Brilliant Arsenal striker transfer target confirms summer move

This latest development on one of the many Arsenal transfer rumours doing the rounds could be just the tonic that the disappointed and disgruntled Arsenal fans need at the end of another season without the Premier League trophy. The reasons for the latest failure by Arsenal have been and will continue to be the subject of heavy debate but one thing I think we can all agree on is that the lack of goals compared to the amount of possession and chances was a major factor.

That is why a lot of Arsenal fans are hoping that a top class striker is at the top of Arsene Wenger´s transfer wish list and why the Gunners have been linked with many forwards recently. One of them is Zlatan Ibrahimovic and very few players can match the Swedish international´s numbers and record of success across a number of leagues for a large number of different clubs.

Any fears that his powers as a striker are on the wane at 34-years old should be eased by the fact that his last season in France has been his most prolific ever, with 46 goals from 49 games, including 36 in the league at a rate of more than one per match.

This is the sort of player that we hear Wenger bemoaning is not available but Sky Sports are reporting that Ibrahimovic himself has confirmed that he will be leaving his current club PSG this summer and we have already heard that he fancies a stint in the English Premier League. The question now is whether it will be with Arsenal? And if not, Arsene, why not?

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  1. Do we really think he would want to come to Arsenal on trial part II?

    Oh f***!….. He’s 30something yrs old……dn’t tell me he still got a season or two in him…..

    1) He will need time to adapt to this Tough EPL
    2) His body physiology may not cope with the rigors of this League
    3) In a season or two, we’d be back in circles in search of a new striker when the decline sets

    and Last but not the Least

    4) His Ego and demands….make up ur minds to handle that!

    End of…..

  2. We can sign him along with young clinical striker with potential so that the younger kid will take over in two seasons when he’s like 23 and Zlatan is 36. Gamble worth a try.

  3. Wenger cannot ‘tame’ Ibrahimovic as he ‘tames’ other Arsenal players…

    Ibrahimovic cannot play for Arsenal
    Arsenal cannot pay his wages

    Finally,Arsenal and Ibrahimovic are mismatch…..

    1. @goonerboy
      AW doesn’t need to “tame’ Zlatan. He should consider it an honor to play for AFC. Not the other way around…

      1. @Ny Gunner, why should he consider it an honour? He played at a higher level with Barcelona and has been winning the league at PSG who do not problems with taming Chelsea. I think your comment should have been the opposite.

      2. @ NY_Goner!

        Hahaha ? … An honour? ? ?
        Once upon a time,
        There was a spotty faced teen,
        Who turned is back on wenger,
        With the words ” Zlatan Ibrahimovic, don’t do trails”

        Yep… he really sounded honoured, too meeeee ???

  4. I was thinking about this option the other day,
    At first, i was against the idea of signing Ibrahimovic, but now!.. I think that he would be the ideal signing that would boost our goal scoring ratio, as well as giving our team some much needed fighting spirit… Give him the Captains armband as well.

    His wage demands might be a bit off putting but I’m sure the releases of Arteta, Rosicky and Flamini’s wages would help towards solving that problem.
    Offer him a fat signing on fee and double whatever the goal bonus is… that’s if there is one at Arsenal ?
    I’m sure that Ibrahimovic could still give a few more years in the top flight… Sign him up! …He came close to starting his professional career at Arsenal, so why not have him finish his career with us, even though he has already stated that he would want to end his career back at Molde.?

  5. Arsenal are the fifth richest club in the world according to the latest Forbes release, of course Arsenal can pay his wages, whether Kroenke wants to put Arsenal money into Arsenal, rather than another ranch is another matter….

    1. @gmv8
      Guess you missed that part where he paid for those 66% shares with his own money…

        1. With loan notes issued by their private company… which is how Silent Stan got us.
          They could loan the money against the club like the Glaziers…

          If your rich then you can pay in creative ways.

      1. “The Offer values the entire issued share capital of Arsenal at approximately £731 million. As an alternative to any or all of the cash consideration of £11,750 per Arsenal Share to which they would otherwise be entitled under the Offer, Arsenal Shareholders who validly accept the Offer (other than US Persons and certain overseas shareholders) will be able to elect to receive Loan Notes to be issued by KSE.”

        Do you not mean he paid for it with Loan Notes issued by Silent Stans company?
        Well, at least some of it.

        This is another part that made me lol;
        “In light of all these factors the Arsenal Independent Directors, who have been so advised by Rothschild, consider the terms of the Offer to be fair and reasonable. ”

        Rothschild… Oh my… They are all about loans, no wonder a private Loan Note came into the deal…

  6. Zlatan is over the hill and overrated. Yeah he bossed it in the top team in a 1 team league. The EPL is not so kind…

    1. But this one also did it in Italy and spain and constantly at international level. ?

  7. He was great at his peak, however at his age he is on the way down and the French league is a lot less physical than the PL. He would be too expensive and not a singing for the future.

    I don’t think we should sign a striker over the age of 28 max.

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