after the break that Brighton and Chris Hughton felt like they could have taken all three points. “I wanted to control better the positioning on the pitch,” Emery said. “But in the second half we couldn’t do our ideas on the pitch. We created less chances.”

    Oh, dear. Emery had bad luck! That is all.

  49. Jeremy says:

    We just need to fix the defending. It was poor no matter which angle you looked at it.

    Something got to change. We talked about players’ absence as the excuse for poor defense but we are also conceding when they were on the pitch too.

    I think we should stop talking about ex players, Carzola had left. Not a single player is the same.

  50. Innit says:

    It’s sad that Aubameyang, Lacazette, Torreira and Guendouzi are teamed with very average players

    These 4 players have been our most consistent players and have done an admirable job.

    I don’t blame Cech or Leno either

    We lack creativity in the middle, wings and quality in defence

    Quantity is fine. We lack in Quality in several positions

    1. Declan says:

      Best post on this thread Innit, well said sir!
      We do miss Holding and Mustafi though, they are better defenders than a lot of people on here give them credit for.

      1. Trudeau says:

        Holding’s injury has been severely underestimated on this board and while I’m no big fan of Mustafi, I agree he’s been missed. Torreira is either tired or missing partnering with Xhaka. I think it’s a bit of both.

        Shame Mavraponas’ injury is taking so long to heal as this would have been a great time to see whether he’s the real deal.

  51. Once again I am deeply disappointed by the result. We had to win this given we are playing Liverpool next. Of course now we will lose at Anfield the only question is by how many goals. Will it be over 5 goals? 6? 8? I had hoped the old days of nonchalant defending were over but after the cheap goals we have been conceding over the days, it is clear we will be decimated by Liverpool. So now we will be 5 behind Chelsea and only 3 ahead of man utd. Probably finish 5th or 6th and still lose 90% of the big games. Just brilliant. Nothing’s changed!

    1. Sue says:

      ? Saturday will probably be like the 5 – 1 a few seasons ago, we’ll be 4-0 down in 20 minutes!! I for one am not watching!!
      Even the Mancs will overtake us at this rate… the spuds are serious title contenders & knocked us out of the cup!! We haven’t had a clean sheet in christ knows how long… can’t even beat Brighton, lost to Southampton…… an absolute thrashing is incoming…. jeez I’m seriously depressed!!!

      1. Sue says:

        Plus still can’t believe he subbed Laca & Ozil (Yes I know he was awful but I’d have given him a bit longer in the 2nd half) so on came Iwobi, who didn’t even know what formation we were playing!!! & was absolute crap… Poor Laca what has he got to do to see out the whole game??? He works a lot harder & deserves more credit. I don’t want him leaving but can see him wanting out if it carries on like this! So Emery got it wrong.. once again…. becoming a regular thing now & I don’t like it

        1. Yes I fully agree! Lacazette will want to leave and rightfully so! It’s almost as if he is being targeted. Every game he is subbed and he used to be a very brillant striker in France. Wenger mismanaged him and now Emery seems hell bent on ruining Lacazette’s confidence as well. If he demands to leave I can’t blame him at all.

  52. Phil says:

    Now is the first time Emery has found himself under pressure from the supporters.Performances such as Liverpool and Spuds at home have helped him but they have been very few and far between.For someone who was being praised for his tactical nous with substitutions only weeks ago is suddenly criticised for taking players off who should have stayed on such as Lacazette yesterday.
    We all believe we know what’s wrong.We all believe we see what Emery doesn’t.We all believe we could fix the obvious problems we have.Its going to be very interesting to see how Emery reacts over the next few games.He is now being questioned for the first time and deservedly so.Results and performances are what he is paid for.But let’s not get too carried away.It was an altogether better result at Brighton than last season and have we EVER been decimated by injuries to defenders as much as we are now?
    Saturday will be a real test.We are about to see exactly how Emery can react and how his players can react to him.You never know.They could just surprise us.(Just don’t hold your breath).

  53. Grandad says:

    During the last 10 years i have seen some truly terrible defenders in an Arsenal shirt but I have to say that Lichsteiner is right up there with the worst.Totally inept in every facet of the game i shudder to think how he will cope with Mane of Liverpool on Saturday.Hopefully Emery will see the light and leave him out of the team at Annfield.Defensively we are a joke with teams like Southampton,Burnley and Brighton causing alarm and panic in our ranks with simple long punts up the park.The match against Brighton was a shocking advert for the so called best league in the world.It was appropriate to be at the seaside where the art of football was submerged in a sea of mediocrity, and that’s being kind.

  54. Sue says:

    So Unai kicked a water bottle in frustration that ‘touched’ a Brighton fan….. now he knows how we feel every week!!

  55. I’ve visited this site on few occasion, and i have consistently said one thing, arsenal fans are the biggest moaners and complainers world wide. This was the case under wenger and i thought fans would change their attitude after he left but i guess i was wrong.

  56. Kenya001 says:

    Did he sue ? Still gutted worst 2nd half performance I have seen under emery no grit , urgency just a flat performance,…. Now the looser pool game can’t come any quicker I demand for a responses

    1. Sue says:

      Yes he went over & apologised. We’ve scored the most 2nd half goals…. didn’t even look like scoring last night…. terrible!! One to forget!!

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