Brilliant Arsenal starlet wowing his new loan club

Arsenal fans have already been hearing good things about this young Gunner, and the fact that he made both his Premier League and Champions League debuts for the club last season shows just how much Arsene Wenger thinks of Ainsley Maitland-Niles.

But the 17-year old was not one of the young Guns given a chance to impress by the boss in pre-season, either in the Asia Trophy or the Emirates cup games, so it is nice to hear that he has already been very impressive since he moved to the Championship club Ipswich Town last month on a season long loan deal.

As reported by ESPN, Maitland-Niles has been wowing his new manager, the hugely experienced Mick McCarthy, with his amazing abilities. And after helping his new club this Tuesday by providing an assist for David McGoldrick to score the winning goal against Burnley, McCarthy was full of praise for the young player.

As well as revealing that the Arsenal starlet is a pleasure to work with, the Ipswich boss has backed the talented winger to go on and forge a great career with the Gunners, as long as he keeps putting in the effort on the training pitch of course.

He said, “Wow. The talent of him; I think he’s going to play for Arsenal, there’s no doubt in my mind. We are just so lucky to have him.”

“Nobody knew anything about him. I watched him play against Reading for [Arsenal’s] under-21s last season and I thought he was great. I enquired about him in January, but they needed him for their Champions League squad.

“He’s such a lovely kid and all, he’s fitted in perfectly. What’s nice for him is we’ve got Josh Emmanuel, Myles Kenlock, Adam McDonnell and Teddy Bishop, they’re his age and peers.

“I had the conversation with him ‘I know you can play, but if you don’t run around and don’t put a shift in you won’t play’ but he’s a workaholic.”

So as well as it seeming as though Maitland-Niles has gone to the right club this season, where he will be appreciated but also made to work hard on his game, the player that Wenger has already called something special, seems to have the right attitude as well and will surely soon be impressing in the red and white of Arsenal.

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  1. we want them good, get the goals and assists show them you are not in the greatest club by mistake but our future. and so far no arsenal loanee has dissapointed. big up y’all boys.COYG. Ya Gunners Ya

      1. Silva and Campbell have been on loan for years. I hope we start to use some youth after watching Oxford for west ham and Galloway take care of Tadic for Everton I want to give the youngsters a chance.

  2. Great article – there’s no substitute for competitive matches and Mick is a good manager who tells it straight which is what young players need.

  3. Great to see BUT WE ARE LOOKING FOR STARLETS OR EXPERIENCED PLAYERS THAT WILL HELP DELIVER THE PREMIERSHIP OR CHAMPIONS LEAGUE IN THE SHORT TO MEDIUM TERM. IF they are loaned out and cannot help Arsenal achieve the above goals, then I am happy for the starlets but not too excited.


    1. True but we have no control over signings and we can’t just keep harping on about who we should sign and whinging why we haven’t signed anyone.

      The odd article featuring younger players and how they are getting on is a nice distraction.

    2. The least you can do is learn to be relevant to the topic under discussion. Arsenal is far much bigger than the monolithic transfer gibberish. If the issues raised in an article dont excite you just look up for articles that interest you rather than distract others with irrelevant comments

    1. @muffdiver
      Thats what I’m sayin…Imagine him bein fed through ballz from Santi or Oz…DEADLY!!!!

    2. You are the same people who do not want unproven players at arsenal aren’t you? So you must have been happy that arsenal sold him. In any case he is not world class and plays in the championship and so is Akpom whom you said is not yet ready.

      1. oh yes i do not believe in a youth all for paying 50 million for 30 year olds throughout the team.
        go bother hafiz with ur assumptions
        you couldnt analyze a paper bag

  4. A report everything months or so on all our leaners would be nice, both good and bad. Last year didn’t work out great if I remember correctly.

  5. I know City are spending extortionate amount of money, but How can Arsenal keep up if we don’t even get one outfield player in this summer? If he keeps playing the waiting game, I’m sure Chicarito is the one he will get on deadline day.

    If you need to keep pumping £100m every season then you are either not a good team or the manager is no good either. Even the players still there at City probably won’t rememebr the players that have come and gone already in the past 3-5 seasons.

    Them and Chelsea keep using players for short term and replacing every 6 to 12 months if they are not satisfied with that position.

    1. If Wenger waits till last day, we could get Welbeck quality or Ozil quality lol. It’s a bit of a lottery

      I’m just going to keep my faith in Wengerfor another 11 days and see what he comes up with.
      God only knows if it will be Benzema, Cavani. Gotze, krychowiak, draxler, Busquets or maybe nobody

  6. @muffdiver peeps actually think Afobe is nothing special thats the funny thing.If i watched Giroud and Afobe as a neutral and did not not know much about them and i watched about 20 games of them i know who i would prefer.He has world class potential and is currently better than all arsenal pure centre forwards.Its a real shame what a waste really but of course lets look at stats and continueto live our life in denial shant we.

    1. How many goals did Afobe score in the premier league? If he is that good why is he plying his trade in thw championship at the age of 22-23? You cannot be better than all those premier league managers who are looking for other options upfront other than Afobe.

  7. So was Benik afobe but where is he now smashing in the goals for wolves,one or two of the others doing really well .we loan out yaya sanogo to Ajax and the reckon he has nothing to offer.Welll done wenger

  8. But though we still love arsenal some things about this club baffle me a lot the way peeps live their lives in denial.There are some players who are not supposed to be starting and should have been sold but some way somehow they still get game time.Its like continuing to make the same mistakes and expect to progress in life.It is a fact that this club will not move forward until it learns from its mistakes as that is the right way in life.What a shame one wonders when all this will stop.We need to renew our mind for a change.The mentality in the club is terrible but i know who will save us.

    1. You reckon you have not made a point at all? The basics of making an opinion are to ground it on facts yet you offer no fact to back your rumbling. You claim that there are players that must not be at arsenal but continue get game time without mentioning any. Arsenal is the third most suxcessful club in english football not because of you but those that lead it. So you can rave and rant but as long as those that are in charge believe the club is in the right path your ranting will not yield anything.

      Who ever lied to you that negativity and envy of neighbours is the best form of support took away ten years 10 years of your life. a

  9. I knew it you will call me negative and say i am ranting.Listen I am not negative in anyway nor am i arrogant and after some players.I just hope and pray that the rihht thing is done in the club my aim is not to come here and show how knowleadgeable i am.Of course i love the club like you do but some mistakes are being repeated of which i do not want to mention.I also do not want to mention names of players ok.Afobe is a player to watch out for if you like it or not maybe you do not feel the same way but listen i tell you mark my words he will be great one day this is just a warm up and i do not know than anyother manager out there but trust if you are meant to be you will be.

    1. You do not have to make a claim for people to believe you are not negative because what you say is enough to make that call. The issue of Afobe is one of if rather than will. Facts on the ground suggest he is at the same level with Akpom. They are both scoring goals in the xhampionship yet people here said Akpom was not ready for first team duty. Afobe had to be sold because of his age. The club could not have continue to loan him out till he got to 25 years of age.

  10. To top it off you said something very funny that envying neighbours is the best form of support to me.You make me laugh you know.Just looking back at the number of times i have been laughed at for supporting arsenal.I have been supporting this club since and i will still support them.Some peeps even nickname me “THE GUNNERS” and that should tell you a lot about me.Do not be quick to judge or make someone belittle himself in terms of support for it is not seen in what you write or what i write but its seen in our hearts o ye .

    1. Your earlier comment does not support your claim. I have no knowledge about your life as a gunner as such i have to judge you based on what you say here. Your first comment is consistent with the behavior of the so called fans who keep telling us how good rivals are.

  11. You might be right there but it is better not to assume before you talk because when you do that it seems you know.Moeover for those kind of fans its their business you have no right to tell them this or that about if they envy other clubs as their support.Let them do what they want for they also have choices.

  12. As long as you support your club through the hard times and good times then you are a fan regardless of what you say it is about the heart not the words but the heart.Also not only stats are facts but they might also be quiet misleading.For Afobe i will not comment anymore but i do know for sure that he will reach my expectation and maybe you do not see it that way and you might feel i am not speaking with facts or whatever but life itself has no formula and is not really bound by facts because we make the facts.Afobe can become a world class player and i do not care if any manager in the EPL does not see it that way but i see it that way.For talent is given to the one who can harness it and once things go right then i expect him to be there.No one can take that away from him.

    1. @kev relax its only a game and this is only a fans forum. Don’t be afraid to give your opinions and don’t take it personal, the back and forth is part of the fun.

      Even when I disagree with someone’s comments I enjoy reading them. Of course when someone agrees with me that’s even better – how sad is that.

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